Hostmine Ltd – Scamming Consumers Using Fake Reviews

Hostmine Ltd is a company that provides cryptocurrency mining hardware. In addition to that, they offer hosting services. Aswhin Abu is the sole proprietor of this business.

This business has been the subject of numerous complaints from its patrons, and it employs fabricated testimonials to divert the attention of prospective customers.

In the following analysis, I will explain how this corporation functions, as well as the many reasons why you should steer clear of doing business with them:

About Hostmine Ltd: Aswin Abu, Ablawin Trading Company Ltd, and More

Hostmine Ltd. is a dealer in mining equipment with headquarters in Salford, England, in the United Kingdom. The telephone number to reach the business is 161 246 9970, and its headquarters are located at 671 Eccles New Rd, Manchester M50 1AY, UK.

The company rents out cryptocurrency mining hardware in addition to selling it. Additionally, it provides hosted cryptocurrency mining equipment for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several alternative cryptocurrencies.

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Ashwin Abu, the current CEO of the company, has no previous expertise in the cryptocurrency industry. The most relevant work experience he has is a three-month internship that he completed at an automobile company.

Ashwin Abu is a Lancaster University alumnus who earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from that institution.

Why You Should Not Purchase from Hostmine Ltd.

Hostmine Ltd. is a retailer that offers ASIC miners in addition to providing hosting services and mining accessories. In addition, clients can purchase graphic cards and AntBoxes in this location.

Nevertheless, purchasing from this organization might not be the wisest choice. The retailer strongly recommends that you purchase the ASIC miners with the highest performance, such as the Antminer S19 Pro and the Innosilicon A10 Pro.

In addition, the shop sells mining hardware for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. When I looked into a few of the companies that were featured in their ‘Bitcoin mining’ area, I discovered that every one of them had ridiculously inflated prices.

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You should not purchase items that are priced in such an excessive manner. It is recommended that you go to a local retailer that maintains pricing standards comparable to those of the industry.

Even if Hostmine Ltd. asserts that it provides a variety of brands, the majority of those brands are of no benefit to the typical miner.

The following are some examples of these brands:

  • iBeLink
  • Canaan
  • Aisen
  • Bitfury
  • Goldshell

And a good number of others.

Consider the case of the Aisen miner, for instance. In spite of the fact that Hostmine Ltd. does not generate any revenue, the company continues to maintain that it is one of the most successful miners in the business. The Aisen miner is notorious for producing enormous losses.

In spite of the fact that it is a money-losing venture, Hostmine Ltd. promotes the Aisen miner as a profitable product.

As an additional point of interest, I have a sneaking hunch that Aswhin Abu’s business doesn’t even bother informing its customers when it doesn’t have the requested miner in stock. Instead, it puts the money toward increasing its profit margins.

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In addition, it appears that improving Hostmine Ltd.’s mining operations will result in more profits for the company. It is able to keep its mining operations profitable thanks to the customers who purchase its obsolete mining equipment.

Additional Highlights of Hostmine Ltd:

If you’d look up the affiliates Hostmine Ltd in the UK, you wouldn’t find any professional affiliates. Why? 

Because most of them know that the store isn’t reliable. 

Those who choose to affiliate with this place end up becoming the scapegoat as the victims start pointing their fingers at them. 

After all, if you convince someone to buy mining equipment from a particular store and the product turns out to be faulty, the buyer would blame you first. 

Many customers have requested refunds and it seems like Hostmine Ltd isn’t keen to issue any. 

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if a class action lawsuit is filed against Hostmine Ltd and Ashwin Abu. 

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Hence, Becoming an affiliate of this online store can be extremely dangerous. It can land you in jail. 

Also, the company offers Altcoin mining machines which include Pollo and Goldshell. If you buy 3 Pollo miners only then would you make a profit of $10 in the current market? 

Additionally, according to several customer complaints, Hostmine Ltd. sells shipments that have mildew on them. It’s even possible that some of the miners have rust.

In addition, the feedback received suggests that the organization owned by Ashwin Abu does not have an effective strategy for providing customer service.

The following is a small selection of the many complaints that have been lodged against this company:

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