HouseMax Funding’s Troubling Company Review 2023

HouseMax Funding is a name that’s likely familiar to anyone seeking hard money loans in the Austin area. You may have even been called more than once by a company representative.

It seems you’re not alone after all.

HouseMax Funding gathers personal information from a wide variety of resources and even tracks down phone numbers that have some connection to residential or commercial real estate. One reviewer, for instance, was called because the company mistook their parent’s address for their own. Keep in mind that the reviewer was long past having left the nest.

Anyway, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t put your faith in HouseMax Funding:

What HouseMax Financing Wants You To Know

HouseMax Funding is a mortgage bank based out of Texas’s capital city of Austin. Their physical location is as follows: 901 S MoPac Expy Ste 125 Bldg 4, Austin, TX 78746, USA. Business hours are from 12 PM to 5 PM on Sundays and 12 PM to 6 PM Monday through Friday. You may reach them at 512-883-2544.

Fast application processing time is promised by HouseMax Funding, a hard money lender. They say they are professionals in the real estate industry and have closed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of residential sales.

However, many HouseMax Funding reviews claim that the company has no idea how to operate in the industry.

HouseMax Funding’s Duplicitous CEO, Jeff Fletcher

HouseMax Funding is led by Jeff Fletcher, who serves as CEO. He and Alex Morris launched the company in 2017, and since then, he has been its only leader. The founders claim to have assisted hundreds of borrowers in realizing their homeownership goals.

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HouseMax is a very new company, and before that, Jeff worked for Aslan Realty Group. He became notorious during his time there for his inability to successfully communicate with clients and for fooling them into trusting the company.

An extensive complaint I discovered about Jeff Fletcher said that determining which company he worked for was next to impossible. Furthermore, when the reviewer questioned it, he chose to ignore their concerns rather than address them.

Plus, there’s more. Numerous complaints have been lodged against HouseMax Funding and its CEO, Jeff Fletcher. In the following, I’ll go into more detail about my experience with this company’s customer service:

A 77-year-old veteran claims that HouseMax Funding used predatory practices to rip him off.

With an offer of $210,000, HosueMax entered into a contract to purchase the reviewer’s grandfather’s home. The appraiser agreed that this was $40,000 less than the worth.

The lender further reduced the price and included in the contract the reviewer’s consent to make any changes at any time.

The current renters’ lease is being honored within the terms of the original contract. However, the lender based in Austin stopped honoring the agreement and filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the tenants.

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The reviewer reveals that their grandfather, a 77-year-old veteran, is selling the family home for financial reasons.

However, the lender is being predatory by offering an extremely cheap interest rate to a person who has served their country honorably.

The critic claims the corporation went to extremes to fleece them for maximum profit. Furthermore, a realtor called Daniel Cooper is being blacklisted by the corporation because he informed the reviewer of their plans for the property.

The reviewer adds another red flag, saying that the agent for this company never gave them his entire name. They further warn that no one should enter into any agreements with these con artists.

A few weeks after agreeing to a contract, the company suddenly backed out for no apparent reason.

The reviewer and Jason, a representative from HouseMax Funding, had met at one of the company’s distressed houses. He agreed to a reasonable fee and signed all the required paperwork with them.

He called them on closing day to tell them they needed to talk about a lesser payment so they could fix the roof. Eight days have passed since they signed the agreement, the reviewer noted, at which point they have a contract. However, the business didn’t cooperate and ended up blowing them off.

The reviewer ultimately had a third-party inspector check the roof, who also discovered no issues.

HouseMax Funding may advertise that it will pay for your closing costs, its not the case.

Nikki says HouseMax Funding is so terrible that they don’t even get a one-star review. She argues that the company’s website and ads are dishonest. Nikki and her husband were trying to sell the house they had inherited from the husband’s parents.

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They reached out to HouseMax’s Jason as a result. She had already told him that she was negotiating with another home-buying firm. If he were to release his offer before the competing firm, he wanted to know if she would sign it immediately.

Nikki reveals that she wasn’t seeking the same offer but rather one that was superior. Then Jason made a little greater offer, but it was contingent on her signing the contract right then and there. She explains that her husband advised her to go to her car and call him because he knew she needed to talk to him about it.

She then mentioned that she had to meet her husband for lunch, at which point he informed her that the deal was only valid for the next hour.

After she and her husband talked about the deal, Jason from HouseMax called them an hour later to make the offer official.

Nikki claims that when Jason’s husband questioned who would pay the closing fees, she thought it was a stupid question because HouseMax Funding advertises and states on its website that it pays for all closing costs.

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However, according to Jason, they don’t contribute to the closing costs. He suggested they think the offer over overnight and promised Nikki a contract by 9 a.m. the next day.

Then, 15 minutes later, he contacted her again to remind her that the deal was only good until 7 o’clock that evening. After Nikki arrived home, she texted him screenshots from HouseMax Funding’s website, which said that they would pay for the closing charges. On its website, the lender states that there is no obligation and that the offer is good for 30 days. So, she forwarded the corresponding screen captures.

He had suddenly become unresponsive. Nikki claims they misrepresent their services and intentionally mislead customers on their website.


HouseMax Funding is a predatory lender that constantly phones its customers without them asking for it. They take the victim’s closing fee and run, committing fraud in the process. The company is notorious for not caring about or responding to its clientele.

The fact that Jeff Fletcher has a checkered record makes it even more difficult to put your faith in this organization. Your best bet is to shop around for a reputable lender who won’t take advantage of you.

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