HULT Private Capital’s Dubious Actions Leave Investors in Financial Distress

HULT Private Capital is a specialized investment firm established in the United Kingdom. They provide investment services to the wealthy but deny any accountability for such investments.

To bolster its reputation, the company has published a flood of phony reviews online. And it is not afraid to use its wealth to stifle dissenting voices. For more information, see our comprehensive HULT Private Capital review below:

About HULT Private Capital

HULT Private Capital is a private investment firm catering solely to affluent clients. John Williams and Lewis Hill established it. Before establishing their investment services firm, the two lived and worked together in the United Arab Emirates as hedge fund managers.

Their address in London is 1 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND. Their network of locations also includes Berlin and Hong Kong. The company’s German location is 23 Leopoldstrasse, Munich, 80802. Their address in Hong Kong is Unit 1615–20, 16th Floor, Tower II, Grand Century Place, Mongkok.

The first thing you see when you visit the HULT Private Capital website is a massive disclaimer. You are warned not to base any investing decisions on the information presented on their website. They warn that using the data they provide on their site for investment purposes comes with a high potential for complete financial ruin.

For what reason have they included this caveat? For the simple reason that they would rather not be held liable for any financial harm, they may do to their customers.

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The boutique investment firm doesn’t believe in its abilities. Or they are aware that the quality of the securities they are recommending to their clients is subpar. This warning appears at the beginning of their website as a result.

This is a major warning sign. Simply put, you lose the ability to hold them responsible for the outcomes their algorithms produce.

Furthermore, it’s not the only warning sign associated with using their services. This organization is also skilled at using a variety of methods to silence its detractors and satisfied customers.

DMCA Strikes To Silence Critics

HULT Private Capital has frequently removed online content, citing libelous or fabricated claims as justification. They use their legal power to successfully have the content removed from the internet.

As you’ll see below, they scrubbed a review that blasted their trustworthiness and business practices off the internet. According to the reviewer, HULT Private Capital is a risky business that keeps clients in the dark about important matters. That message merely served to warn potential investors about the company’s dubious practices.

An additional review was removed from a user-generated website. They also filed a defamation complaint here because the reviewer had brought up the same points that the first poster had.

They claimed that the investment boutique’s provided addresses were not real. Also, none of those locations had administrative offices.

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I discovered a third review on Lumen Database, but they have since taken it down from the internet because it was defamatory. HULT Private Capital was deemed an unreliable and unregulated firm in the study. It also revealed that this company lies to its customers by saying it is expanding its portfolio while, in reality, it is taking their money.

Instead of dealing with the problems and trying to work with the unhappy client, this company filed a defamation notice and had the article taken down.

I don’t know what kind of attack on free expression this is.

According to their reasoning, customers who have had negative interactions with a business have no right to speak out about it online. As a result of their “defamatory” personal experiences and opinions.

In another instance, they were unsuccessful in having a post removed on “defamatory” grounds. That’s why they complained that their brand identity had been appropriated without their knowledge or consent. This review, like many others, has been critical of this company and its dubious practices.

However, the London-based firm didn’t care about the customers who may have benefited from that evaluation. After all, it is only fair that prospective clients learn about the quality of the investment boutique they will be working with. It’s safe to assume that any criticism of this company’s practices would be met with strong displeasure. And they resort to every available tactic to silence dissenting voices.

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This company is autocratic and greedy, and it cares nothing about its shareholders’ rights.

Review Scores for HULT Private Capital That May Be a Hoax

It’s hard to tell if HULT Private Capital is special or not. But if you believe Trustpilot, they are the best investment firm the UK has ever seen. It’s well-known that you shouldn’t put any stock in a company’s Trustpilot rating. Why? Since it’s simple to fake positive feedback, of course.

Over eighty customers have given HULT Private Capital a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot as of the time of this writing. You’ll pick up on something if you read their reviews closely.

The vast majority of them are forgeries. It’s common knowledge that businesses may post as many phony reviews as they wish on Trustpilot. Pay a little money, and people will leave glowing 5-star evaluations on your Trustpilot website, hailing your company as a blessing. As an illustration, consider the results of the search “Buy Trustpilot reviews”:

The nature of the HULT Private Capital reviews on Trustpilot is another red flag indicating that they are mostly false. Most of the reviews consist of a single word or sentence and were written by users with temporary accounts. A disposable account is made on a website for the sole purpose of completing that task and is then deleted.

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The majority of Trustpilot accounts that have left positive feedback for HULT have never posted to the site before. That’s right, people signed up for the site solely to give HULT Private Capital five stars.

You’ve likely signed up for a review website merely to leave a single, glowing evaluation for a service provider. Surely that’s never occurred before. Since there is never any action taken in the absence of financial gain.

On the other hand, if you were offered money in exchange for making fake accounts and leaving glowing reviews, you may consider taking the bait. It’s interesting that all the favorable comments were made on the same day, and that they reveal very little about the reviewers’ experiences in common.

HULT Private Capital Review

This financial firm is not one you can put your trust in. The corporation publishes false reviews, denies any wrongdoing, and stifles dissenting opinions.

These are some serious warning signs. Therefore, I suggest you start looking for a new company to handle your investments. We do not trust or recommend HULT Private Capital.

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