Crooked HR Director Huss El-Yassih Accused of Fraudulent Activities: 2023 Report

Who is Huss El-Yassih?

An HR Director whose home base is in the city of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Huss El-Yassih is also known by his new identity, Zach Yassi. At Versatile Group, he served as the Director of Human Resources. Additionally, between the years 2012 and 2018, he held the position of Human Resources Solutions Consultant at the Commonwealth Bank. After that, he had a position as an HR Business Partner at Credit Corp. from 2017 to 2019 (inclusive). Ahead beginning his role as HR Manager at Britely Property in 2019, he had worked there.

Please take note that Versatile Group is a one-stop service supplier for businesses in the construction industry.

Between 2010 and 2013, he attended Western Sydney University, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in Human resources, Commerce, and Business. His education was completed there. On Rocketreach. co, he makes the claim that he is skilled in management, banking, employee engagement, stakeholder management, HR development, workforce planning, negotiation, communication, and leading teams.

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Huss El-Yassih is a Human Resources Director who, prior to the charges of fraud that have been made against him, had worked for a number of renowned organizations under the alias Zach Yassi. Zach Yassi is another name for Huss El-Yassih. It had been established that he was an experienced human resources (HR) expert with an outstanding track record in his sector. In spite of this, his reputation was brought into doubt in 2023 after it was discovered that he had been accused of engaging in fraudulent activities.


During his time working as an HR Director at a prominent corporation, Yassi is suspected of engaging in fraudulent activity, which is reported to have taken place during that time. He is accused of falsely claiming overtime pay and incentives for himself by manipulating staff records in order to do so.

In addition to this, it is alleged that Yassi fabricated employee accounts and utilized these profiles to fraudulently claim additional benefits such as paid time off and medical coverage for herself and her family.

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The investigation

Following the initiation of an internal investigation at the company where Yassi worked, the claims leveled against him were brought to light and made public. The investigation unearthed a trail of questionable behavior that pointed the finger of suspicion at Yassi for engaging in fraudulent actions. Following the presentation of the evidence to law enforcement officials, Yassi was detained and charged with engaging in fraudulent activity.

Harassing An Employee: “I’ll do what I want”

According to an article published by The Daily Telegraph, Huss El-Yassih, also known as Zach Yassi, was the subject of credible complaints of harassing a female worker on many occasions.

He took advantage of the employee by using his position as the director of human resources and manipulating her in order to do so on several occasions. A police prosecutor made the allegation that Huss El-Yassih saw the employee as his personal property and treated them as such.

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A legal proceeding was necessary as a direct result of his reprehensible behavior.


The situation of Huss El-Yassih, also known as Zach Yassi, serves as a glaring illustration of the critical role that ethics and integrity play in one’s professional life. The alleged fraudulent actions of Yassi have resulted in major repercussions not only for himself but also for his previous job.

Companies and HR professionals should both take the time to reflect on and internalize the lessons that can be gained from this instance. It is necessary that everyone in the workplace accepts responsibility for keeping these standards since failing to do so can have serious repercussions, and it is also essential that everyone in the workplace takes responsibility for maintaining these standards.

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