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People react negatively to the word “tax,” and they are always in a hurry to make sure that they fulfill all of their tax duties on time. When you have the tax collector on your tail, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep since the tax authorities have the authority to bring charges against you in a court of law and, in some instances, to seize your property.

Since breaking the law by failing to pay taxes is a criminal charge, there is a widespread and understandable fear of taxes. Ideal Tax Solution, LLC is one of the businesses that make the claim that it will represent the taxpayer in front of the relevant tax authorities and negotiate on their behalf for more favorable payment terms or tax reductions.

Therefore, the company makes the guarantee that it will provide taxpayers with peace of mind and that they will no longer need to be concerned about their taxes. The organization asserts that it has customers in 47 states and that it has assisted thousands of individuals in making adjustments to their tax returns.

deal Tax Solution, LLC, which operates under the guise of a tax relief organization, makes the claim that it engages in high-level tax negotiation and mediation in order to assure that clients may sit back and relax while their formerly substantial tax burdens are significantly reduced. The company asserts that it has access to a team of tax attorneys and tax agents that have the necessary experience and knowledge to effectively represent taxpayers who have enormous tax liens.

The clients of Ideal Tax Solution, LLC can also make use of the company’s tax preparation services. The organization asserts that it will cultivate robust personal relationships between tax professionals and consumers in order to make the process of resolving customers’ tax concerns as painless as possible. Additionally, the organization asserts that the services provided by attorneys and tax agents are both professional and within reasonable price ranges.

Therefore, the organization asserts that it maintains cheap pricing in order to alleviate the worry and anxiety that are linked with major financial issues. There is no denying that problems with taxes may cause significant amounts of stress, and a business that helps decrease tax debts and advocates on behalf of concerned taxpayers can be of assistance to a great number of people.

The purpose of this research is to determine whether or not the claims and promises made by the company are actually founded on the experiences of customers who have transacted business with the organization.

The legality of services offered by Ideal Tax Solution

Customers of Ideal Tax Solution are assured that the company will engage in negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Tax evasion and tax avoidance are two notions that frequently come into conflict with one another. Tax evasion is a criminal offense that involves not paying the required amount of tax. Using legitimate strategies to lower the amount of tax that is owed is an acceptable form of tax avoidance, which is not illegal.

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An Offer in Compromise, abbreviated as “OIC,” is a mechanism by which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can negotiate a reduction in the total amount of taxes owed, either in part or in full. Therefore, if Ideal Tax Solution, LLC negotiates on behalf of the client for a decrease in the amount of tax that is owed, the company is providing legal services.

On the other hand, the reduction in taxes is not a given. One of the company’s clients has made the claim that the company’s experts have provided him or her with additional knowledge on tax negotiations that is within the law. Another client asserted that the organization was able to negotiate a monthly payment plan with a total of USD 80 rather than USD 210.

Activities such as representing the customer in tax talks, negotiating for better tax payment plans, and filing tax returns on the customer’s behalf are all legitimate and legal forms of business activity.

The representative for Ideal Tax Solution allegedly told a customer that the company had “connections” with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and that the IRS was familiar with the company, which meant that the company was guaranteed to win when negotiating for refunds. As a government agency, the IRS is obligated to provide uniform service to all taxpayers.

Tax discussions are without cost, and every individual has an equal chance of successfully negotiating their tax liability provided that they can provide sufficient evidence to support their position. A claim that the corporation depends on strong connections to win talks is therefore unfounded and, if the accusations are genuine, may lead to unlawful acts.

How much does Ideal Tax Solution charge for its services?

The vast majority of consumers who seek out the company’s offerings are behind on their taxes and require the business to either negotiate for lower taxes or devise payment arrangements that are more flexible. It is consequently self-evident that the price for such services should be significantly lower than the tax that is necessary to be paid; otherwise, the consumer should simply pay the appropriate amount.

The resolution of tax problems is accomplished through the employment of a three-step approach at Ideal Tax Solution. The initial phase of the process is known as the tax consultation stage. Ideal Tax Solution asserts that the phase does not cost the consumer anything and that the company will assess the customer’s tax burden.

The second stage of the tax investigation process involves the company confirming that it is eligible for the tax break and carrying out the inquiry that is necessary. Tax resolution is the final step, during which the client will receive a resolution package and will be responsible for making payment for the services. The payment schedule appears to make sense, doesn’t it? The vast majority of the company’s prior clients are of the opposite opinion.

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One of Ideal Tax Solution’s clients asserted that the company offers several pricing packages for each service. The consumer asserted that they had paid USD 500, only to be informed that the sum was for investigative purposes. After some time had passed, the consumer was hit with a bill for $3000 USD and informed that the money had been spent on tax preparation.

The customer made a payment of $1,000 USD; nevertheless, the business did not engage in the tax negotiation process. Another consumer asserted that the company demanded payment in stages that were not described in advance and that this was not communicated to them. The final cost to the consumer was USD 18,000, but they received no services in exchange. According to the clients, the company does not properly describe the various stages of payment and the charges that are associated with each stage.

Customers, therefore, send in their payments, and once that is completed, they are informed of the service they have purchased with those funds. It stands to reason that the situation should be reversed. On either its website or any of its social media platforms, the business does not publish a price list for the services it offers.

Customers have also voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that the overall costs are disproportionately high to the value of the services they purchase. In a nutshell, the multi-layered payment structure is confusing and only serves to profit the company since they judge what you have paid for and how much you should pay for the next service, which they will also determine after you have paid for it. In other words, the corporation benefits from the confusion and confusion only benefits the firm.

Marketing ways used by Ideal Tax Solution?

Ethical marketing practices are something a reputable business should implement. Customers are not expected to be annoyed by marketing; rather, they are supposed to learn more about the firm and the services it provides. For the purpose of persuading customers to purchase their wares, an effective marketer should employ creative strategies and make careful word selections.

One of the customers stated that the organization employs fear tactics in order to coerce clients into purchasing the services that are being offered. If the customer has a tax debt, the representatives of the company will overstate the tax burden, use frightening figures, and threaten the consumer in order to portray the tax obligation as being much larger than it actually is. Consider the old adage about making a mountain out of a molehill instead.

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Concerns about the technique’s ethical propriety arise from the fact that it exploits unwarranted dread with the primary purpose of gaining clients. In addition, several of the company’s clients have complained about spam being delivered to their personal email accounts. One client alleged that the company had harassed them via email with threatening communications that inflated the amount of tax that was owed.

The client further claimed that the communications were also sent to the customer’s father and that attempts to subscribe from the emails were fruitless. Spam mails are particularly frustrating for customers when there is no option to opt out of receiving them.

Customer service

One further way to evaluate a firm is to look at how it treats its customers, who are the most significant stakeholders in any kind of enterprise. Some of Ideal Tax Solution’s clients expressed extreme contentment with the quality of the services provided by the company. A client stated that the Senior Tax Associate Pete was easy to get in touch with and helpful at all times. On the other hand, a number of clients have asserted that the staff members are impolite and perpetually busy.

A statement was made by one of the clients claiming that they had acquired tax adjustment services for the sum of $3,000. However, the customer said that the staff of the organization had subsequently stopped responding to the customer’s calls and emails.

In addition, the organization has not supplied any new information on the situation Another client stated that she had communicated with four different reps on her issue. She reported that Tiffani S was the only person who seemed concerned about her predicament and was willing to offer assistance. Despite this, Tiffani showed compassion for her, but she did not assist her in resolving her tax concerns.

Despite the fact that some consumers are quite upset with the representatives of the company’s customer service department, other customers feel that they have received satisfactory assistance from the organization. One of the clients praised the wonderfulness of the employees.

How long does Ideal Tax Solution take to resolve the tax issues?

Due to the fact that late tax payments result in penalties, resolving any tax difficulties should take a reasonable amount of time. To make it possible for consumers to hand in their tax returns on time, the corporation ought to therefore conduct customer negotiations within a short period of time. The vast majority of satisfied clients state that the organization assisted them in finding solutions to their tax problems and ensuring that their tax returns were submitted on time.

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However, some customers stated that the staged handling of customer concerns required an excessive amount of time and, in certain instances, put them at risk of incurring further fines. One of the company’s clients asserted that he started doing business with the organization in February of the year 2020. Despite this, after 14 months, the only tax return that the corporation had filed was for the year 2019.

The client stated that the taxes were submitted within ten minutes after contacting another company and obtaining their assistance. A conversation with the Internal Revenue Service revealed that Ideal Tax Solution, LLC had been in touch with the IRS on behalf of the client in the past few months. Another client asserted that the company filed their taxes for 2018 incorrectly and late, which was likewise their complaint.

One of Ideal Tax Solution’s previous clients claims that the company requested $6,800 in order to complete Phase 2 Resolution. In most cases, the phase lasts between three and five months. According to the customer, the company demanded that they pay the whole sum owed before they would submit tax returns for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021.

The customer made several attempts to arrange a payment plan that was more accommodating, but the corporation was unmoved by their proposals. The customer stated that he only had a very short amount of time to file the necessary returns. According to the feedback provided by the client, the lengthy and multi-step method provided by the company leaves customers with little choice but to pay the amount that is required in order to avoid making a late payment.

How does Ideal Tax Solution offer refunds?

The Ideal Tax Solution demonstrates its self-assurance in the quality of its goods and services by offering refunds. In spite of the fact that some consumers utilize refunds to gain access to free services, unhappy customers frequently request refunds so they can pay other companies for services that are comparable.

On either its website or any of its social media sites, the company does not publish a policy regarding refunds. In addition, a previous complaint was lodged by a client who stated that he had been demanding refunds after the company made no efforts in resolving the issues he was having with his taxes, but the company had refused to deliver the refund to him.

The research charge had been paid in full by the client, which was $995.99 The fact that the organization does not provide refunds raises questions about the quality of the services it provides. Customers will still pay if there is no option for a refund, even if the corporation does not live up to its end of the contract and fulfill its promises.

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