Investing in the Gulf Brokers DMCC is a Bad Idea

The company failed to give money to its investors. They hide the information from their client and never show the actual trade position to their vulnerable people. The brokers of the company treat its old clients badly. I’m also cheated by this company.

A friend recommended this site. And Unfortunately, I invested in this company without cross-checking the company. I trusted the company and as a result of it, I lose all my money. And the most interesting fact about this company is that when you lose your money, they blame you and ask for more to invest in the company.

Now I had decided to invest in those which are good returns and care about the interest of the new naive investors. Not like Gulf Brokers DMCC fails to reveal any qualities that make it stand out from the competition.

This shows that the company is unable to face any competitors in the market. I would suggest people or beginners who are planning to invest in this company change their minds before investing.

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