Investment Properties Mexico Commits $4 Million Scam

Would you put your money into a real estate firm that was caught selling false homes to clients a few years ago? The staff at Investment Properties Mexico certainly hopes so.

Two years were spent looking into the business and its owner, Richard Houghton. He was hit with numerous criminal accusations when a whistleblower revealed his scheme, including money laundering, fraud, and others.

His front company was called Investment Properties Mexico. They are still in business and attempting to conceal their history. Read this summary to learn more about their background:

Investment Properties Mexico Illegally Sold Muyil Properties Worth $4 Million

Some time ago, one of the owners of Investment Properties Mexico made headlines when he used a YouTube video to expose the company’s $4 million swindle. The firm was selling Muyil properties without notifying the current tenants. The owners filed a lawsuit against Investment Properties Mexico upon learning of these details. They sued Richard Houghton, the owner of the company, claiming he committed fraud.

Playa del Carmen, Las Palmas 1, 77712, is the location of Plaza Progreso on the Cancun – Chetumal route. From there, con artists Richard Houghton and Gilberto Guzman Riviera stole nearly $4 million.

Co-owner Sean O’Neal had posted a video on YouTube in which he accused Investment Properties Mexico of defrauding more than 20 investors by selling shares they did not possess.

The Riviera Maya real estate market was hit hard by this swindle. The worst part is that the government knew about the unlawful operations yet did nothing to stop them.

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Richard and Gilberto were luring international investors with phony contracts. They were selling Muyil Properties to people who didn’t know it was for sale.

In their ads, the con artists made outlandish claims. They said their customers were seeing returns of around 300–400%. For investors, Richard and Gilberto promised to open up previously unexplored real estate markets in the Mayan region.

Sean O’Neal said that Richard Houghton was a bad guy who took money from the business and kept con artists at bay. Gilberto Riviera is an attorney at law with an office in Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo at Plaza Paseo Playacar, Local 39, lot 01 Playacar phase II, 77710. He started the law firm of Guzman & Robles.

Despite Sean O’Neal’s exposure to Investment Properties Mexico’s scams, the company continues to operate with impunity. That’s revealing of the modern con artists of today.

Owners of Investment Properties Mexico Are Wanted Criminals

When stories about fraudulent Investment Properties Mexico began appearing in the media, authorities quickly figured out what was going on.

Richard Houghton on Investing in Mexico’s Real Estate

The real estate scam’s architect, Richard Houghton, had fled the country. He was reportedly in default on several promissory notes and under scrutiny from the Mexican Internal Revenue Service, according to several reports.

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In addition, he was letting his workers live in the homes of his customers without their consent. Richard Houghton and his girlfriend, Allison Zaner, were arrested and charged with money laundering, fraud, and other offenses afterward.

He was sued for fraud in what would become one of the largest cases of its kind in Riviera history. Authorities in the United States are also investigating him because many of his victims are American citizens.

Richard was using his attorneys’ bank accounts to launder money. Because of this, the Mexican equivalent of the IRS began investigating his other endeavors. After Richard Houghton’s massive fraud, authorities spent 2 years looking into the horrific swindle that was Investment Properties Mexico.

More than a hundred allegations of fraud have been made against Investment Properties Mexico and its owner, Richard Houghton, according to published reports.

Even Sean O’Neal, one of the business’s co-owners and a key informant, had his secrets. According to one account, he conned elderly people out of their retirement savings by convincing them to put their money into fake ventures.

I read about an incident where he conned an elderly person out of $375,000. Just one person has died thus far.

The Investment Properties in Mexico fraud affected hundreds of people.

Would you entrust your money to such a business? Not me, no way.

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To make matters worse, Investment Properties Mexico is still a fully operational business. Foreign buyers can still purchase property in Mexico. They used to support Richard Houghton and Sean O’Neal, but now they don’t. After all, they are still interested in running the business and would rather not deal with the fallout from their acts in the past.

Investment Properties Mexico Misleading Customers with Bogus Reviews

The methods used by various businesses to conceal their histories vary. While some people make efforts to better themselves, others continue to engage in criminal behavior.

Investment Properties Mexico is committed to deceiving its customers, just as it did several years ago when it was the subject of a probe that lasted for two full years.

This time around, they’re spreading deception via online phony reviews. These phony reviews are designed to cover up the company’s many scams over the past few years. Prospective customers would be horrified to find that $4 million was stolen from investment.

This real estate company would like that no one learns that they were responsible for one of the largest real estate scams in the area.

So, they create phony review websites whose main function is to bury any genuine feedback.

Take a peek at this linky website. None of the testimonials placed there can be independently verified. You have no choice but to accept their word for it.

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Please see the page below under “Investment Properties Mexico Reviews” for more information. There are no user comments on this page. Instead, it features some stock photos and a brief message promoting the fake company as Mexico’s largest real estate firm:

One can also get client feedback on the company’s “Investment Properties Mexico Reviews” page. This is a low strategy used by infamous businesses to hide any negative feedback from the public. To appear trustworthy, no real business needs to rely on testimonials from people who can’t be verified. Some more companies that employ this trick to deceive clients include Gulf Brokers and Val Morgan Immigration.

Verified Reports on Mexico Real Estate Investment

Some evaluations of Investment Properties Mexico are provided below to help you get an opinion about the company:

Mexico Real Estate Investments Must Be Closed Down

Everything about this firm screams scam to me. They are attempting to revive their swindle by wiping the slate clean.

So that’s why I took the time to write this critique. Investors like you and me would benefit from knowing the truth about this company. Make sure the news gets out!

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