Is Alpho a scam?

Is the Investor doing a smart move while investing in Alpho? the answer is no because they accept my deposit and they refused my verification in view of the fact that I’m belonging to some other region. I asked for my money back but they started telling first I have to be verified in the app then I will be to get my money back.

I would really like to find some people who suffer from the same problem. But they were also telling the same thing and didn’t their money back.

I invested some amount of saving to pay my other dues but investing with this source I suffer a great loss. I wanted strict action would be taken by the superior body and reveal the real faces of these scammers.

This source is not truthful to the clients and spreads the fraud scheme all around the world. And they ruin many lives of the people who trusted them. Beginners and investors be aware of this unethical source of trading.

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