Is CGTV running an illegal scam? Protect your children now

CGTV does not elaborate on what exactly it is. It asserts in most locations that it can “connect” people with those working in the entertainment sector. However, the only acting classes it offers are over $5,000 in price.

Simply said, CGTV is a con job of the highest order.

Parents are tricked into handing over thousands of dollars in exchange for a product that is both ineffective and misleading. They are one of the most dishonest acting scams that are now in operation inside the sector. Adrian R’Mante, an actor who has been in both movies and television shows, is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of this company.

The following analysis will explain in greater detail why CGTV is a scam, as well as why you should disregard any CGTV showcases that come to your attention:

CGTV Doesn’t Help You Enter the Entertainment Industry, According to their Disclosures:

CGTV asserts that it can facilitate the introduction of emerging talent to the entertainment business. However, there are several warning signs to be found in their business approach. They claim to be able to assist people in getting their start in the television and film industries, however, they don’t provide any assistance at all.

Instead, the corporation focuses on marketing a “acting course” that comes at a very high price. However, they do not market themselves as a school or instructional firm. Take a look at this screen capture of their homepage:

As you can see, they make no mention of the fact that they provide acting classes anywhere on their website. The only thing that is mentioned is the fact that they offer advice from famous people who have previously worked at Disney, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Even their motto, “We have people on TV!” is in the same vein. It gives the impression that they will assist you in breaking into the entertainment industry.

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However, each and every one of these assertions is false. In point of fact, the organization does not accept any responsibility for the “services” it provides or the “teaching quality” it provides. At the very bottom of their homepage, in very small font, they have mentioned it as follows:

In other words, you shouldn’t expect to get an audition or a guarantee of work if you pay these guys. They even mention that the presence of any of their celebrities doesn’t mean you’ll get a job offer. 

Notice that the company explicitly states that it doesn’t offer an audition or a job offer. Certainly, the company is misleading people and aspirants by claiming to help them enter this highly competitive industry when they clearly can’t. 

Is CGTV Legit? Not According to Most People

My suspicion that this is a con is shared by a few other people. Due to the dubious nature of this company’s business plan, many individuals have cast doubt on the veracity of the claims made by this organization.

I was able to locate a few different forums in which people were debating the dependability of CGTV. In every single one of them, people were warning other people about this company and recommending that others stay away from it.

Within the context of one of the threads, a user wanted to discuss whether or not CGTV is a hoax. He related how he drove his friend to an audition, but when they got there, it turned out that it wasn’t really an audition at all. It appeared more as though the company was seeking to recruit members for a multi-level marketing plan.

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One individual spoke for three hours straight on the same topics, continually emphasizing how challenging it is to secure auditions. In addition, the audition consisted only of bringing everyone in a large room together and having them one by one say the line they had prepared.

He wanted to know if it was worthwhile to subscribe to CGTV.

In response to this, many people emphasized that it is most certainly a hoax. Auditioning is free, thus this was more of a sales presentation than anything else.

One user said that the OP’s friend went to a sales pitch for classes of some sort. Moreover, the classes wouldn’t be good because if they were, they wouldn’t have to use a fake auditions to get people. 

Another person pointed out that the audition process shouldn’t take longer than fifteen minutes. It’s a fake acting school that will steal her money under the guise of promising that agents will watch her perform at the end of the program. In addition to that, it would probably set her back $3,000.

If you’re in the acting profession and someone tries to sell you something, they’re undoubtedly trying to take advantage of you, according to one user on Reddit. Unless you are an A-list celebrity, in which case people may be clamoring for the opportunity to do business with you. However, such is not the situation.

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In addition, you should under no circumstances pay for anything connected to an audition. It’s a different story when it comes to paying for classes, but there won’t be any cost involved if you have to try out for something.
I discovered another forum in which individuals were talking about how CGTV is a scam. At this point, the mother of a nine-year-old was inquiring as to whether or not anyone else had taken their child to auditions for CGTV. She brought up the fact that CGTV is most likely a scam due to the fact that they charge $5,000 to keep your child in Los Angeles for a week.

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CGTV Auditions Review:

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The reviewer claims that CGTV preys on aspirational parents and children who wish to pursue a career in show business. He draws attention to the fact that CGTV is a modeling fraud that would guarantee you a large number of auditions and photo shoots.

But there is a down payment of several thousand dollars required. The critic emphasizes the fact that he attended a session while he was in a very animated state. The presentation was quite exciting, but that’s all there was to it.

In the end, he was forced to fork over $5,000 since they believed his daughter had untapped potential, but the investment was fruitless. This parent felt like their money had been put to better use elsewhere.

CGTV is Paying BBB to Mislead Parents

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It should by now be obvious that CGTV is a scam that preys on young children and the parents of those children. Even the CGTV audition reviews point out how hazardous of an organization this is.

CGTV engages in unscrupulous marketing practices in order to divert people’s attention away from all of those unfavorable evaluations and mislead them.

One of their unethical marketing strategies is to establish a profile that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You do not need to have a reputable business or ethical business practices in order to have a profile that is recognized on BBB. They will provide your company BBB accreditation if you pay them a yearly fee of approximately $10,000, as is their requirement.

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When you have an accreditation, you have a great deal of control over the information that appears on your BBB profile. In addition to this, it ensures that you will have a rating of A or A+, regardless of how questionable your company may be.

CNN Money had previously carried out a comprehensive examination of the topic. They discovered that the BBB was awarding A+ ratings to firms that were facing legal accusations for either discriminating against customers or defrauding a large number of customers.

Even in the modern day, many con artists pay the Better Business Bureau to advertise themselves. It assists them in creating the illusion among customers that they are a trustworthy business.

Peerfit is a notable example of an organization that falls within this category. Their chief executive officer has been the subject of numerous allegations of sexual harassment, yet he has been able to avoid repercussions thanks to their unethical approach to marketing.


CGTV is a vicious con that attracts people through unscrupulous marketing practices in order to make money. You should keep a very safe distance from a business like that. Because of its shadowy nature, it has already been the subject of a great number of complaints, and it will continue to be so.

It is in everyone’s best interest to steer clear of these kinds of organizations whenever possible.

Beware! It’s possible that CGTV will try to respond to this post by adding phony positive evaluations. The main argument, though, is that CGTV is a fraudulent operation. They present themselves as an agency, make statements that aren’t backed up by evidence, dodge responsibilities, and have a history of receiving numerous complaints.

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