Is Golden Brokers a Fraud?

How would I have thought this platform would do this type of fraud to its client? This company is full of garbage never this company or else you would lose your money. This site is run by scammers whose attention is to steal all the money of the investors and put in other illegal activities.

I’m doing trading for the last five years and this is the first time I fooled by the scammers of this company. I have lost around $XXX and am unable to get back my amount. It’s really sad what types of activities were taking place in the market. The regulatory authority is unable to take any action against these fraudsters.

I want proper action to be taken against this type of criminal and get them behind bars. By doing this activity the particular client interest would be saved and newbies are able to learn new tactics on how to prevent money from scammers.

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Tips for investors is that try to avoid trading with those companies who had any criminal record and check whether they are registered by the regulatory authority. And also take advice from professionals before investing in any project.

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