Is a Scam? Read This Review Before You Trade Based on our promise to do research and give you an unbiased review, instead of the hype and bias you get on other platforms, this review will tell you what to expect if you decide to trade.

It’s not smart to put your hard-earned money into something you’re not sure about. So, we went the extra mile to find out what was going on behind the claims and shiny gold at the end of their tunnel. This review will tell you if the road is slippery or if it is what it seems to be.

Read on to find out what we think about it.

What is gives you the chance to trade your money, but it’s not clear what kind of algorithm tool the company uses. Based on what we found, isn’t clear enough, so you might not make any money off of your investment. A closer look at the platform shows that only plays on your feelings and doesn’t give you any logical proof of how to get your money back or even how to make money.

For example, the platform only says it has huge returns and professional deals. It doesn’t say anything else about their business, “the experts,” or even the name of the person who started it. Aside from trying to get you to feel something, they don’t make you an actual offer or promise. If you do business with, you might lose money, give out private information, or be scammed over and over again.

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How Operates?

This platform says it is an expert in dealing with and works anonymously. Its website is compatible with meta trader 4 and can be accessed from different devices. When you trade with, you should be more careful because they say they are based in the UK, but they don’t have permission to do business from the FCA, which is the local authority. It makes you sign a contract with it under the name of the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), which doesn’t keep track of forex trade.

Also, MeeFX lets you use a “demo account” to practice trading before you use real money. But, besides the fact that their sample account is hard to use, there is no trade data to help them keep track of their real investment. All of these things show that is sketchy and may not be a good place to put your money.

Is is a safe place to trade and fund?

It gives you ways to “gamble” with your money instead of spending it. With a micro account, you can start investing with as little as $5. With a regular account, you can use up to $50. As an expert, you can use the platform to spend up to $100 with your ECN account. But there is no clear way to know how much you should get back from the investment.

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If you sign up for one of these accounts, your personal information and money could be at risk. doesn’t have a plan for refunds and doesn’t explain how your money will be sold or how your profit will get back to you. While they are getting your information, the company is kept secret. This is a red flag because it means they don’t want people to be able to find them or find out who runs the business.

Working from SVG makes it impossible to find out who owns the company or hide information about their account or financial records. In other words, this is a sign that MeeFX is run like a cult and that clients don’t know how their money is swapped. Also, MeeFX doesn’t have a privacy policy on their website, which means that they can’t promise the safety of your money or information.

Deposit & Withdrawl At MeeFX has made it easy for you to put money into your account using whatever method is easiest for you, such as Paypal, Master Card, Sitcom bank, wire transfer, and so on. You can start investing with as little as $5 and keep adding to your account up to $100 to make more money. MeeFX made it clear that they will charge you back if you use a credit card or debit card to make a deposit.

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It seems like there are no problems or risks when you use it to make a deposit, but when you think about how to get your money out, you start to get suspicious. doesn’t tell you how to get to your funds to remove them or if there are any hidden fees, which could be misleading. Also, their website doesn’t say anything about how to get your money back, which is another sign that it may take a long time.

Customer Service at MeeFX

They have a good reputation for customer service because you can contact them by email or phone. Also, as promised, they have a live chat area where you can have interesting conversations. MeeFX isn’t available right now, and it doesn’t look like it will be any time soon.

Their “Life Chat” lets you talk to robots, and their “Mail” and “Contact” buttons don’t connect you to any of their employees. is hard to get in touch with, which could mean that you won’t be able to talk to them after you send money.

Badly, their platform’s location address doesn’t connect you with one of their reps. So, if you want to trade with MeeFX, you should know that you can’t get in touch with them. This could mean that your money is gone. You sure don’t want that, do you?

Is MeeFX under regulations?

Obviously, no! It can break the rules and do illegal things with your money and information without getting caught or being punished. is not stable, and they do not follow the rules set by the FCA for forex brokers in the UK. That means MeeFX does not have a license to take money from the public. Their actions are illegal, and the law does not protect them.

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Don’t let this trick you!

In a nutshell, only uses its attractive MetaTrader platform, which has a lot of professional advisors and offers that appeal to clients’ emotions but doesn’t back up all of their claims with proof.
You shouldn’t put your money on a platform that seems sketchy and doesn’t have any proof of good trades with other investors on the platform. You should be more careful with the site because they don’t tell you who is behind the trade and there’s no information on how to get your money back.

Based on what we know so far, your money is not safe with You may lose not only your money but also your private information, which could lead to more scams. We think you should stay away until MeeFX is brave enough to respond to the charges that have been made against them.

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