IsXperia: From Ponzi Scheme to CBD MLM Scam

isXperia used to be called Xip4Life, and Kalpesh Patel, a repeat scammer who has been investigated by many different groups, started it. It started as a Ponzi scheme in 2015, but to make it look more real, they added the name isXperia, which was an MLM business that had been around since 2007.

Xip4Life was a huge failure, so Kalpesh Patel chose to take the money and run.

Christopher Bratta is the owner of the company isXperia, which he helped to start. They sell items made with CBD oil.

Xip4Life has recently been added to isXperia.

Products that isXperia Sells

They have a wide range of goods for things like sleep and taking care of yourself. They also meet the wants for CBD oil.

On their website, you can find the following products:

  • Serenity (sleep aid)
  • isGreen (superfood supplement)
  • isXweet (energy chewable)
  • SimpleMeal (meal replacement supplement)
  • Mystique Patch (sleep supplement)
  • Silver (Coleus Forskohlii root extract)
  • X5 (metabolism)
  • CraveSwitch Coffee & Tea
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Toner with CoQ10
  • Exfoliating Cleanser
  • isLift
  • Brilliant
  • DNA+
  • Hydrate 3
  • Morning
  • Eye Care

These are their CBD products:

  • CBD Vapeables
  • CBD Gummy Rings
  • 250 mg and 1000 mg Hemp Extract CBD Oil
  • CBD Lollipops
  • CBD Vitamin C Gummies
  • 200 mg CBD Beverage Enhancer
  • 200 mg Breath Spray
  • CBD Lip Balm
  • 200 mg Hemp Extract Syrup with Melatonin
  • 300 mg CBD BCAA
  • 300 mg CBD Protien Poweder
  • 300 mg CBD Pain Lotion
  • 300 mg CBD Lotion
  • 300 mg Roll On
  • 300 mg and 150 mg CBD Pet Oil
  • 150 mg CBD Large Dog Treat Bones
  • 150 mg CBD Dog Sweet Potato Bites
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On the main websites for isXperia and Xip4Life, there are no retail prices listed.

Compensation Plan for isXperia

The company has added binary residuals to its mix of straight retail and recruitment commissions.

For an affiliate to be eligible for MLM earnings, they must bring in at least $60 worth of orders every month.

This can be done through sales or the regular order from the affiliate.

isXperia Affiliate Ranks

At isXperia, there are 6 partner ranks in all.

12 Star: Get at least 12 MLM followers who are eligible for commissions and keep them.

9 Stars: Get at least 9 MLM members who are eligible for commissions and keep them.

6 Stars: Get at least 6 MLM members who are eligible for commissions and keep them.

3 Stars: Find at least 3 MLM followers who are eligible for commissions and keep them.

2 Stars: Find at least two MLM members who are eligible for commissions and keep them.

1 Star: Find at least one MLM affiliate who is eligible for a fee and keep them.

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Affiliates can get up to 20% of what retail customers buy, but they only get “xdollars” in return. That can only be used to buy even more isXperia products and has no external value.

Recruitment Commissions

A 50% commission is given to an isXperia partner who brings in a new affiliate. There are 3 partner packs that you can choose from:

  • SweetestPack: $600
  • SweeterPack:$400
  • SweetPack: $200

The affiliate also gets a 5% commission on orders made by the affiliates he or she has brought in.

There are many fake DMCA notices By isXperia Marketing Team

Copyright rules help creators stop people from using their work without permission.

People and businesses can send a DMCA warning to Google to let them know that someone stole their content and put it on a website without their permission. Most of the time, Google will remove the page that stole the information. This helps websites with original content get more visitors and makes websites that copy other people’s work look bad.

But bad companies and PR firms take advantage of these rules. They use them to get rid of comments and reviews that are generally negative about their products or services. But instead of giving honest comments and talking openly. These companies use shady methods, such as making a fake DMCA claim.

Someone from isXperia or an SEO, marketing, or reputation business that works for them has been sending out fake DMCA notices over and over again. Articles from and have been asked to be taken down.

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And, sadly, they’ve also been able to do what they set out to do.

As we can see in the picture below, Google has already removed the first two posts, and they might try to do the same with this one.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the marketing team behind isXperia also tried to get this post taken down by filing a fake DMCA order. As they have repeatedly shown that they have no morals or limits.

Let’s look at the DMCA accusations in more depth:

Fake DMCA Complaint Against

This report was made on November 29, 2022, by someone named “Margery Perry,” which I think is an alias they’re using to hide. The country of law is China, and link to a third-party Tumblr blog and call it the “source.”

Another bogus DMCA complaint against

On November 21, 2022, “Harry Paul” made another complaint against This time, GR was the authority, and they also used a blog on Tumblr. Gets a Fake DMCA Complaint

On the same day, November 21, 2022, a complaint was also made against The person who sent it said her name was “Tiana Vallejo,” and the areas were IT. This time, a Tumblr blog was used.

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In all three of these fake DMCA reports, they have used because it lets users change the date of posts. This is done to change the date of publication and make Google think they were the first people to write the article.

Same Scam as Before

isXperia doesn’t focus on retail, and their website doesn’t say how much their goods cost.

Even though they gave a very detailed description of their goods and what they said they were, they didn’t do the same for where they came from and how much they cost.

Why? Beyond that, all the agents have to do to move up in isXperia’s compensation plan is bring on more people.

Most of the company’s money probably comes from the monthly affiliate orders and not from selling the listed goods to the public. If this is how you pay for isXperia, it would be a pyramid scam.

Another strange thing is that isXperia is using Xip4Life to sell its CBD lineup.

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