Scandal : How I Lost $4,000

A Forex broker took a few thousand dollars from me and wouldn’t let me withdraw it. I emailed the FTC but received no response. After realizing I was being taken advantage of, I went online in search of answers and saw a review of the scam broker on

A chat window appeared, and the representative there assured me that I could request a refund. That’s why I went ahead and did it. MyChargeBack is the company they put me in touch with. After all, they did uncover the scam I had fallen for, so I figured their advice must be legit. However, in practice, things were very different. should not be trusted

MyChargeBack has issued me a bill for $4,000. They guarantee full reimbursement of your money. After sending the money, they kept me apprised of developments over the next two weeks. They assured me that they could recover my money using any number of strategies, and even forwarded me a news item claiming that in 2018 they had succeeded in recouping $2 million. After several weeks, though, they told me there was no hope of getting my money back.

Where is the cash I gave you? What the heck happened there?

They are not even offering a partial return. I paid them $4,000, and I want more than just a “welp, nothing can be done now” response.


It’s Been Reviewed com Forces Forex Brokers and Others to Pay Ransom

In addition to running a frightening defamation/targeting fraud, I was astonished to see that ItIsReviewed dot com also operates a chargeback scam. They threaten well-known Forex brokers with negative feedback in an attempt to blackmail them. I didn’t know anything was wrong until I saw people complaining about it online.

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Disparaging Name-Calling As reviewed on

SIR/MA’AM, GOOGLE TEAM It has come to my attention that some anonymous authors and some named authors have posted several malicious and unsubstantiated allegations that our business is in breach of civil and criminal laws in the United Kingdom, specifically: – LIBEL PER SE under the Defamation Act 2013 (C 26) and various economic torts – CONSPIRACY – the tort of conspiracy has been committed. IN MY CASE, TWO OR MORE PEOPLE A. THE AUTHOR B. THE WEB SITE ADMINISTRATOR C. THE BENEFICIARY OF THE DEFAMATORY ACT HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED. The author of the malicious and false allegations has conspired to damage my brand for the possibility of financial gain, which is achieved through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that is broadcast online.

To the attention of Mr. Abeni Ayobunmi

This software/script I created is not free; I am selling it and making it available to the public via the World Wide Web.

Verified Bot DMCA Notice

Since the submitted URLs contain infringing materials copied from our website and violate our COPYRIGHT and TRADEMARK, I, JOHN LEWIS, the owner and developer of the VERIFIED ROBOTTM, and the legal owner of the VERIFIED ROBOT SYSTEM TRADEMARK – SERIAL NUMBER 89223043, request their removal. We will take appropriate legal action against the domain owners, domain companies, hosting providers, and/or Google LLC if these materials are not removed.

MyChargeBack from is a SCAM!!! Beware!

The website is pushing the MyChargeBack fraud. There is probably no worse online fraud than this one.

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The reason is, victims of previous scams often fall prey to ItIsReviewed dot com. These are typically Forex brokers based in offshore locations, credit card scammers, dubious cryptocurrency wallets, etc.

These lowlife con artists prey on the hopelessness and dependency of their fictitious customers. ItIsReviewed dot com and similar sites partner with fraudsters like MyChargeBack to steal money from unsuspecting victims of online scams since they know that readers are likely to have fallen for similar schemes in the past.

I’m sure that has defrauded dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals like me with all the traffic (insert SEM rush traffic). People who put their faith in them after they promised to recover their money from a con artist only to be hit with astronomical service costs and left with even less.

They have been accused of extortion, spreading false information and news, and manipulating online discussion forums in addition to MyChargeBack scams.

People who have lost money to a Forex Broker reviewed on ItIsReviewed dot com or anyone else who has been featured on the website should not try to get in touch with the website. If you don’t, you’ll fall into the trap of their manipulative swindle.

Already I have lost four thousand dollars to these con artists, which is a significant sum of money for me. To prevent even one more victim from falling prey to the crooks at ItIsReviewed dot com, I am filing this report.

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Please forward this investigation to anyone you suspect may have fallen victim to the chargeback or extortion scam. Unfortunately, I had a terrible time using this website. should not be relied upon.

When I first contacted them to request a chargeback, they assured me that they would be able to recover my entire initial deposit. You wouldn’t think twice about responding to an email from ItIsReviewed dot com because of how professional and kind they come across.

All along, they just wanted your money, so they’ll talk to you as if they genuinely care, use statements designed to trick you into contributing “fees for funds recovery” (which can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands), and then disappear. Trusting them was a terrible error on my part since I naively believed they could help me get my money back when it had been stolen.

In retrospect, it’s hard to fathom how those chumps could ever get their hands on my money back from some random broker.

What the offshore team behind does is just callous, and they get away with it.

The victims of these scams must speak up and fight back. I’m posting this so we have a collective voice; had I been warned about this scam, I wouldn’t be in such dire financial straits.

Destroy Ultimately and Forever

The tables must now be turned. I can’t help but feel sorry for the dozens of other people in my position since without ItIsReviewed dot com, I wouldn’t be here. However, that’s not how things have to be.

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After doing some digging, I found that we do have a few options for stopping these con artists. I believe that reporting MyChargeBack and ItIsReviewed dot com to the Federal Trade Commission would be a great idea.

If you see this website, please inform the hosting company. They must be aware of the nature of the criminal behavior they are encouraging.

You should also send an email to Cloudflare, which hosts, informing them of the site’s illegal behavior. The host may be unaware of the scammers’ use of their site.

If you, too, have fallen victim to such scams, don’t keep quiet.

If you, too, have fallen prey to the ItIsReviewed dot com scam, I urge you not to remain silent. Our right to free expression is the key to our success; they will be furious if we expose their deception. I’m terrified to make this post, but these con artists have stolen all I own and it’s now or never.

If you like my update, please spread the word. Please forward this information to anybody you know who might be at risk of falling prey to this fraud; doing so could stop them from experiencing trauma, mental anguish, and financial loss.

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