Jail them!

Gulf brokers are lying to their clients they don’t have any intention to safeguard their investor’s interests. The particular investors had to face lots of difficulties while trading with Gulf Brokers. They are those fraudsters who have eaten the public money. I want to investigate and inspect this financial predator to get these brokers or scammers behind bars. And I want the regulatory authority to appoint auditors who can audit the company and action will be taken against them If it is possible.

Nowadays fraud and deceit abound more than in former times. I trusted Gulf brokers and invested in it. I got very happy while investing in the Gulf Brokers because within 3 and 4 days it show me some amount of profit. But after this, the game of the scammers begins they started calling me and asking me to invest more and more. I followed their instructions of them. And within 20 days I’m unable to withdraw my amount because they put restrictions on my withdrawal. And they will not inform you in advance about the terms and conditions of the schemes.

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After One month the website stopped working all trading activities stop working. So, I mailed this problem to them but doesn’t get any response from them. One I noticed in this company they change the customer care mail address and phone number. When you asked them for your withdrawal.

This specific company only focuses on getting money from clients instead of giving an adequate amount of return on investment. I met many people who blindly trusted this company and started telling me how they are cheated and lost all their money. One of the victims told me that he started giving negative reviews on the website. But they removed reviews from the websites with the help of websites that were hired to control this kind of activity. Other victims started mentioning and discussing the website in their blogs to make people aware of this kind of activity.

Believe me, markets are filled with full of scammers and there are lots of fraudsters searching for new investors to invest in their company so, they can generate their income by applying different types of cunning activities to the new people in the market.

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The reason for doing this illegal activity is the money of investors remains the same whether they earn it from legal sources or scam it. In most countries, they are not registered by the regulatory authorities and I don’t understand why the regulatory authorities of the countries were not taking action against this group of scammers.

I requested all newbies investors or people who are interested in Gulf brokers to try to avoid trading practices with them. Don’t invest your hard-earned money.

Tips for investors is that even if the website had been licensed it doesn’t mean it should work in the future. Try some other investing sites which really care about your interest.

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