James Kruzan Unfiltered: Rude, Selfish & Arrogant

James Kruzan
James Kruzan, Kaydan Wealth Management

Kaydan Wealth Management is quite a prominent name in Michigan when it comes to investment planning. After one Google search, you’ll be pretty impressed with their 5-star rating and great customer reviews. They call themselves professional and highly ethical. But is it the complete truth?

During some research, it was found that there is a long list of unsatisfied customers. Here’s a review from one such customer. Read ahead to find out how James Kruzan of Kaydan Wealth Management misguides unsuspecting clients into working with him.

Horrible & unprofessional service.

I had no idea that the quality of James Kruzan’s (Kaydan Wealth Management’s founder) services would decline so rapidly after we started working together. Working with him was a nightmare, and I would never suggest him. He’s the top wealth advisor at his firm, and I can’t bear to think about how his junior staff treats their clients. James is incredibly unpleasant in professional settings.

I felt like he doesn’t give me his full attention during our meetings on purpose. He never stopped talking and thinking about what he wanted to say next. Whenever we had a meeting, he never gave me a chance to speak. This makes working with him an extremely irritating experience. If he lets me talk, he’ll start fiddling with his phone or daydreaming. I’ve noticed that he doesn’t pay much attention to me at meetings. Perhaps he believes that no one will notice if he ignores them, but he is mistaken.

KAYDAN WEALTH MANAGEMENT, owned by JAMES KRUZAN, is a dishonest organization. I would not suggest doing business with them due to their terrible customer service.


It’s unacceptable that he acts that rudely. You wouldn’t expect such awful service from someone as seasoned as James Kruzan. His services are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. In terms of fees, he is likely the state’s priciest financial advisor. When paying a high price for a single service provider, one would hope for better treatment than this.

James never pays any attention to me and acts as though he doesn’t value his customers. I’m not sure why, but he doesn’t seem to care about providing good service to his customers. Unfortunately, my time spent conversing with him is limited. When he is available, he doesn’t pay attention to me. For these reasons, I cannot recommend James Kruzan or Kaydan Wealth Management to anyone. Many more banks and credit unions are out there waiting to serve you.

The Origin of the Problem

When I first realized I needed help managing my wealth, I got in touch with James Kruzan. To begin, I asked close friends and family members for advice. Then I found out about this guy called James Kruzan. I had no idea he’d turn out to be such a sham of a professional at the time. If I had known James Kruzan would be so disrespectful and conceited, I never would have agreed to work with him. But I’d heard that he’s a highly skilled and well-respected financial advisor, so I had no qualms about teaming up with him.

Kaydan Wealth Management

At first, everything went swimmingly. His assistance was flawless in my experience. James, it seems to me, takes the time to get to know his new clients and make them feel special. In all honesty, I must say that this is a highly effective method of deception. Your customer will feel like you care about them and their business more as a result. But you’re just doing it for the short term to gain their trust and then leave. In my opinion, it’s one of the worst things a financial counselor can do because it’s dishonest and unethical. Don’t act like you give a hoot about your customers. You shouldn’t ignore your customers. James had completely lost track of this.

His performance has steadily declined from the start. He used to listen to me and answer my questions, but now he doesn’t. His focus is either on his phone or elsewhere, so he doesn’t pay attention to what he’s saying.

My Issue With James Kruzan

The best kind of financial counselor takes the time to hear the customer out and empathize with their situation. To best serve the customer, he or she would investigate the latter’s financial situation and desired outcomes. That’s why I have so much admiration for those that work in this field. It’s challenging to assess a person’s financial situation and life goals, then advise them on the best course of action to take. However, before the financial counselor can do any of that, the customer must be listened to carefully.

James Kruzan is behind the times in this respect. He no longer even makes the pretense of listening. Now, at meetings, he acts as if he doesn’t hear me, and it drives me crazy. Since he is the company’s creator and highest-ranking employee, he has no one to turn to for help. No one else in James’s company would dare to stand up to their boss, so I can’t complain to them about James’s bad service. Even if I wanted to, he wouldn’t listen to my complaints about his poor service.

The question “How do I know that he doesn’t listen to me?” may come to mind. In response, I’d want to mention that I’ve seen his reactions to my comments and queries. His answers to me are extremely general and nebulous. It’s unusual for him to offer genuine guidance.

Don’t Fall For Positive PR

Overall, James Kruzan is not someone you want to put your trust in. Nobody should associate with him since he is useless. He is impolite and pretentious. My impression is that his years of expertise have made him conceited. He now considers himself the best in the field and as a result, he no longer gives a damn about satisfying his customers’ needs.

It’s a living hell having to work with him. His company, Kaydan Wealth Management, has lost my business and recommendation because of him. I think you may find more trustworthy and dependable service providers elsewhere.

Because of his arrogance and rudeness, I would not suggest teaming up with James Kruzan. He ignores his clients and responds with boilerplate answers to important inquiries. So far, it’s been a rather disappointing collaboration.

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