Stay Away from Jason Bond: Uncovering the Scam Behind the Persona


Within the realm of trading and investments, it is imperative to be wary of scams that can lead to financial devastation. Jason Bond, a prominent figure in the trading community, has gained attention. However, his true intentions and deceptive practices warrant a closer examination. This article aims to expose the truth about Jason Bond, shedding light on his fraudulent activities. By understanding the dangers associated with this scam artist, individuals can protect themselves from potential financial ruin.

The Deceptive Practices of Jason Bond Unveiled

  1. Misleading Marketing Strategies: Jason Bond heavily relies on exaggerated claims and carefully selected success stories in his marketing tactics. These tactics are designed to entice unsuspecting individuals into his programs or subscription services, often leading to disappointment and financial loss.
  2. Engagement in Pump-and-Dump Schemes: One of the most alarming aspects of Jason Bond’s activities is his involvement in pump-and-dump schemes. By promoting low-volume stocks to his significant following, he artificially inflates their prices, ultimately selling them for personal gain and leaving his followers with substantial losses.
  3. Dubious Track Record: Despite his claims of trading success, a closer examination of Jason Bond’s track record reveals inconsistencies and disappointing results. Many individuals who have followed his advice report significant financial setbacks and express regret over trusting his recommendations.
  4. Overpriced Educational Programs: Jason Bond offers various educational programs at exorbitant prices, promising to provide the knowledge and tools necessary for financial success. However, these programs often fail to deliver on their promises, offering generic information readily available elsewhere while draining individuals’ financial resources.

Editor’s Note

The recent development involving Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, and Raging Bull has unveiled a significant fraud case, resulting in charges amounting to $137 million brought forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Notably, this news did not come as a surprise to the narrator, as various sources such as private investigators, lawyers, and impartial journalists have been shedding light on Jason Bond’s illicit activities for over five years. The long-overdue intervention by the authorities to take action against this criminal and his associates was inevitable.

The primary objective of this report was to provide valuable insights to individuals seeking information about the quality and legitimacy of Jason Bond and Raging Bull’s products. However, with the exposure of this fraudulent scheme and the initiation of thorough investigations by the FTC, the focus of this article now shifts to serving as a vital resource for both the investigators and the general public.

If an individual utilizes any social media platform, it is highly likely that they have come across advertisements featuring Jason Bond or RagingBull. Jason Bond is known for promoting trading courses and an excessively priced subscription service, promising subscribers real-time trading updates to emulate his choices. However, the reality of this situation is far from the enticing promises made. Numerous individuals have fallen victim to this fraudulent individual, losing substantial sums of money. Jason Bond, alongside his associates, engages in deceptive practices, exploiting unsuspecting people from various corners of the world.

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The range of tactics employed by Jason Bond to manipulate and deceive individuals is extensive. From fabricating reviews to falsely claiming to have spoken at prestigious institutions like Harvard, Bond has perpetrated a myriad of crimes. The following sections will delve into many of the methods employed by Jason Bond, shedding light on his manipulative and dishonest behavior. Let us commence our exploration.

 stay away from scams
stay away from scams

Who is Jason Bond aka Jason P. Kowalik?

In order to acquaint oneself with a “notorious figure,” the most effective approach entails perusing their LinkedIn biography, and this is precisely what shall be undertaken.

Residing within the confines of Fairport, New York, Jason has chosen to present himself on LinkedIn as a seasoned trader, accompanied by a distinctive educational initiative tailored explicitly for inquisitive individuals within the trading community. Subsequent to this assertion, an extensive passage comprising three hundred words unravel, portraying a series of anecdotes regarding Jason’s extraordinary rise to prominence.

Such narratives are reminiscent of the oft-romanticized account depicted in the film “The Pursuit of Happyness,” with the possibility of containing elements of factual accuracy interspersed amidst the embellishments that are commonplace among counterfeit experts. Verifying the veracity of these claims remains a matter of uncertainty, leaving room for interpretation and speculation.

Believe it or not, Jason Bond had an unlikely career as a physical education teacher for a remarkable period of 11 years. Starting as an elementary physical education teacher in the Webster Central School District, he eventually transitioned to a different path by founding a company in 2010.

Among the co-founders of Raging Bull Trading (, Jason Bond has gained notoriety in online circles for reasons that are far from commendable. His reputation stems from engaging in dubious activities, including the exploitation of numerous subscribers through pump-and-dump schemes.

While one might expect a detailed account of his trading experience and personal life, it is important to note that the information shared on LinkedIn lacks verification. Consequently, individuals like Jason Bond can make audacious claims without facing any consequences, regardless of their accuracy.

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Analyzing Jason’s LinkedIn bio reveals a meticulously crafted narrative, likely the work of a skilled copywriter. This attention to detail appears to be a deliberate attempt on Jason’s part to present a convincing story. It is worth noting that the writers employed by these fraudulent “gurus” possess the expertise to manipulate the emotions of their clients’ unsuspecting victims, skillfully pushing the right buttons to captivate and influence them.

An excerpt from an email, the sender of which prefers to remain anonymous, prompted an investigation into Jason Bond’s activities. This email served as the catalyst for delving deeper into the subject, shedding light on the concerns surrounding Jason’s actions.

In accordance with the sender’s request, their identity remains undisclosed. However, their communication fueled a growing interest in exploring the questionable practices associated with Jason Bond and his trading pursuits.

As the investigation progresses, it becomes increasingly evident that Jason’s online presence is carefully constructed to deceive and manipulate. The polished nature of his LinkedIn bio, expertly written by a professional copywriter, underscores Jason’s awareness of the power of persuasion. Recognizing that potential readers will scrutinize his profile, he endeavors to construct a narrative that exudes credibility and enthralls the imagination.

However, the truth behind Jason’s ventures presents a significantly darker reality. Reports and testimonies from multiple sources suggest that he has engaged in fraudulent activities, preying upon unsuspecting traders seeking financial guidance and education. Through schemes such as pump-and-dump, he is alleged to have scammed numerous subscribers, exploiting their trust and capitalizing on their aspirations.

While a comprehensive examination of Jason’s trading experience and personal life may appear redundant given the lack of verification on platforms like LinkedIn, it is essential to bring attention to his questionable practices. The cloak of authenticity that he attempts to drape over his actions must be lifted, enabling potential victims and the wider community to make informed decisions.

Unraveling the true nature of Jason Bond and his association with Raging Bull Trading is a complex journey. However, with each revelation and firsthand account, it becomes increasingly evident that his notoriety extends far beyond his previous role as a PE teacher. The consequences of his actions ripple through the lives of those who have fallen prey to his schemes, underscoring the need to expose the truth and shield others from becoming entangled in his web of deception.

In the pursuit of justice and accountability, it is imperative to raise awareness about the risks involved in engaging in business dealings with Jason Bond and his affiliated ventures. Only through collective effort can potential victims be empowered, further harm be mitigated, and those who exploit the trust of others for personal gain be exposed.

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Jason Bond Is A Big Time Scammer According To Stock Traders

The subreddit r/StockMarket has established itself as a prominent online destination for individuals interested in delving into the world of stock trading. Renowned as the largest community dedicated to stock market discussions, it has gained recognition as a valuable resource for beginners seeking to navigate the complexities of the stock market. This bustling community attracts numerous stock market experts who generously offer their guidance to novices and actively engage in vibrant discussions on various aspects of the market.

Recently, a user by the name of u/MoreStep4 raised an important question that has sparked widespread interest and debate within the subreddit. The query revolves around the authenticity of Jason Bond Picks, a service that has garnered attention due to the abundance of heavily biased 5-star reviews flooding the internet. It seems that affiliates have inundated the web with glowing reviews, leading to skepticism among many community members. This report will focus on the discussions surrounding this issue, putting the spotlight on the original post and the subsequent responses.

To their surprise, the community’s response to u/MoreStep4’s inquiry was quite remarkable, showcasing a level of perceptiveness that surpassed their expectations. Rather than blindly endorsing Jason Bond Picks, the majority of responses cautioned against it, branding the service as a scam.

Among the comments, the highest-rated response came from u/Phattii, who concisely captured the sentiment by merely stating, “Scam.” This brief yet powerful word evoked a chuckle, underscoring the collective skepticism prevalent in the community. Other members chimed in as well, providing additional insights.

Redditor u/traderstew minced no words, boldly labeling Jason as a “Big time scammer.” Meanwhile, u/D3wizardonetrick expressed a general rule of thumb, cautioning against any service that advertises on Stockwits and dismissing it as unreliable.

The concerns raised by the r/StockMarket community regarding Jason Bond Picks and its dubious practices appear to be genuine. However, despite the widespread warnings, it is disheartening to note that there are still numerous individuals willing to invest significant sums of money in the hope that Jason will guide them toward a six-figure income.

Of all the comments, one stood out the most: that of u/knkre. This user shared their personal experience with Jason Bond Picks, recounting how they subscribed for a 30-day trial and found the service utterly useless. Seeking a refund a mere 10 days into the trial, they received a scripted response from customer support. Their advice to others was straightforward: steer clear of Jason Bond Picks and Raging Bull.

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The observations made within the r/StockMarket subreddit provide valuable insights into the potential pitfalls associated with Jason Bond Picks. They serve as a reminder to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing time and money in such offerings. By remaining vigilant, harnessing the collective wisdom of the community, and fostering an atmosphere of informed discussion, individuals can shield themselves from scams and deceptive practices within the stock market domain.

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It is crucial to exercise extreme caution and steer clear of Jason Bond and his deceptive persona. By recognizing the warning signs, including misleading marketing, involvement in pump-and-dump schemes, a dubious track record, overpriced educational programs, lack of genuine credentials, unsustainable trading strategies, manipulative sales tactics, and negative testimonials, individuals can protect themselves from financial harm.

When seeking investment advice or educational resources, rely on reputable professionals with verifiable credentials and transparent track records. Take the time to conduct thorough research, consult trusted sources, and prioritize your own financial well-being.

Remember, your hard-earned money deserves to be invested wisely. Stay vigilant, trust your instincts, and always conduct due diligence before making any financial decisions. By avoiding individuals like Jason Bond, you can navigate the investment landscape with confidence and pursue legitimate opportunities that align with your investment goals and values.

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