Jennifer R Berman, MD – Incompetent and Unreliable

Dr Jennifer R Berman MD is a shady doctor who uses paid PR and marketing to bury patient reviews criticizing her unprofessionalism.

Jennifer R Berman MD is a shady doctor who has received numerous complaints from her patients for her unprofessional and rushed treatments.

Furthermore, several of her reviews highlight that she doesn’t spend much time on understanding the requirements of her patients, making wrong diagnoses as a result.

The following review will shed some light on the shady nature of this doctor and explain how she uses paid marketing campaigns to get away with her illegal activities.

What the Marketing Team of Jennifer R Berman MD Wants You To Think:

Jennifer R Berman founded as well as created The Berman Women’s Wellness Center in Beverly Hills, CA, as a broad, multidisciplinary, State of Art Center committed particularly to women’s wellness and health.

Dr Jennifer R Berman MD has received multiple complaints for ignoring her patients and giving wrong diagnoses to them.

Dr. Berman is featured constantly on The Dr. Phil Show, Good Morning America, and The Today Show. Along with this, she co-hosted the CBS Emmy award-winning television show, The Doctors, also Discovery Health’s TV Guide award-winning show Berman & Berman.

Jennifer is treated to be a reliable and relatable authority in the area of menopausal health and female sexual. Along with this her vision and voice are putting a great impact on women across all generations and creating affirmative change in girl’s and women’s life. 

Jennifer did her Master of Science degree from the well-known University of Maryland Medical Center. Also, she did her Medical Degree from Boston University School of Medicine.

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Additional Info About Dr Jennifer Berman MD:

Dr. Jennifer Berman is a widely acclaimed expert, NY Times top-rated author, and one of the nation’s leading authority in the field of female sexual well-being.

The media considered Dr. Berman early in her career due to her groundbreaking research advocacy and activism for ladies’ issues. Being in the public eye at a very young age permitted Dr. Berman to utilize her voice and stage to make positive change and teach and illuminate the majority. Dr. Berman established and made The Berman Ladies’ Wellbeing Place in Beverly Hills as an exhaustive, multidisciplinary State of the Art Center committed exclusively to ladies and health.

Today, Dr. Berman completely focuses on her patients and carries on serving as a recurring master for the media. She is featured routinely on The Dr. Phil Show, The Today Show and Great Morning America and co-facilitated the CBS Emmy award-winning TV program,  The specialists as well as Discovery Health’s television Guide award-winning show, Berman and Berman. Dr. Berman isn’t just a reliable expert in the field of female sexual and menopausal wellbeing, however her message, responsibility, voice and vision are influencing ladies across all ages and making positive changes for ladies and young ladies today.

She finished her post-graduate Urology and Pediatric Urology preparing at University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD, and got specialized fellowship training in Female Urology and Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery under Dr. Shlomo Raz at the David Geffen UCLA Medical Center. Likewise, she helped to establish the Female Sexual Medicine Center and while serving as its Director, pioneered the first benchmark clinical and basic science research studies that are still directing the field of Female Sexual Health today.

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What the Victims of Dr Jennifer R Berman MD are Saying: 

Dr Jennifer Berman has received numerous complaints for her expensive yet useless services.

In this section of my Jennifer R Berman MD review, I have highlighted some of the numerous complaint the doctor has received to help you get an idea of what it’s like to work with her.

“Endless Wait Periods, No Respect for Customers”

jennifer r berman md

According to the above review posted by a patient, you can see that the patient is not at all happy with the services she provided. The patient waited for a longer duration and didn’t even bother to check his/her health. The patient says she is unorganized and it’s a complete waste of time. It’s better to save money and visit some other doctor. 

“Jennifer R Berman MD Has No Right to Call Herself a Doctor”

dr jennifer berman review

The patient didn’t get satisfactory treatment from the doctor and complained about the rude behavior of the doctor. He had the worst experience after getting treated by the doctor. You can take a look at the above image to know more about the issue in detail. 

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“They Have Unfriendly Staff”

dr jennifer berman review

The patient was highly disappointed. As the patient faced difficulty in scheduling the appointment. The staff was not at all friendly and they didn’t even listen or answered questions put by them. The patient was not well-treated by the doctor and she is completely fraud

Jennifer R Berman MD Gave a Client Improper Diagnosis and Expired Medicine

dr jennifer berman review

The patient was highly disappointed by the treatment made by Dr. Jennifer. The patient doesn’t get diagnosed properly. It was a horrible experience for the patient as his feet got burned with the expired cream. Also, the clinic staff was not at all friendly. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jennifer R Berman, MD:

Who is Dr Jennifer Berman Married to? 

According to the sources, Dr Jen Berman married to Greg Moore. Along with this, she is not dating anyone currently. Berman’s family has 18-year-old daughter Isabelle and a 21-year-old son Max. She was born in the year 1965 in New York, New York, United States.

What are the Famous Dr Jennifer Berman Products?

Listed below are some of the famous Dr Jennifer Berman products: 

  1. Evolve Body Contouring. Emtone. Emsculpt / Emsculpt Neo. Beautifill
  2. Treatment for low libido in females. Vaginal Dryness Treatment
  3. Urinary Incontinence Treatment
  4. Menopause treatment
  5. Aviva. EmFemme. Votiva Treatment
  6. Biote Hormone Pellets
  7. EMFACE. Evolve Body Contouring

You can get connected with her for 1) sexual health 2) body sculpting, skin tightening, medical weight loss, menopause and perimenopause. 

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What is Dr Jennifer Berman Net Worth? 

Jennifer Berman MD is a wealthy doctor and she is listed as one of the most popular influencers in her field. According to various research, Forbes & Business Insider, and Wikipedia, Jen Berman’s net worth is $5 Million.

That’s probably why so many people flock to her brand even though she has received so many complaints.

Net Worth $5 million
Salary Under review
Souce of IncomeDoctor
CarsNot available 
HouseLiving in own house


In short, Jennifer R Berman claims to be a world-renowned expert, NY Times best-selling author.

Along with this, she claims to be the nation’s leading authority in the zone of female sexual health.

However, the so-called renowned doctor has received numerous complaints for her unprofessionalism and lack of skill.

The lady has succeeded in amassing a large net worth in her profession and focuses on connecting with patients who are suffering from menopausal health and female sexual-related issues.

Although her marketing efforts have helped her establish herself as a prominent medical authority, her numerous negative reviews indicate that she might not be as reliable as she claims to be.

There are plenty of similar scammers you should avoid such as Dacxi, Scott Berkowitz and ProfitsVision.

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Dr Jennifer R Berman MD is a celebrity doctor who uses her social media presence to swindle patients. She has received numerous complaints for her unprofessionalism and wrong diagnoses. Avoid her at all costs.

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  • Unreliable
  • Received too many complaints
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  1. The business of using fake marketing teams to bury negative reviews for promoting their business is increasing at full pace thus the real business of these companies is to make their character more professional.

  2. The review says that she doesn’t spend much time with her patients and avoids dealing correctly with them, hence providing rushed treatment.

  3. she is a well-known and famous doctor related to the well-being of patients and was appreciated by famous news channels.

  4. Her qualifications are really attractive and appreciable at the same time but the problem here is that she is not a professional, due to her bad behavior with her patients she is in the bad books.

  5. The waiting list at her medical office is very big thus she is over-popular and she is getting fame for no use.

  6. The way she is treating her patients, Jennifer could be sent back to the college and asked to learn the basics and then join the field.

  7. She is not taking the warnings seriously due to no action has been taken against her thus she is getting fake popularity and also using her fake PR team to get the negative reviews washed out from social media.

  8. Once I went to her office and got an appointment with the Urologist department where I met Jennifer for the first time, her attitude was covering her face and her way of talking was intolerable. She was making me feel like it is my mistake to come to her for the treatment.

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