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Jeremiah Robles, a resident of Dumont, New Jersey, is observed transmitting only content that fits the bill of “sensitive.” Even though he considers himself to be a “man of god,” his behavior, as shown in the poem, can be seen as having the exact opposite meaning. The peculiar identity that Jeremiah Robles has decided to pursue is intriguing, to say the least. This holy man seems to have written that “We would probably do more than just watch movies,” and he even asks whether he should “shave or bring any protection” to the event. Even though it is common knowledge that he does not have a spouse, he continues to send these horrible texts.

Jeremiah Robles’s Dual Role as Jeremiah Robles

Jeremiah Robles, who hails from Dumont, New Jersey, is currently all over the news for the wrong reasons. The self-proclaimed “man of God” is currently embroiled in a scandal because of several text messages that he sent, which can only be categorized as delicate. Even though his public character is that of a devoted Christian, the messages he sent present a different picture of who he is. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the two sides of Jeremiah Robles and the controversy that has arisen as a result of his actions.

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Jeremiah Robles’ Character in His Own Words

Jeremiah Robles gives off the impression in public of being a devoted Christian. On his various social media sites, you can frequently find postings and messages that deal with religious and spiritual topics. His Instagram bio includes the phrase “Man of God,” and he asserts that he is a Christian who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, his private demeanor is quite different from the one he presents to the public. The texts that he wrote to an unidentified recipient shed light on a side of him that is very dissimilar to the image that he projects to the general public.

The awful messages

Text conversations sent by Jeremiah Robles, which have since been made public on several social media platforms, are deeply unsettling. He writes in one of his messages, “We would probably do more than just watch movies.” This message gives the impression that he was attempting to start some kind of sexual relationship with the recipient of the message. In another message, he inquires as to whether or not he should “shave or bring any protection,” which gives the receiver the impression that he intended to engage in sexual activity with them.

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When you consider that Jeremiah Robles is not married, the messages take on an even more sinister tone. It is not evident who the intended recipient of the communications is; however, it is abundantly clear that the messages are unwelcome and were not requested. They are reprehensible because they exhibit a callous disrespect for the recipient’s feelings as well as their personal and professional boundaries.

The results of it all

Jeremiah Robles was subjected to a substantial amount of backlash on various social media platforms once the messages were made public. A great number of individuals voiced their amazement and disgust at his behavior, and some demanded that he be held accountable for the things that he had done. The Dumont Police Department has begun looking into the situation, but it is not yet clear what the findings will be or what action will be taken as a result.


The two sides of Jeremiah Robles’ personality have been brought to light in an extremely public manner. Although in public he presents himself as a man of God, his private texts give the impression that he has a quite different personality. Because he professes to be a follower of Jesus Christ, his actions are not only inappropriate but also deeply troubling. It is a good thing to keep in mind that we should constantly exercise caution around individuals who claim to be one thing in public but act differently behind closed doors.

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