Jerry Ask Investment Services Embezzled Money From Clients

Jerry Ask – Swindled Me Out of Money

Jerry Ask, a CFP (Certified Financial Planner), started Jerry Ask Investment Services. But he’s also dishonest and all those other things besides. Because of that one man, I lost out on a lot of potential business prospects. Only lately did I learn that he and his company weren’t looking out for my company’s best interests in their work for me. Jerry Ask is an extremely materialistic person. His only client is himself, and he uses his financial counsel.

I would not advise anyone to choose Jerry Ask or his company, Jerry Ask Investment Services. That con artist just has his own best interests in mind while giving his clients financial advice.

Customer Review

Jerry is very concerned about making money for himself through investment sales. He is undoubtedly biased toward those investments because of the commission he receives from selling them. His advice on investments has been terrible for my company’s expansion. I can’t pretend I didn’t see it. The returns on his proposed investments are consistently lower than those on other assets. When I’ve voiced concerns in the past, his company’s representatives have told me to cool off.

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Now I know that he and his people are complicit in this scheme. No one should waste their time dealing with this con artist. Spending money on something is a waste of time. A financial advisor’s job is to help their customer reach their financial goals. They owe it to their clients to help them make the best financial decisions possible. But with Jerry Ask, you won’t find that. He’ll only suggest investments that benefit him personally. He’s failing to adequately represent his customers. I was surprised to learn that financial institutions might be subject to such fraud. I would not have taken the chance of hiring a business planner had I known of the possibility of such outcomes.

I was devastated to learn of all the benefits I had been passing on. Even before the pandemic, my rivals had been making significant financial headway. This year, they had little problems because of this. In contrast, my company has been struggling greatly since we lack financial stability. My company lacked such fiscal strength since it was directed by the worst business planner imaginable.

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Jerry Ask Investment Services Embezzled Money From Clients

The only reason I began working with that man was due to the glowing recommendations of others. The Raymond James organization, with which he is associated, is highly regarded as a professional organization for financial advisors. Now I know better than to even consider a financial counselor with the Raymond James name in it. I would not have given Jerry any money if I suspected he was a con artist. That guy has been a termite eating away at my business for years.

I’d instead not get into the specifics for fear of repercussions, be they legal or otherwise. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I am right now, therefore I’ve decided to write this review. If I had known about these red flags when I was thinking about hiring Jerry, I never would have hired that con artist.

Jerry Ask Scams His Customers

My company’s poor results may be traced back to Jerry Ask and his team. They are self-centered jerks who care solely about their profits. Those individuals are completely not worth hiring because of the poor quality of service they deliver to their customers. In any event, I wouldn’t advise teaming up with them. Hiring a more personable, boutique agency would be in your best interest. The locals don’t act like that.

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JERRY ASK, is running a scam under the name of Jerry Ask Investment Services. The financial advice he provides to his clients is subpar, and he is only interested in enriching himself. thus far, I’ve seen poor returns from his investments, thus I can’t recommend him.

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