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What seems like a simple lending firm is actually one of the most notorious companies out there.

JFQ Lending offers VA loans, FHA loans, conventional loans, and other related services. In the following JFQ Lending review, I have exposed the shady operations of this firm to help you decide if you want to get a loan from them or not: 

Who Owns JFQ Lending Inc: John Kresevic

If you’re wondering who owns JFQ Lending, the answer is this guy:

John Kresevic is his name. On the internet, there isn’t much about this guy. And the reason is his shady activities and past.

When I looked him up for this review, I came across a very interesting piece about him. The president and owner of JFQ Lending Inc, John J. Kresevic, was involved in a carjacking at Opryland, this story says.

According to the story, John wouldn’t get out of the taxi and told the driver he wanted to go to Arizona. There were several people in the taxi, and when John’s request was turned down, he grabbed the driver by the throat and began to choke him.

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JFQ Lending Inc Reviews You Must Read

When I looked up JFQ Lending reviews, I found a ton of customer complaints against this company. It’s obvious that there’s something severely wrong with the services they offer. Because so many people are complaining about them online.

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You don’t expect a mortgage lender to have such a terrible reputation online. When they have been in the industry for so long. Still, it shows that they might not be worth your time.

In fact, when you’ll read some of these JFQ Lending reviews, you’ll also realise they you should stay away from them: 

“Some of the Worst Mortgage Rates”

JFQ Lending reviews

The reviewer said that among lenders, JFQ Lending has some of the worst mortgage rates. They don’t like how the company’s sales tactics keep making them come back over and over again, wasting their time.

The reviewer goes on to say that JFQ Lending’s salespeople try to hide the company’s bad mortgage rates by selling loans with a lot of points and high fees. They use the ‘bait and switch’ method to get you interested in their business.

The reviewer also says that JFQ Lending costs 25% more in fees but doesn’t give any more benefits.

“Poor Communication, Untrained Staff, and Bad Leadership”

JFQ lending reviews 1

This review points out the lethargic and unprofessional behaviour of this firm. The reviewer had to wait for three months to close and they received an excuse every month. JFQ Lending offered them a lower interest rate to make up for the delay. But at the time of closing, they claimed that they hadn’t offered such low interest at all. 

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You can understand how frustrating the situation must be for this reviewer. They point out that the staff at JFQ Lending Inc is untrained and has poor leadership. 

“Waste of Time”

JFQ lending reviews 2

Every week, JFQ Lending sent this person mail, so they decided to call them. But the person from the company didn’t like it when they asked things that weren’t on the list.

The reviewer made a mistake when they told them they could take their credit. JFQ Lending gave them two hard pulls. Then they talked to the “vice president,” who didn’t know anything about their problem.

To get off of their email lists, the reviewer had to block their phone numbers and call them. But the rep didn’t know how to take them off the list, which made their problems even worse.

“Skip This Place”

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“Can’t Get an Update”

This person waited for four months and still JFQ Lending hadn’t done their refi. They weren’t getting any updates and because of the delay, they couldn’t apply for permits. 

The reviewer also complains that the representative doesn’t respond to any of their calls, texts or emails. They also point out that the timeline is horrible and due to these reasons, they don’t recommend JFQ Lending Inc’s services. 

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JFQ lending review

In this review, the person says there are too many cons to list. There’s rampant sexual harassment and gender inequality at JFQ Lending. Moreover, they lie to their staff about promised bonuses.

Due to lack of proper organization, it’s very difficult to work. And you’ll get the blame just because you were the last person who handled the file. 

The review also points out that the company abuses its staff both mentally and verbally. 

“Favoritism and Sexual Harrassment”

JFQ lending reviews by employees

Here, the writer starts by telling young people to be careful if they join JFQ Lending because of the constant sexual harassment that goes on at the company.

Then, the review lists all the problems with the company. They say the company doesn’t care if its workers are happy with their jobs. There is a lot of bias at work. They even give an example of a worker who got a bonus for a loan that a different worker had worked for.

The people in charge here don’t set a good standard. I wasn’t surprised to see this because Justin has a past of drug abuse.

The worst part is that if you bring up any problems here, the people in charge will start to treat you badly. This means that as a staff member, you have no say here. I don’t think a place of work for a debt lender should be so bad.

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In the end, the review says that the company should stop favouring the LOs and pay attention to other areas as well.

There were a lot more comments, and I’ve put them in the gallery below. You can take a look at them.

I shared parts of reviews because Glassdoor tends to take down complaints without notice. But that’s something else to talk about.


Help Expose This Operation

Reading the various JFQ Lending reviews from its clients and employees was very taxing. It made me realise how horrible a company can be without anyone realising it. 

Still, if you’d look up who owns JFQ lending or JFQ Lending BBB rating, you wouldn’t find these complaints easily. Why? 

Because they don’t want you to. 

Companies spend millions of dollars in advertisements and marketing so people don’t hear about their negative sides. 

It’s on you and me to help people hear about this. If you can, do share this article with someone who’s interested in JFQ Lending’s loans. They might get a different perspective on this firm. 

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