John Moore Associates: Irresponsible And Negligent

You Aren’t Giving Enough Time

After working with the people at John Moore Associates, I realized that many experts aren’t doing their jobs well. Having worked with these people, I’ve learned a lot. Some of the people who work at John Moore Associates are the most cocky and lazy people I’ve ever met. When I call this company, my counselor doesn’t listen to me and makes me repeat myself. On top of that, they have already forgotten what I said at our last meeting. Even though I’ve tried to talk to my adviser about all of this, it hasn’t helped. No matter how many times I tell them to improve, they don’t.

I get the impression that the people who work at this company only care about their big clients and not the small ones. So if you have a small account, they won’t care about your worries. No, they are too busy enjoying their richer and richer clients, which is kind of an insult to your face. When I found out about this, I was very upset.

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If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect this company to be this bad. You don’t expect your financial advisor to ignore you during meetings and forget what you said the last time you met. These people don’t care about their clients, since they’re willing to lose their account over it. I didn’t know where to talk about my problem, so I did it here. Also, I know I can’t talk to them about this kind of problem.

They only help people who have lost money or other things like that. I was just so shocked by how badly this company treated me that I had to do something about it. As I said before, the people who work at this company are very cocky. They don’t agree with the idea that the customer is always right.

My financial planner acts like I don’t know anything about money. Also, they don’t give me enough time for meetings, which gets on my nerves a lot. What’s the point of a meeting if it doesn’t help you find solutions to problems? And when my assistant doesn’t pay attention to what I say during the meeting, that short amount of time seems even more annoying. The people who work at this company are too busy with their wealthier clients. If you don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars, I don’t think you should work with John Moore Associates.

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John Moore Associates: Irresponsible And Negligent

I started working with John Moore Associates because of how well-known they were. I looked these people up on the Internet and found that they have won a lot of awards and praise. You can see all of the awards they have won by going to their website. Now, I don’t know if those awards show how good they are, but I’m sure they don’t show how good their customer service is. Because of those awards, I thought John Moore Associates was a good company.

I wasted a lot of time and money on these people, and I don’t suggest their services. Even if a financial company has won a lot of awards and honors, that doesn’t mean they are trustworthy or anything. It just means that you have been honored for something more than once. One of the main reasons I decided to review John Moore Associates was because of these awards. I didn’t want anyone else to hire these people because I thought it was a bad idea. Instead of John Moore Associates, I think it would be better for you to work with a smaller financial advisory company. So, you could get the kind of personalized care you deserve.

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Don’t have faith in John Moore Associates.

Customer service is bad at John Moore Associates. They don’t give their clients enough time. They don’t even care about what other people say. I’ve tried to tell my counselor how bad things were, but it didn’t make any difference. These people don’t care about their customers. So, I don’t think you should work with these people.

Instead of hiring John Moore Associates, you should hire a smaller company, which would at least give you good customer service.

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