John Savignano Pleads Guilty to Cheating IRS Out of $400K

John Savignano is a certified public accountant in New York who pleaded guilty to working with others to cheat the IRS out of money.

He worked together with Rocco Manzione, who owned several concrete businesses. Together, they had a plan to avoid paying their income taxes.

From 2012 to 2014, Rocco had not paid any taxes. But his concrete businesses had made him a lot of money.

Then, in 2015, he tried to get a loan to buy a house in Miami.

On the loan application, however, John Savignano CPA’s client had to show tax records from the past three years.

So, Rocco called John and asked him to help him make up fake tax returns and send them to the IRS. John Savignano gave a very low estimate of his client’s income.

The scheme cost the IRS more than $400,000 in lost money.

He could have gone to jail for up to 5 years. He also faced a time of supervised release, a fine, and paying back what he stole. On October 7, 2021, the DOJ told the public about this case.

Savignano Accountants & Advisors’ John Savignano

John ran the New York accounting company Savignano Accountants & Advisors until 2021. Their address is 47-46 Vernon Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101.

The number to call for that business was 718 707 0955.

Since 2012, John had been running this business. In 1983, he got his diploma from St. John’s. In 1984, he took the CPA test and got his license in 1985.

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He also says that he has done accounting for Fortune 100 companies. However,

At the moment, he runs Bottom Line Consulting. Since January 2021, when he started working there, he has been in charge. John also has a CGMA certification in addition to his CPA qualification.

On paper, John looks like a trustworthy worker with many years of experience. But he’s a bad person. Also, his clients have a lot of complaints about the companies he works for.

The next part will give you more information about John Savignano’s Accountant reviews:

“John Savignano is an accountant who isn’t careful.”

John Savignano is not a good accountant, according to Sean.

He got in touch with them through H&R Block and first talked to a top accountant. But after he sent in his tax information, the senior staff member stopped answering his calls and texts.

Then, they gave him to an accountant who was not very experienced. Every draft he sent to Sean had major mistakes, which shows that the new accountant made a lot of mistakes.

Sean finally thought he had found every mistake. So, he had his taxes done by an accountant.

Sean says he is not an accountant, which is too bad. Sean wasn’t able to catch all of Savignano’s mistakes because he made too many.

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Because of this, he had to pay several fines to the state of New York.

He hopes that nobody will need a copy of his 2020 tax return because he doesn’t trust Savignano’s work.

Also, Sean is sure he paid too much for the job. He doesn’t think John Savignano CPA is a good choice.

John Savignano’s firm made a lot of mistakes, forcing clients to pay fines

Julie says that if she could, she would give this place 0 stars. The whole thing was a terrible nightmare.

She says that the prices at the company are not clear. Also, they gave her the draft of her tax return late and made a mistake when they filed her taxes. Even worse is that they didn’t even fix it in time.

Julie says to avoid John Savignano Accountant at all costs if you are a good user looking for a trustworthy tax professional.

When she looked up H&R Block, she found John. Then, she met with them for a meeting where she brought all the necessary papers.

But the meeting was very short, and all the papers were only scanned. She told them exactly when and why she wanted her tax returns to be filed.

They promised her that the tax returns would be ready by the deadline.

Surprisingly, they didn’t talk about prices at all during the meeting. She asked how much they would charge, and they said they’d let her know once the tax return was done.

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Julie did not get her tax return by the date that was given. But she paid them in full so she wouldn’t have to worry about filing tax reports. She got it wrong.

Why the client had to pay multiple penalties because of Savignano’s mistake: Later, she got a letter from the State Department of Revenue saying she still owed them tax. As a punishment, they were also adding extra interest to her loan.

Julie called John right away and asked him to have his company look over her tax return. A member of staff told her they would look over the letter she sent and get back to her soon.

Also, she told Julie that she shouldn’t call the Department of Revenue but should let the company handle the letter.

Afterward, Julie did not receive any news for a week. She called or emailed the company every day for a week, but they didn’t answer.

The company then asked her to sign a document called a “Power of Attorney” to permit them to talk to the Department of Revenue on her behalf.

This made Julie puzzled.

She got in touch with the Department of Revenue herself later. They told her that the person who did her taxes put the wrong number for an exemption on the form. Julie was probably glad she didn’t sign the power of attorney for Savignano accountants.

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The company still wants her to sign the POA, but Julie says she will never trust those guys with anything.

She doesn’t suggest John Savignano as an accountant because she had such a bad time with him.


You should be very careful about accountants who are careless and don’t do their jobs well. For example, the UK-based company Inchmead Accountants has led its clients to lose millions of dollars over the past few years.

It looks like John is going the same way.

John Savignano is guilty of plotting to cheat the IRS, which cost them about $400,000 in losses.

Also, his company has been criticized for not paying attention and being careless when filing tax returns. Because of Savignano’s mistakes, some of his clients have had to pay fines.

John is not a good accountant, that’s for sure. Someone else will be better for you.

John Savignano, a CPA, was found guilty of plotting to cheat the IRS out of $400,000 by making false claims. His company has been accused of being negligent many times. He is not as trustworthy as he says he is.

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