Exposing Jojar Dhinsa’s Billion-Dollar Scam

This is a warning to anyone who might fall for Jojra’s cruel scam. Jojar says he is worth a billion dollars and runs about 48 businesses. Not only that, but he also says he makes $23 billion a year in sales. Someone who isn’t on any billionaire lists online or in public tax records is making some big promises.

This is a special story about Jojar Dhinsa, the con artist behind the CashFX Ponzi scheme. If you are a big fan of Jojar and his goods, I think you should read this report and look at it. After that, feel free to leave a comment with your ideas.

Who is Jojar Dhinsa?

The CEO of Athlone group is Jojar Dhinsa. Last year, Athlone Group is said to have made $23 billion in sales. Who told us that? The guy in question.

Jojar Dhinsa is a classic example of a scammer on the internet. He says he has billions of dollars and no bad motives. Right now, he is running several scams, such as Tweebaa, Athlone Group, and CashFX.

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He likes to use fake PR and tricks to take advantage of innocent people. Jojar spreads lies through sponsored news stories and then uses these biased pieces as “proof” of his success. People fall for his scam because he has connections that let him get his fake news stories on big networks.

Crypto Exit Scam (Sh#t Coin)

Tweebaa says that you can make money by doing things like walking your neighbor’s dog. But Jojar and the rest of the Tweebaa team don’t explain how the math works or where the money comes from if it exists at all.

After falling 95% during trading on September 4, TWEE token users have already lost a lot of money.

Every 24 hours, between $1 and $2 million worth of TWEE changed hands. One day, $210 billion of investment money appeared out of nowhere and poured into the system for 24 hours, causing its value to drop by 95%.

Tweebaa is nothing but an exit scam for cryptocurrency. Since Elon Musk pushed Dogecoin and people became millionaires overnight, these kinds of scams have been on the rise. A lot of people missed the Dogecoin deal and now want a second chance to win. Con artists like Jojar Dhinsa take advantage of this to make money for themselves.

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I think you should watch the movie I linked to at the top of this review.

Jojar Dhinsa Wiki: Fake & Biased Wikipedia Page

Right now, if you look up Jojar Dhinsa, you will find this strange link.

When you click on it, you will be taken to a site that looks like Wikipedia.

You have to pay close attention to see that this website is just for fun and not serious. It’s a subdomain of the Orange Campus Africa website.

If you look at the bottom of the page, you’ll see that the information came from Wikipedia.

Though, Jojar Dhinsa’s page has been taken down from Wikipedia because it was suspicious and full of biased and promotional content.

I know some people won’t believe me, so I’ve added proof at the bottom.

If life has been giving you a lot of stress lately, I think you should read the old version of Jojar’s Wikipedia page. This is a great way to lighten things up.

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The next big scam from Jojar is CashFx.

Jojar Dhinsa’s lies go on and on and on. But some of his lies are much worse than others. One of Mr. Dhinsa’s most ridiculous claims is that he is worth a billion dollars. In this part, we’ll look at this claim piece by piece to see if it’s true at all. We will also look at CashFX, which is Jojar’s most recent business.

Jojar says that he lost $900 million in a bad deal over 2 years ago, but he doesn’t have any proof to back this up. This guy makes Grant Cardone seem like an angel.

He even says he made $23 billion in sales in a year, but he doesn’t show any proof.

Jojar has not shown any proof that he is a billionaire that can be seen by the public. What is the name of the company he owns that is worth a lot of money? Where are Jojar’s supposedly billions of dollars? Oh, I know the answer, it’s in his dreams.

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Critics and experts online have called his project CashFX a blatant Ponzi scam and a “sh#t coin.” Jojar knows exactly what kind of scam he is running, but he still tries to protect CashFX and hides the truth from people who might fall for it.

CashFX doesn’t have any offices, like, real businesses.

Jojar Dhinsa has posted fake projects with stock pictures on his website to trick people. And he wants people to think that he has a lot of money? Pathetic.

Jojar Dhinsa is a fraud.

Jojar Dhinsa is a crypto scammer who tries to trick innocent people. Don’t believe his sales pitches or paid news stories. He is not worth a billion dollars; he is just a con artist.

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