Joshua Twelftree, a Real Estate Developer Accused of Sexual Abuse on Bumble Date

Joshua Twelftree is an Australian real estate developer who is accused of forcing himself on a teacher while they were on a Bumble date.

The way people go on dates and get to know each other has been completely altered by dating apps. On the other hand, they have also turned into a place where sexual abuse and harassment are more likely to happen. Joshua Twelftree’s story, in which he is accused of pushing himself on a Bumble date, is one recent example of this kind of thing. In the next couple of lines, we’ll talk about the details of the tragedy and how it will affect Joshua Twelftree.

The Event: According to reports, Joshua Twelftree met a woman on Bumble in October 2022 and went on a date with her. Before they finally agreed to meet in person, they had been talking to each other on the app for a long time. They got to know one another over a few drinks and a lengthy talk at a neighborhood bar.

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Things took a surprising turn, though, when it was said that Joshua Twelftree had started to act inappropriately toward the woman. People say that he tried to kiss her more than once, even though she made it clear that she wasn’t interested. She tried to get away, but he followed her outside and kept coming up to her in an unwelcome way.

In the end, the woman was able to get away, and she called the cops to tell them what had happened. After that happened, Joshua Twelftree was arrested and accused of sexual abuse.


The results of what Twelftree has been doing have been pretty bad. He is being accused of sexual assault, which is a serious crime with serious consequences. He is facing serious charges. If he is found guilty, he could spend a long time in jail and have a criminal record for the rest of his life.

Twelftree’s actions have not only led to legal problems, but they have also had a big effect on both his personal and business life. Because of his actions, he has received widespread condemnation and scorn from the public, and the harm done to his image is permanent.

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Lessons Learned

Joshua Twelftree’s position is a good reminder of how important it is to get someone’s permission before doing anything romantic or sexual. No matter how much someone wants to be in a romantic or sexual relationship with another person, it is never right to force that person to do what you want.

It is important to respect the personal space of others and pay attention to both what they say and what they do not say. If someone has decided they don’t want a romantic or sexual relationship with you, you need to accept their decision and move on with your life.

He was found not guilty of that charge by the court.

More about this can be found here.

Who is Joshua Twelftree?

Josh Twelftree, also known as Joshua Twelftree, was a sales rep for CBRE Melbourne in Melbourne. He currently owns Essentia Property.

He went to The University of South Australia and got a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Business, Property. He is also associated with CPA Australia.

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In September 2006, he got a job as an Accounting Officer at ETSA Utilities. In November 2008, he was given the title of manager accountant. He was given another raise in September 2011, which made him a Senior Management Accountant.

Joshua left ETSA Utilities for unknown reasons and started working as a Financial Planning Accountant for UK Power Networks in November 2012.

He started working at CBRE Asia Specific as a Senior Manager in May 2014 and stayed there for more than 7 years, until July 2021.

He started Essentia Property in June 2021. It is a full-service property business that focuses on childcare and healthcare. He is the Director and Owner.

He lives in Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria.

Bumble is not safe

Even though he was cleared of the rape charges. I would still tell women not to get too close to this man. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

There have been many times when stalkers and psychopaths with mental problems used dating sites to find and take advantage of people.

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In Australia, Bumble seems to be a place where psychos and attacks hang out and get ideas.

These stalkers are very good at controlling and convincing women to do what they want, and they will do anything to get what they want.

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