CashFX Scammer Has Begun Using Religion to Scam More – The Justin Halladay Story

Justin Halladay is an MLM scammer who fled to the Dominican Republic to escape the US authorities. Now he is using religion to clear his name.

If you’ve heard of multi-level marketing schemes in the last few years, you must have come across the name of CashFX, a venture by Justin Halladay. 

CashFX stole from thousands of people in the US and collapsed within just 2-3 years. 

However, that was all the time Justin Halladay needed to make himself rich enough to leave the country and live a life in luxury. According to different sources, Justin moved to the Dominican Republic to escape the US authorities. 

As the number of CashFX complaints is piling up, there’s a good chance that the US authorities would need to investigate the fraudster. Still, chances are he won’t face much punishment.

Living in the Dominican Republic wouldn’t save him from the wrath of US authorities, however. Because the country has a clear extradition treaty with the US government. 

Moving Onto Bigger Things: Justin Halladay Wants to Scam More

CashFX was a major scam and it’s still operating. However, it’s nowhere close to what it was at its peak. 

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The firm promoted itself as an affiliate marketing venture which allowed members to access “Trade Academy Education Packages”. Moreover, they claimed to offer 400% ROI on their investments while the maximum ROI you could potentially get within a week was capped at 15%. 

That’s not all. The company claimed that you could get 200% ROI through their affiliate marketing and 400% ROI through their MLM structure. 

These lucrative promises helped Justin Halladay’s CashFX propel into huge popularity. But it was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. 

A Ponzi scheme is one which doesn’t have any actual business model and only relies on the investments of new investors to pay the older ones. 

Such schemes work only until they keep getting new investors. However, as soon as the number of new investors starts slowing down (which always happens), the scheme starts suffering. 

Moreover, just because the old investors get paid from the investment of the new members, it doesn’t mean they get their promised ROI. In the case of Justin Halladay, nobody got paid except him and his friend, Luigi. 

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Entering Religion: How Justin Halladay Plans to Scam More

Justin Halladay is a dangerous scammer who got rich through defrauding gullible investors in the US. 

However, his LinkedIn profile doesn’t mention his CashFX scam

Instead, it only mentions his latest company called JJ3B LLC. It is supposed to be a technology service firm focused in the blockchain sector. Also, his profile claims that he is merely a realtor and a cryptocurrency entrepreneur.

justin halladay


However, what infuriated me the most was how he claims to be a devout christian to make himself seem more honest. Justin Halladay’s LinkedIn profile claims that he runs Children 4 Christ, “a Christian owned and operated ministry for spreading the truth of the bible”. 

Clearly, he wants people to forget about his shady past so he can launch another scam

This is the same man who has caused thousands of people to lose their hard-earned savings. He fled to another country to escape the authorities operating in the US and is now using religion and crypto to clear his name. 

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Don’t trust Justin Halladay or his claims. 

He is not any devout Christian but a fraudster who could stoop to the lowest levels to steal from you. These scammers only care about themselves and their wallets. Always keep that in mind.

There is no indication that Justin has stopped running scams. He hasn’t even apologized for his fraudulent activities. Instead, it seems like he is trying to dissociate himself from the aftermath of the CashFX collapse. Don’t trust him.

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