Kent Clothier: Shady Information Products and Scam Allegations

Kent Clothier, the founder, and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, considers himself an expert in the field. In addition to all of these negative traits, he is also well known for being a fraudster responsible for the loss of thousands of dollars for numerous victims.

In this analysis, I’ll discuss the psychology behind Kent’s planned con tricks and the victims he attracts. Keep reading to learn more.

Kent Clothier REWW has little faith in Students

If REWW’s program doesn’t work for you, it’s your fault and not theirs, according to their disclaimer.

The aforementioned firm, Real Estate Worldwide, asserts that they provide all the resources necessary to achieve your real estate goals. They’ve set up an academy and a network of real estate experts and financiers. The organization makes some very brazen claims about its real estate knowledge and claims to have discovered what makes an investor successful.

Take note of how the above screenshot asserts that only applicants who already exhibit the requisite attributes for continuous success in real estate will be accepted.

A caveat in fine print underneath all of these grand claims suggests that they don’t believe in their own choice when they select programs. The disclaimer states that because Kent Clothier is an expert, his results and experiences may not be typical.

Even the disclaimer admits that most people who purchase lessons from REWW Academy don’t use the information they’ve acquired. In other words, if you put a lot of money into REWW Academy but don’t see any results, it’s not the school’s fault if it offers a subpar education.

Kent’s lawyers probably advised him to include such a disclaimer after hearing numerous complaints from his students (victims).

Kent Clothier is a fraud

The disclaimer I’ve provided above isn’t the only one posted on their site, so please keep that in mind. The disclaimer on REWW Academy’s Terms & Conditions page is twice as long as the one on the previous page.

Kent’s website, through which he sells his Kent Clothier Coaching, also features this disclaimer.

What does this mean for you, the customer?

What would you do if a TV salesman whispered in your ear that if the TV didn’t work, it was your problem and not the companies? Almost certainly not.

If your TV breaks and you complain to Kent’s lawyers, they will reply, “But Kent had told you that it’s your fault, you just didn’t listen.” Kent, however, seems to believe that you wouldn’t hear the whisper.

The internet is littered with complaints from Real Estate Worldwide’s former students and clients, necessitating the inclusion of such a disclaimer on the company’s website. A lot of people have complained about the course’s quality since they’ve tried to put what they learned into practice without success.

This disclaimer is another evidence that REWW Academy is failing to meet the needs of its students. People are unhappy because they are not receiving the benefits they were promised. Kent responds by placing the responsibility on them, arguing that they aren’t successful because they don’t try hard enough.

Why then does Kent’s website claim, “select only those applicants who possess the traits for sustained success in real estate” if this is indeed the case? Either his employer is dishonest about how they choose employees, or they are unable to do so.

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You shouldn’t have faith in a business if they don’t have faith in their product or their customers. This disclaimer is one of the worst excuses a “real estate investment teaching company” can provide because it effectively says “The course may not work, but if it doesn’t, it’s your fault only, don’t blame us.”

The Global Real Estate Industry and Its Visionary Leader, Kent Clothier

Without mentioning Kent Clothier, the alleged mastermind of the REWW Academy hoax, my critique would be incomplete.

Kent runs Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) as its president and chief executive officer. There are locations in California, Arizona, Florida, Scottsdale, San Diego, and Boca Raton, and the business provides courses in real estate.

His website presents him as a successful businessman and real estate specialist. Kent owns many other businesses in addition to Real Estate Worldwide, including 1-800-SELL-NOW, which helps people find buyers and sellers, as well as Find Private Lenders and Find Motivated Sellers.

Kent has reportedly bought and sold around 2,300 homes since 2005. He has over a hundred rental homes in the Sunshine State and the Volunteer State, as well as several commercial structures in Memphis.

The book “Reverse Wholesaling” was authored by Kent as well. Kent Clothier, on paper, stands out as the industry’s most accomplished expert in property management. But remember, not all that shines is gold.

And that adage fits Kent Clothier better than any other. His Real Estate Worldwide company is a well-known fraud with far too many online victims. Many people have wasted their time and money falling for this fraud.

Kent comes from a wealthy background and is happily married with three kids. I don’t object to the fact that he was raised well. I despise it when people who started well in life take advantage of those who didn’t and pitch them “get rich quick” schemes.

The following portion of my Kent Clothier review will elaborate on the reasons you should stay far away from Real Estate Worldwide and Kent Clothier:

Kent Clothier is a Fraud: A Critical Analysis

There are several complaints and negative reviews of KENT CLOTHIER scattered around the Internet.

Here, I want to talk about a review I saw on Kent Clothier that went into great detail. This person became interested in real estate investing after watching one of Kent’s videos.

Kent’s history of con artistry made him an instant hit with his target. Although this individual first expressed reluctance to spend $15,000 on a course, they were persuaded to do so after repeated phone calls from a representative of Kent’s company, REWW.

The shopper made a huge blunder by placing such a hefty order with Kent Clothier. The review suggests that they were eager to get their hands on Kent’s course materials. However, they didn’t pick up anything particularly novel or interesting while using the course.

They sought to get in touch with the instructors because the training provided no useful information. No response came from the coaches, though.

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The internet is full of negative reviews, not just this one. Kent’s terrible courses and software have cost many people their hard-earned money. Some more issues that have been raised concerning Kent Clothier’s lecture are as follows:


Someone by the name of Tom Bass had written in with yet another lengthy complaint. Tom claims that in 2016, Kent made the offer that anyone willing to pay $1,450 would get access to Kent’s SMART software. He misled customers into thinking that the $99 annual fee would be all they would ever have to pay.

Kent Clothier review

Kent guaranteed a fresh set of buyer leads, lender leads, and seller leads every 14 days, and said they would be available nationwide. However, in 2017, he increased the price to $50 a month, and the majority of the information SMART software produced was already out of date.

Tom further mentioned that most of the leads Kent generates are bogus and never get updated. When they compared the ownership information from the lead list to that from the county, they found that there had been a change. However, this information was never updated in the lead list.

Tom very probably suffered significant financial losses as a result of Kent Clothier and his SMART program.

Horrible Experience

The reviewer here is upset that they lost $5,000 that they were assured would be returned to them when they canceled their credit card. But Kent did not give him a refund.

Another method of defrauding the public. The con artist will say he will refund customers’ money if they are unhappy with the product, but then refuse to do so when they ask for their money back.

Deceptive Trap

Kent Clothier review

This reviewer has some issues with one of Kent’s software products, Find Motivated Sellers. The reviewer claims to have seen a promotional film for Find Motivated Sellers, which advertises 12,000 downloads and a money-back guarantee for just $97 a month.

However, after signing up, they discovered that the 12,000 downloads cost approximately $1,000 and that there is no refund policy for users who download more than 750 leads.

This individual claims that Kent consistently lies. REWW’s response to this review emphasized that the reviewer in question should have read REWW’s Terms and Conditions before purchasing the service in question.

Who among us reads the fine print before signing up for a $97/month service? It’s their way of saying we misled you with the commercial and omitted important information.

In this section, I have just included a few customer concerns and praise for REWW and Kent Clothier, respectively. There are a lot of problems with Kent’s training materials and apps. People are losing thousands of dollars, and most of them say it’s because they learned nothing useful from the REWW academy.

The same may be said regarding Kent Clothier’s tutoring; however, due to the premium nature of his service, there are fewer customer testimonials accessible.

The Case of Kent Clothier and the Positive Reviews He Bought

He uses publicity firms and paid articles to bury complaints.

Perhaps you’re wondering after reading the preceding part of my post, “If so many people have complained about Kent Clothier’s products, why are people still buying those courses and products?”

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Excellent question; to respond, I must cite a number. Only 0.78 percent of users navigate to the results on the second page of Google’s search engine.

When searching for something online, most people just explore the top results. The remaining links on the page are largely hidden from view.

Kent is an astute marketer who is familiar with this pattern. He has invested heavily in advertising and public relations to take advantage of this. If you look up “Kent Clothier review” or “Kent Clothier reviews” on Google, you’ll find this article among the results.

Kent Clothier news

No evaluation of Kent Clothier or his wares is offered here. It’s an advertisement for Kent’s services and products that purports to instruct the reader in the ways of the real estate investor.

The paper defines wholesaling and describes Kent as a unique investment specialist. There is nothing of value in the article, but it will save you from seeing the aforementioned issues when searching for reviews of Kent Clothier.

The point of these types of paid PR pieces is to obscure the actual reviews. There are complaints, but you won’t hear about them because of these sponsored posts. They hide the facts from you.

This tactic is commonly used by con artists. One well-known hoax that makes extensive use of this strategy is Blue Sky Amazon. Sophie Howard, the brains behind Blue Sky Amazon, flooded the web with paid and affiliate reviews to mask any bad feedback that might have been posted.

These con artists are not content with bribing bloggers and writers to write positive reviews of their wares. They take it a step further by purchasing reviews on platforms like Trustpilot:

False REWW Reviews (Reviews by Real Estate Worldwide Customers)

Trustpilot is one of the most popular online review communities. It is, nevertheless, also among the most infamous.

More than 300 satisfied customers have given Real Estate Worldwide a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot.

If you think that’s impressive, I have another photo to show you:

Kent Clothier fake PR

It turns out that positive evaluations on Trustpilot may be purchased with relative ease. For just a few grand, your company may get an almost flawless Trustpilot score.

When I realized REWW Academy had a perfect 5-star rating, I immediately had my doubts. I decided to see if the glowing testimonials were true. In my research, I discovered that the majority of the good comments came from temporary accounts. This list only contains Trustpilot profiles with one or two reviews:

The vast majority of reviewers who gave five stars provided scant specifics about their experience. Simply stating that “it was amazing” results in a perfect score from them.

It’s natural to wonder, “Ok, so they’ve posted a lot of positive reviews, but what about the negative ones?”

Here’s when things start to get exciting.

Although membership to Trustpilot is free for consumers, businesses must pay for access. If you have a premium membership on Trustpilot, you can request that a review be removed because you know it to be false.

That is to say, if you have any unfavorable reviews on your Trustpilot page, you can pay Trustpilot to get them removed. This is one of the main reasons why con artists like Trustpilot. Virtually every scammer and “guru” operating online will have a Trustpilot profile with a near-perfect rating.

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You can safely assume that nearly half of the favorable reviews you read across sites are bogus. A corporation has almost complete control over its rating because it may delete unfavorable comments from its profile.

The Awful Kent Clothier’s Book

Kent’s software and services have already been covered, along with his REWW academy and Kent Clothier Coaching. I’d want to comment on his book, “Reverse Wholesaling,” right now.

From the looks of the front cover, you might assume that Reverse Wholesaling is a guide to making money in the real estate industry.

However, many readers have expressed dissatisfaction with this book and other offerings from Kent Clothier. There have been criticisms that the book is nothing more than a money grab or a promotional tool to sell his courses.

The following comments were selected as the “most helpful” reviews of Kent’s book on Amazon:

Kent Clothier review
Kent Clothier review

The first critic claims that Kent spends many pages trying to sell them his program and that the book is hardly more than a leaflet filled with mistakes. The second evaluation describes Reverse Wholesaling as a “find your buyer first” brochure.

Books are a common way for so-called experts to establish their authority. They can now call themselves “Author” on their resumes and more authoritatively represent themselves as an expert in their field.

Most readers don’t care that the book is terrible and instructive in no way. When they see “Author” next to Kent’s name, they’ll know he’s an established expert in the field.

This is another standard technique employed by con artists on the internet. The publication of a book can also increase course enrollment and revenue.

So, let’s say you’re researching real estate investing strategies and you come across the concept of “Reverse Wholesaling.” You tell yourself that it can’t be that bad because it’s only 50 pages long.

You’ll need to follow the steps outlined in the book. However, you’ll need to invest in Kent Clothier Coaching or some other training program to master these techniques. Perhaps you will not buy it. However, most readers would put their faith in the book’s claims and wind up buying Kent’s information goods for thousands of dollars.

You would walk away from the experience having gained zero knowledge, whereas Kent would have made hundreds.

Kent Apparel Conclusion


Kent has made a career out of peddling questionable data products. He is a seasoned con man with a strong online presence. Many customers of his courses and software have expressed frustration at their financial losses.

So that people wouldn’t be able to find the true REWW reviews, he spent thousands of dollars on posting phony reviews on his Trustpilot profile and promotional articles on other websites.

Please forward this post to anyone you know who may be interested in purchasing a Kent course. It could aid them in deciding how to best allocate their resources and save money.

However, if you have any feedback about Kent Clothier and his products, please leave it below. More information regarding Kent’s true nature can only help.

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