Is Kevin David a scammer? Amazon FBA Ninja Review (2022)

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Kevin David has created an interesting program with Amazon FBA Ninja which features plenty of interesting and varied content. It teaches a wide range of topics from the basics of dropshipping using the Amazon FBA model to advanced advertising tactics and how to run a sustainable business.

There are many Amazon FBA courses of variable quality available now, so you may well ask yourself – is it a scam? I prefer to analyze the details of the course and present my opinions in order to let you make up your own mind, but I will say my initial impression is to be impressed. There is a lot of high-quality material included, so I am keen to investigate further.

Keep reading while I look at the pros and cons of Kevin David’s program and make a recommendation for if it the course for you…

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Amazon FBA Ninja by Kevin David – is it Legit?

Amazon FBA Ninja has a lot of good things to offer and I like the presentation and thoroughness of the course study modules. If you were to ask me – is it legit? I would have to say – yes it is. The attention to detail and regular updates have persuaded me it is legit. However, the bigger questions are, is it good value and will it help me start a successful business?

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Have you ever wanted to run your own successful business? To say goodbye to your boss?

It seems impossible, doesn’t it? Just a dream? But it’s definitely possible!

What if your perfect opportunity is out there? Perhaps Amazon FBA Ninja is the program to show you the way to success?

Join me, while I investigate further…

A Review of the Pros and Cons of Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja

In order to be able to give you my honest appraisal and reach a proper conclusion as to the true value of this course, I will consider the pros and cons of Amazon FBA Ninja. Firstly, let’s look at some of the pros.


  • Kevin David does allow previews of the course through online ‘webinars”. These are free seminars which will give you a feel for the teaching process and give examples of the methods used by Amazon FBA Ninja to help you build a dropshipping business. Obviously, it will not contain all of the program’s most valuable information, but it will give you some insights and help you decide if this is the course for you. I was quite impressed by this, as it allows you to see what kind of program you will get and it shows confidence that people will be impressed enough to sign up to the full course.
  • The Facebook group is a private area for members and is full of like-minded people who have been through the issues you will be dealing with. I found it a great place to get advice from people with “real-life” experience in the dropshipping business. Kevin David is a frequent visitor to the group and makes himself available to answer questions and help you deal with the challenges you will face.
  • Kevin David has a strong internet presence, which clearly demonstrates his wide range of advice and dedication. I was especially impressed with his YouTube channel which has 180+ free to access videos and has attracted 375,000+ subscribers. Although a lot of the more valuable material is held back for the paid for course, there is still a lot to be learned from this video content. He is an engaging presenter and puts his points across well.
  •  The Amazon FBA Ninja course is regularly updated and presently consists of 11 core and bonus modules which will give you a comprehensive overview and training for how to establish and grow your Amazon FBA dropshipping business. I thought the overall curriculum was impressive and has plenty of interesting content to keep you engaged while you study.
  • There is good advice on finding highly saleable items, how to advertise your products and to gain a high ranking on Amazon. There is plenty of insider information on the best ways to utilize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and tips and tricks to easily boost your rankings. This is a vital process in making your Amazon business a success, so I was impressed by the methods recommended here.
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As always, any product with positives will also have a few negative points and Kevin David’s course is no different.


  • There are some complaints online about it being difficult to get a refund. The promotional material makes a big thing about there being a 100% money back guarantee if the course is not for you, but this may not be the straightforward process it appears. If this is a concern, you should make sure to double-check the small print as the full refund terms are listed there and then you can make a decision as to whether you find them acceptable.
  • Inevitably, this kind of business is not for everybody and not all will succeed. The Amazon FBA Ninja course requires a lot of studying and then plenty of long hours to establish your business. If you are not ready to make that commitment, this may not be the correct course of you. I recommend you only sign up for this if you are ready to work hard and accept that it is no way to “get rich quick”.
  • There are now many similar courses teaching how to build an Amazon FBA business. This is a good point to consider and many of these programs offer similar content. There is also a lot of free online content available, so some people believe researching by yourself is enough. In my opinion, you gain a lot of knowledge by learning from Kevin David and the benefit of this program is the extras you gain with learning from someone with extensive industry experience. The encouragement and opportunity to learn from your peers in the Facebook group is also worth considering.
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So we have looked at various pros and cons and I have generally been impressed with what we have learned about Amazon FBA Ninja.

Please join me while I deliver my final verdict in the conclusion…

The course itself in Conclusion

Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja is a comprehensive program with many good features. I liked the well-produced video content, the private Facebook group which features many people in the industry to learn from and the access, for questions and problem-solving, to Kevin David himself.

I had just one or two minor criticisms of the course and you definitely need to make sure you are ready to work hard to get the full benefit of this course, but overall I believe this is excellent value.

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