CEO of Khuri Enterprises hides fatal car crash with paid PR

Last year, a young driver hit and killed a young woman named Monique Munoz. Brendan Khuri, who is James Khuri’s son, was behind the wheel. Even though it was a bad situation, James’ actions made it even worse. James is the owner of Khuri Enterprises, in case you didn’t know.

James Khuri was an expert at running an online business, and he didn’t want any bad press to hurt his image. So, the owner of Khuri Enterprises started putting a lot of money into good public relations to make sure his image would last.

This is not only very rude but also very selfish. It shows how James Khuri thinks about things.

Information about the car crash

At the time of the accident, Brendan Khuri, who was 17 years old, was driving a $200,000 Lamborghini at almost 100 miles per hour when he hit Monique Munoz.

The event took place in the 10700 block of West Olympic Boulevard, which is east of Overland Avenue. At first, no one knew why the plane crashed.

Isaac Cardona, Munoz’s dad, said that he saw a young person driving a Lamborghini at 120 miles per hour down the street. He killed her by hitting her. Isaac said that what was happening was crazy.

Brendan was taken to the hospital by other people, but Munoz was declared dead at the scene.

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Because of the driver’s age, the police kept his name secret at first. But he was quickly found to be James Khuri, the head of Khuri Enterprises.

Khuri Enterprises FJ Holdings: Caught with Fake PR

Even though the accident was terrible, the district attorney’s response to it was even worse. The DA in charge of the case didn’t press charges right away. This made a lot of people angry, especially those who had lost loved ones because of dangerous driving.

People invented the hashtag #justiceformonique to bring attention to this problem. Also, they said that the young driver and maybe even the parents should be held responsible.

Legal experts said that the DA was putting the lives of local people at risk by being too soft on crime instead of acting like a DA should. By doing this, he was making the families of the victims suffer again.

The DA shouldn’t have been so easy on the CEO of Khuri Enterprises and his son. Even though the DA had James’s son arrested for the crime, he didn’t go through with the charges. He kept it under review.

The CEO of FJ Holdings didn’t care at all about the victims.

People were talking a lot about dangerous driving because of Munoz’s death and the Khuri Enterprises owner’s actions. But things reached a turning point when the victim’s family held a Cruise Night Protest.

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They held the rally to ask for fairness.

But it didn’t change anything for James Khuri. Instead of talking to the victim’s family or staying out of sight, he went to a party for his photographer and wrote about it online.

The description of his post said, “I hope you had a great birthday last night!!! I did”. James didn’t care at all about the person who got hurt because his son was going too fast.

After that, Munoz’s family started an effort on GoFundMe to raise money. Since the DA wasn’t doing anything, they wanted justice. He wasn’t going to press charges, and it looked like he wouldn’t do anything else either.

James Khuri didn’t want people to remember this event, so he used FJ Holdings and its PR to hide it. He might have been afraid that it would hurt his business or “his reputation.” So, he spent a lot of money on Internet marketing and paid PR to get people to look for his name in good ways.

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Suddenly, a lot of good things were written about him and his company, Khuri Enterprises, on the internet.

Here’s a piece of another paid PR article he put online:

One story said that his almost one million followers like to see a “passionate Lamborghini owner.” How funny. A young woman died because of his Lamborghini, and he was talking about it in his PR pieces.

He also posted some stories under the name of his company, Khuri Enterprises, to hide the news even more. The CEO of Khuri Enterprises started posting a lot on Instagram in addition to posting positive PR pieces. If someone talked about Munoz or what happened in the comments, they were stopped right away.

People thought that James had paid a marketing team to keep an eye on his Instagram page and make sure nothing bad was posted there.

Remember that his main goal with these posts was to get people to forget about the terrible car accident. James has a record, too. In 2019, he was charged with hitting his wife.

The Family Khuri

To say that the Khuri family is bad would be an understatement. They not only killed a young person, but they also used their money and power in bad ways. I want everyone to give this a lot of thought. If it were the other way around and a POC did the same thing, they would get 10 years in jail. But because they were family, Brendan didn’t have to pay for what he did.

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If they don’t get punished, it will be a sign of how our country is doing and how racism and abuse of power are still common in the best country in the world.

FJ Holdings Review 2023: Conclusion

Careless driving is a big problem, but the fact that the law treats the rich differently is even worse. The boss of Khuri Enterprises used his money and power to save his son from the bad things he had done.

Also, he did everything he could to make sure people forgot about Munoz’s death. He didn’t want his image as an “online business guru” to be ruined in any way.

This shows how self-centered and greedy he is. When you deal with Khuri Enterprises, keep these things in mind. You should avoid doing business with Khuri Enterprises if you can.

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