Kuailian Revealed as a Ponzi Scam Orchestrated by David Ruiz de Leon

In the case of the cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme known as Kuailian, an arrest warrant was issued for the company’s founder and executives. However, they have not yet been apprehended and are making preparations to restart the con using a different name.

They have already perpetrated fraud against 65,000 people residing in Spain who filed complaints against Kuailian. It is estimated that they have been responsible for losses in the range of up to 500 million euros.

David Ruiz de Leon and Cristian Albeiro Carmona are the two primary suspects in this case.

Publications have been the target of multiple phony copyright infringement claims that attempt to take them down. in order to suppress the coverage of their detention and the evidence of Kuailian’s illegal schemes.

This report has been made public as a cautionary tale about the cryptocurrency scam perpetrated by Kuailian and Ruiz de Leon.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to forward this post to all of your loved ones and associates in order to protect them from falling prey to these heinous cons. These cons are intended to lull their victims into a sense of false security so that they will invest money in the scheme in question. After the con artists have successfully tricked a sufficient number of individuals into falling for their scheme, they take the money that the victims have deposited and leave them high and dry.

Cryptocurrency It may be argued that Ponzi schemes are much more deplorable than their product-based counterparts, given that these schemes do not even supply a product to customers. They do nothing but keep the cycle running by using the money from newly recruited users to pay off debts owed by existing users, and they do this until it is mathematically impossible to do so. Only the con artists get away with any money after the scheme is over.

David Ruiz de Leon: Mastermind Scammer Behind Kuailian Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scam

David Ruiz de Leon is the CEO and founder of the Kuailian scam. Even though 65,000 Spain residents have filed claims against Kuailian, David, publicly stated that his company “acts in accordance with the law”.

The funny thing about the whole situation is the fact that this statement was made in April 2022, and in July 2022, the Court of Spain issued a search and arrest warrant against him for the same crimes he denied committing.

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David Ruiz de Leon was covered in the news for his multiple open cases in the Nation Court for the Kuailian platform.

Arrest Warrant Against The Kuailian CEO

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The founder of the fraudulent cryptocurrency company Kualian is the target of an arrest order issued by Spain. Hundreds of thousands of people currently living in Spain were defrauded by the scheme, and 65,000 people have filed complaints against Kuailian.

The judge has the opinion that the proprietor was using the funds that were placed by the customers for his or her own personal gain.

In the case of David Ruiz de Leon, the inventor of the Kualian cryptocurrency platform, the judge issued an order for his arrest as well as a search warrant. It is believed that he is the central figure in this fraudulent pyramid scheme.

The judge issued an order for Cristian Albeiro Carmona and Ruiz de Leon’s arrest and incarceration on the 30th of June, 2022. These two individuals are suspected of participating in a fraudulent cryptocurrency transaction. These individuals made their living by specializing in cryptocurrency investment.

Following the postponement of two sessions by David Ruiz de Leon’s legal representation with unspecific justifications, the judge decided to issue the order. This behavior was construed by the judge as a “willingness to hinder the investigations of the National Court.”

A judge has issued an international search and arrest order for Cristian Albeiro Carmona and Ruiz de Leon because they both currently reside in Dubai, which is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). And issued an order for their extradition from the UAE to Spain.

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For their participation in the cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, the defendants were meant to face penalties of up to eight years in prison. More than 65,000 people living in Spain have fallen victim to the fraud, which has resulted in damages to the Spanish economy of around 500 million euros.

Kuailian sold itself to thousands of consumers under the guise of a cryptocurrency investment platform, offering large returns on investment with a high rate of profitability. To use the Kualian platform, customers were required to first convert their dollars into ethers, a prominent cryptocurrency that is associated with the Ethereum network, and then put the remainder of their funds into a portfolio that is managed by Kualian.

Despite this, users of Kuailian were not receiving the agreed-upon payment for their assets and investments.

During the course of the investigation, it became clear that the company had been fraudulently taking money from its customers.

Kuailian was little more than a network of Spanish and foreign corporations and accounts; there was no discernible commercial logic behind it.

The judge referred to the business as a “pyramid investment system” employing cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange. In, the only way a user could access the system was if they were invited by someone who was already a participant in the scheme and was earning a 10% commission on the investments it drew. In other words, the only way a user could access the system was if they were invited by someone who was already a participant in the scheme.

What is a Fake DMCA?

If you are one of the ‘beneficiaries’ identified in this report and are curious about what actually took place, we recommend that you look inward. If it wasn’t you or your colleagues, then it must have been the ‘Reputation’ or ‘SEO’ company that you had employed in the past. It could have been your legal practice. Therefore, rather of criticizing me for this essay, you should question your reputation management and search engine optimization company and look for explanations.

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I have nothing personal against you and am only presenting the facts that are found on a public database. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It is highly probable that the service you hired engaged in unethical or even illegal practices in order to accomplish the results you desired for yourself.

Before you find yourself on the receiving end of this crime, a fake or fraudulent DMCA might not seem like a big deal. This is not a practical joke, it is not an annoyance, and it is not a random occurrence. These bogus DMCA complaints are well-planned and executed criminal schemes that target extremely particular information or content that is of significant importance.

In the name of “Reputation Management,” these “hit jobs” are typically carried out against the media in order to assist their client in keeping crucial information hidden from the eyes of the general public. This activity results in the expenditure of millions of dollars, and in the event that no one else wants to raise attention to this issue, we will do so ourselves.

The following reports have all been extracted from the publicly available Lumen database.

In the diagram that can be found below, a researcher from LumenDatabase by the name of Shreya Tiwari expertly showed how bogus DMCA functions.

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“The notices that I found make use of the “back-dated article” method. At first sight, the ‘fake original’ article (an article that is a copy of the genuine original) appears to have been published before the ‘true original’ because the wrongful notice sender (or copier) generates a copy of the ‘true original’ article and then back-dates it.

This method allows the wrongful notice sender (or copier) to create a ‘fake original’ article. Next, based on the claim that this back-dated article is the ‘original,’ the copycats send a DMCA to the relevant Online Service Providers, alleging that the true original is the copied or ‘infringing’ article and that the copied article is the original article, thereby requesting that the true original article be taken down. This is done in an attempt to get the true original article taken down.

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After sending the DMCA request, the person who sent the erroneous notification takes down the phony original URL that they used, most likely with the intention of ensuring that the article does not remain online in any form. In the event that the takedown notice is granted, this will result in the removal from the internet of content that can be considered to be an acceptable form of expression.

Fake DMCA Against Leofinance.io

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Fake DMCA Against Bitcoin.com

Fake DMCA Against Bitcoin.com

The Shocking Current State Of Kuailian

You might think that after such an international outrage and media coverage, the Kuailian scam must’ve been shut down, right?

The reality cannot be further from the truth. As the official Kuailian website is still up and running. Not only that but their app on the Play Store is still available for the public to download.

It appears that David Ruiz de Leon may have plans to restart the pyramid scheme’s marketing efforts given the fact that Kuailian and its shady marketing team are utilizing unlawful ways to take down news articles and blog postings that criticize the company.

It is highly possible that Kuailian’s awful bogus DMCA strategy will be used against this post. And if that happens, you can count on me to spread the word like wildfire. It is imperative that this con job be put to an end, and I am counting on the people of Spain and the people who have fallen victim to it in other nations to assist me in accomplishing this objective.

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