Lexi Capital: Deceptive Tactics and Shady Practices Exposed

Lexi Capital, founded in 2010, is a company that offers gold IRAs and gold. The company deceives customers by using a variety of shady business practices. Before you put your money at risk and buy from them it would be best to know what they do.

Here are some warning signs about this company:

Fake PR Reviews of Lexi Capital

To get customers, companies use a variety of methods. Some use honest methods, while others try to trick people. Lexi Capital picks the second choice and tries to trick people into thinking it’s the best one.

If you Google “reviews of Lexi Capital,” you’ll find blog posts like this one:

These articles are all biased or written by computers. This means that the blog was paid to write a piece praising the company so that a regular investor would think it was more reliable. This is a standard example of marketing that tricks people. Here, Lexi Capital is trying to make it look like people are praising this company for the quality of its services, which is a total lie.

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A real business that gives good services doesn’t have to pay blogs to say nice things about it. When customers are happy, they will automatically praise the company.

By putting up such slanted reviews on the internet, Chris Mitchell’s company is trying to trick people into thinking there’s nothing wrong with this company. This is a big warning sign that the company doesn’t have good business practices.

Scam artists often pay blogs and websites to say nice things about them. For example, Kent Clothier is a con artist who is known for ripping off people who are interested in real estate. He also pays websites and blogs to say good things about his items.

A gold IRA company that uses such a bad way to sell itself is very likely to be a scam.

Chris Mitchell, CEO Lexi Capital

Chris Mitchell was the CEO of Lexi Capital at the time this review was written. He also started Bitcoin Advisers, a company that says it makes buying and selling Bitcoin in a retirement savings account easy and safe.

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Chris was a senior fund manager at Lear Capital before he became the CEO of Lexi Capital. Aside from this, the gold IRA provider doesn’t say much about its team or the people who run this business. This is another very big warning sign.

The company doesn’t tell you anything about its “gold IRA specialists,” so you can’t be sure who you’re putting your retirement decisions in the hands of. You can’t find out who works here, what skills they have, or what their track record is, so you have to take their word for it.

The company keeps everything as secret as possible. This company does try to keep a lot of things from its customers. What do they want to keep secret? The answer is in the different comments that people have made about them online.

Here is one of the many bad Lexi Capital reviews that this company is trying to hide:

Clients say that Lexi Capital is unethical.

Braden says that this company did not act honestly when he bought metals with money from his IRA many years ago. When the spot price of his metals went down within the first year, the company refused to change the prices. This is when the business said it would do it.

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Later, when the reviewer tried to make another order with this company, they didn’t answer the phone for almost a week. So he went with a different company to place his order. When they found out later that he had placed his order with a different company, they were angry with him. Because he had asked for a quote before, the company made it seem like he had to buy from them.

Lexi Capital BBB Truth

This dealer in rare metals does more than just pay other blogs to write about it. It goes even further and pays money to join the Better Business Bureau.

This business has a BBB profile, but you can only get it by paying a big fee every year to the review site. The majority of businesses with an A or A+ rating on the website are BBB-approved.

It’s a pretty unethical thing to do, and shady companies often do it to trick customers. CNN Money looked into this issue in great depth. They found that companies with bad business practices and legal problems could get an A+ grade on the BBB just by being accredited. This is how Lexi Capital tries to look more trustworthy than it is.

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Avoid Lexi Capital.

There are too many red flags about Lexi Capital to count. The company does everything it can to keep information about its “IRA specialists” from its customers. Also, they don’t mind using different illegal methods to trick their clients. All of this shows that doing business with these guys would be a big risk. Someone else will be better for you.

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