Investing your funds in a reputable trading agency such as LIQUIDITYX can prove to be a wise decision, as it can assist you in maximizing your returns. Our previous reviews of various trading platforms will provide you with an understanding of the potential scenarios you may encounter when commencing trading.

Investing and generating profits are two distinct aspects. Ensuring that you do not incur losses is of utmost importance. It is due to your contributions that we have reached this level.

This review is impartial and based on factual observations. We believe that traders, regardless of their level of experience, should not incur losses that would lead to regret in their trading activities. Our approach involves conducting comprehensive research to furnish you with essential insights on the most suitable trading platform or investment worth considering.

Before making any investments in LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY, we would like to provide you with an impartial review to aid in your decision-making process.

Regarding the LiquidityX Trading Agency.

LiquidityX Trading Agency is a trading broker that may pose a significant risk to your investment. Although the platform’s website is professionally designed and includes various social media outlets to promote its legitimacy, accommodation, and trading experience, there are subtle indications that may lead to regretful trading experiences. LiquidityX Trading Agency is an offshore trading platform.

This platform purports to provide investment assistance and generate significant profits within a brief period. However, their true intention is to misappropriate your funds and enrich themselves.

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Estimation of Profit with Limited Transparency

Before initiating any trades, it is advisable to acquaint oneself with the strategies employed by the intended platform to realize the projected profits on their platform. Many questionable platforms intentionally withhold information and encourage blind investment.

LiquidityX Trading Agency serves as a prime illustration. The platform does not disclose its strategies for achieving estimated profits to its potential clients. This is a concerning issue to be mindful of, as it can potentially undermine the credibility and dependability of their platform. It is expected that traders will assess the feasibility of their investments and ensure that they are managed effectively.

Unauthorized individuals or entities who gain access to a system or network without proper authorization, are commonly referred to as “third-party” or “hackers.”

It is important to acknowledge that investing with LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY carries a significant risk, as unauthorized third parties, such as hackers, may potentially gain access to your trading account. At LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY, the compensation fees outlined in our company policies are the standard rates provided to our clients. In the event of a technical error caused by the agency, the compensation amount is fixed at thirty thousand dollars, regardless of the client’s investment amount.

The payment process lacks clarity, which may hinder clients from verifying it. This indicates that there may be a delay in receiving a refund or potentially result in a complete loss of your investment.

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Insufficient media recognition

During our investigation into the legitimacy of LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY, we discovered that their social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram is consistent with that of a reputable business platform. One of the observations made was that despite being established in 1994, the broker has only amassed a mere 30 followers on LinkedIn. Based on the ratio of followers to following (1,930:4,236), it appears that the Instagram account in question may be that of a newly established individual user. We have identified a total of 13 posts that have not received any daily engagements.

This is also applicable to their Facebook profile. Although their most recent engagement was on December 17th, there has not been any subsequent engagement that would provide additional public recognition. Their Facebook account appears to have no activities, interests, or shared content.

Based on the information that has been gathered regarding the trading platform, there is a lack of evidence to support their purported advantage in terms of public image authenticity. Based on the available information, it can be inferred that LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY exclusively benefits undisclosed individuals associated with the agency.

Registered, but not regulated

LiquidutyX purports to be registered under Capital Security S. A., a Greek investment firm. The company is duly authorized and regulated by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC), holding a valid license number of 2/11/25.5.1994/18 and a registration number of 31387/06/13/94/18. The company asserts an official address at 58, Metropoles Street, 105 63, Athens, Greece. However, upon investigation, we discovered that the address and claim are not associated with the broker’s firm.

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It is important to acknowledge that trading is a serious endeavor that requires a diligent and informed approach. Traders are expected to possess a significant amount of knowledge about the industry before entering into the business. Consequently, utilizing inadequate trading tools can result in a frustrating trading experience. It is highly unlikely that you would desire to be in such a circumstance.

Could you please elaborate on how to determine the reliability of a trading platform’s tools? This occurs when a platform deliberately withholds information regarding the calculation of your earnings.

Infeasible Trading Process

Additional concerns regarding this platform include the lack of transparency regarding their profits, which is undisclosed to their clientele. The lack of disclosure of this information on their website raises concerns regarding the business’s transparency.

Before initiating any registration process on a trading platform, it is customary for the platform to furnish you with clear and transparent information about its operational procedures. However, this requisite is not being fulfilled by LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY.

The trading industry is often characterized by intense competition, however, it is advisable to seek out reputable platforms to gain trading experience and ensure your safety.

Non-disclosure of the founder

During the process of verifying their standardization, it was discovered that the platform does not provide any information regarding the founder or the team responsible for the development of the agency. This lack of transparency renders them anonymous to their clients. Providing clients with concise and transparent details regarding the trading platform and its founder enhances the authenticity of the platform for prospective investors. As liquidity is absent on LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY, it is advisable to refrain from engaging with the platform.

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Upon thorough analysis of the platform, it appears that the proprietors who remain unidentified exhibit a singular focus on the acquisition of funds or investments. As a prospective client, this is a crucial factor to take into account before making any investment decisions.

The available information about the platform is solely limited to its alluring returns, which may potentially influence an impulsive investment decision based on emotions.

It is widely recognized that ensuring the safety of one’s funds should be the foremost concern of any trading agency. However, achieving this objective may not be feasible in the context of a liquidity trading agency.

The payment policy of the agency may not be favorable to you as the deposited amount becomes non-refundable once the wire transfer is initiated. Once a decision has been made within the system, it cannot be reversed, even if it is deemed unsuitable.

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