Lira Coin Club: The Cryptocurrency MLM Scam

Lira Coin Club is one of the many crypto MLM scams that have popped up in recent months. The real name of their website is This company uses disgusting methods and techniques to hide bad reviews. They use fake DMCA takedown notices and fake PR posts to trick people and steal their hard-earned money.

They say they can help you trade cryptocurrencies. Their domain name was set up in August 2017 and changed in 2018.

Lira Coin Club tells people that they can get rich by investing as little as $100. Many scam companies make these kinds of claims, but none of them keep their word.

You might think that they are real after looking at their website. We can only see how wrong their plan is by digging into the details.

Review of Lira Coin Club in 2023

Lira Coin Club gives its members the chance to make money by dealing in cryptocurrencies. The company doesn’t give a clear explanation of how they do business.

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People can also make money from the company by buying its tokens, called LIC.

The return on investment (ROI) is based on how much the owner put in.

The people who run Lira Coin Club are unknown and may live abroad. They have done everything they can to keep the company’s information secret.

There are no details about any goods or services that can be sold that Lira Coin Club offers. Every MLM company has to sell something or do something for it to be legal.

Plan for getting paid by the Lira Coin Club

After putting money into Lira Coin Club, you become the “proud” owner of different pieces, the number of which depends on how much money you put in. Then you can bring these coins back to the Lira Coin Club and make money every month.

In the first year, you can get a 3% ROI every month for the first 180 days. After that, you’ll get a 2.5% ROI every month.

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Second, for the first 180 days of the second year, you can get an ROI of 1.5% per month. After that, the ROI drops to 1% per month.

In the third year, you can get a return on investment of 0.75 percent per month for the first 180 days. After that, the ROI drops to 0.5 percent per month.

For the first 180 days of the fourth year, you can get a return on investment of 0.4% per month. After that, the ROI drops to 0.3% per month.

Starting in the fifth year, you can expect a return of 0.25 percent.

False DMCA Takedowns

Someone from the Lira Coin Club’s SEO/Reputation team chose to file a fake DMCA complaint with Google on November 18, 2022.

They went by the name Gerardo L. Moreno and used a virtual private network (VPN) to change their address to IT.

This is the fake DMCA case that is being talked about:

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On a blog on, a fake post was made, and then its date was changed. This post was used to trick Google workers into thinking that the post that was planted was the real one.

This false DMCA claim was made against

The Lira Coin Club is a scam

This MLM scam company has nothing to sell or do. They don’t show any proof that they trade or even mine cryptocurrency, and no financial body in the world keeps an eye on them. They are doing things that are against the law, so no one can trust them. The owners of Lira Coin Club don’t want to be found out because they are running an illegal investment plan and could get in trouble for it.

They also use DMCA takedowns, which are against the law, to hide negative reviews from the web.

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