Lisamarie Bourke – Drugs, Promiscuity and Lies

Lisamarie Bourke is a yoga influencer and holistic practitioner in addition to being a social activist.

However, before to all of this, she was previously known as the ex-girlfriend of Donny Tourette, who exited Celebrity Big Brother.

When Lisamarie was with Donny, she used to have a very unusual lifestyle. She gave an interview to The Mirror UK, in which she discussed her unconventional way of living and how Donny was destroying his life through drug use.

The crazy punk rocker had to leave Big Brother because he was addicted to cocaine and couldn’t go a day without doing it. During an interview with the Mirror, Lisamarie Bourke disclosed that Donny “used to snort cocaine off her 34F boobs before sex.”

In addition, due of the narcotics, Donny was unable to sexually please Lisamarie Bourke. Moreover, Donny was unable to provide for his family.

I have broken down this one-of-a-kind report from The People as follows:

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Former Psychology student at Aberdeen University Lisamarie Bourke told The Mirror that her partner, Donny, transforms into an entirely different person when he uses cocaine.

Before he took the drug in the Class A category, he was a charming and courteous individual. However, his demeanor undergoes a dramatic transformation the moment he starts snorting the medicine up his nose.

Lisamarie Bourke shared that on the first night that she spent with Donny, she didn’t understand how much of a drug addict he was until they went to his house. She said that she was shocked.

In her own words, Lisamarie Bourke described the effects of her cocaine use as follows:

“We were kissing and fondling each other in his lounge and then got into the bedroom”. 

She explains that as soon as they tumbled onto the bed, she was anticipating him to rip her dress off and make love to her immediately. She was surprised when he did neither.

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On the other hand, he reached down the side of the bed and removed a package containing cocaine from below it. After that, he began sniffing it out of a book by passing it through a rolled-up twenty-pound note.

When Lisamarie Bourke’s Boyfriend Snorted Coke Off Her Breasts:

She also stated in an interview with The Mirror UK that she does not use illicit substances herself. Because of this, she turned down some that he offered to her.

Lisamarie Bourke goes in further detail:

“The next thing I knew, I was lying on the bed naked and Donny was running lines of coke across my breasts”. 

“I arched my back in the air and he bent over me and hoovered the whole lot up in a giant whoosh”. 

Lisamarie stated that even a Dyson vacuum couldn’t have done a better job because there wasn’t even a speck of cocaine left once the job was finished.

After then, Donny resumed babbling away despite the fact that his nose was running and his eyes were wet. According to what Lisamarie Bourke said to The Mirror, Donny was just concerned in receiving his next hit, so the sexual activity took a back seat to that.

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Lisa Marie explained, “I’m a very sexual person, and I know how to turn on a man; however, Donny was so coked that he could hardly rise to the occasion.” “I’m a very sexual person and know how to turn on a man.”

Following that night, the Playboy model decided that she no longer wanted to see him again. However, he continued to harass her via text messages, and eventually, she caved in and visited him at his apartment.

Lisamarie Bourke mentioned in her comment that she was anticipating going partying. But Donny had no interest in leaving the house other than to do cocaine and drink.

The former model who is now considered an influential figure in the world of yoga stated that Donny was slurring his words and was quite loud, so she left him.

At the moment, Lisamarie Bourke is working toward being a social activist and maintains a blog in an effort to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness.

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