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A department of the WeWe International Ponzi scheme is LyoFI. On July 30, 2021, LyoFI’s web site area (“”) was privately registered. In October 2021, WeWe International disclosed the enterprise as a collaboration with itself

A department of the WeWe International Ponzi scheme is LyoFI. On July 30, 2021, LyoFI’s web site area (“”) was privately registered. In October 2021, WeWe International disclosed the enterprise as a collaboration with itself:

LyoFI Review

The following particulars might be discovered within the web site’s footer:   

Skeleton Bay Lot, Tortola, BVI, BRN: 2073860  

Scammers solely make the most of the BVI since it’s a scam-friendly jurisdiction to arrange shell companies. Any MLM group claiming connections to the BVI raises a pink flag throughout the due diligence course.

The BVI shell enterprise, WeWe International, claims to be owned by DigiTech Companies LTD, is known as “Digifi Group LTD,” a derivation of that title.

LyoFI Review

The UAE and Italy are now answerable for working WeWe International’s official Fb web page. Dubai will always stay WeWe International’s conduit to the United Arab Emirates.

LyoFI Review

The world’s MLM crime capital is Dubai. Any MLM enterprise with connections to Dubai, just like the BVI, is sure to be there, resulting from its doubtful enterprise technique.

WeWe International seems to be actively marketed in Italy proper now. Based on SimilarWeb at the time of writing, Italy (62 %), Greece (12 %), and Turkey are the three highest international locations from which guests come to the WeWe International web site.

Luiz Goes is the one govt that has to this point, made an look at WeWe International (additionally spelt Luiz Goez).

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Based on Luiz, he’s the CEO of LyoPay. Established in 2020, LyoPay is a cryptocurrency trade. Luiz presents himself as a citizen of Brazil. His LinkedIn web page shows the definitive record of unsuccessful crypto bro concepts that date again to 2019.

Up till very just lately, LyoPay was virtually nonexistent. This happens simultaneously WeWe International’s hiring will improve in 2022. The Ponzi scheme began a brand new 900-day expected return Ponzi scheme with WeWe International’s LyoFI providing.   

By collaborating with LYOFi, WEWE International presents its customer’s cloud minting, a cutting-edge technique of making tokens.   

It’s a typical staking fraud using the LYOCREDIT token (LYO). The unique Ponzi scheme utilized by WeWe International was the identical con, however, utilizing WEWEX tokens.

The WEWEX Ponzi scheme by WeWe International appears to have collapsed. WeWe International solicits investments into LYO utilizing the bitcoin and Ethereum counterparts of the euro. Ten funding plans can be found, starting from 100 to 100,000 EUR.

Based on WeWe International’s gross sales pitch, investing LYO in LyoFI will yield a 300 % ROI over 900 days. WeWe International’s MLM element seems to have remained unaltered from our preliminary evaluation, launched in July 2021. Withdrawals from the LyoFI Ponzi are made in LYO, which associates trade for bitcoin.   

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The Cloud Minting Program is a service to lease {hardware} to mint LYOCREDIT tokens supplied in cooperation with LYOFi. LYO might be saved or exchanged for bitcoin.   

As for Ponzi schemes, WeWe International and LyoFI, this can proceed until the invested money runs out. Consider that math ensures that almost all traders in Ponzi schemes lose cash.

Naturally, WeWe International and LyoFI will declare that you’re income cash through LYO token everyday return funds. It is one other to attempt to trade that for bitcoin. It will perform until it stops (no extra money to steal).

It appears WeWe International’s authentic WEWEX Ponzi crashed someplace in late 2021 if we retake a step to make sense of this. With new exercises by way of LyoFI, they could have the ability to preserve it afloat.

Earlier than partnering with WeWe International, LyoPay was a doomed or dying cryptocurrency trade. By LyoPay, Luiz Goes is working his Ponzi scheme, providing traders with an annual return of 60%.

That is attainable because Goes can immediately generate LYO tokens on the contact of a button. Once more, for traders, the problem is popping LYO into one thing that may be bought.

Until it stops, it can perform. Analyzing the enterprise partnership between LyoPay and WeWe International in a more significant element reveals that it represents a variation on the white-label Ponzi manufacturing service.

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Goes gives: Reserving a trip was one side of LyoPay’s white-label Ponzi service that drew my consideration. Journey preparations through “Travel4You”—which continues to be online at “”—had been mixed with WeWe International’s authentic Ponzi scheme.

Nevertheless, the web site receives few visitors because individuals do not put money into WeWe International for the holiday offers; as a substitute, they achieve this through the Ponzi scheme.

I imagine that LyoPay was where WeWe International’s preliminary Ponzi rip-off was arranged. We now return to Luiz Goes. Why does Luiz Goes give in-depth WeWe International advertising shows if, as claimed, the corporate has a white-label association with LyoPay?

Controlling the platform on which WeWe International seems to execute its Ponzi rip-off, and selling WeWe International We’ve not seen a single WeWe International govt in more than 12 months, which helps Goes’s working of WeWe International much more.

Moreover, LyoPay is registered as a UK shell firm called DigiLYO App LTD. The naming construction of DigiLYO App LTD is vital right here. However, the UK shell incorporation is one other warning indicator.

There’s a WeWe. 

It seems that Goes made a mistake when naming his shell agency “Digi-X.” 

LyoFI Review

WeWe International’s web site was registered seven months earlier than LyoPay when it comes to time. Nevertheless, the social media pages for each company were created in August 2020, making their launches nearly concurrent. I feel LyoPay’s standalone trade directly competed with the inner trade WeWe International used when it first started.

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By LyoFI, LyoPay has now been successfully built-in. Goes has already proven that he manages several exchanges utilizing LyoTrade.

I cannot fully say that Goes is working WeWe International. However, I can’t also rule it out. All proof factors to Goes being liable for WeWe International and LyoFI.

Regardless of the case, the tip of an MLM Ponzi scheme is always identical: The overwhelming majority of traders lose cash to the con artists working as their prime entrepreneurs. Jose Gordo, considered situated in Spain, has been trying to launch WeWe International throughout South America.

LyoFI Review

Within the MLM sector, Gordo is most identified for being a prime net winner within the notorious OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

Gordo was charged with felony fraud in Argentina in late 2020 about OneCoin. He’s nonetheless needed for fleeing.

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Lyofi is a Ponzi Scam

Luiz Goes has been implicated in the WeWe Global Scam, and LyoFi is nothing new. Avoid, and save your money.

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