LyoPay owner’s venture OneCoin Scam in Argentina reach US$ 3 million

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The prosecutor for complex crimes Enrique Gavier ordered that the defendants in the case for illicit association continue to be detained. There are a hundred scammed across the country

The OneCoin project is a business where you can make a big difference, the more people you get into the event, your check, your income will be much higher… OneLife pays you double, that’s why this company is so generous and He has the explosive growth that he has.

I consider this currency as the most solid… In this business we make money. This is a business people… I have 27 million kicks in the butt behind me who tell me every day that this is going to work, with or without you”.

These definitions reproduced in different YouTube links belong to Alejandro Taylor and José Gordo, two of those accused of the scams. The videos were provided as evidence in the case by a victim who invested $1,000 in the alleged cryptocurrency business.

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During the week that passed, the prosecutor for complex crimes Enrique Gavier ordered the preventive detention of all the accused. They are Gustavo Adolfo Amuchástegui, Eduardo Alejandro Taylor, Edgar Nicolás Moreno, Mónica Gabriela Blasco, Mariana Noel López, Manuel Vicente Peralta Guevara, Andrés Matías López, Ariel Eduardo Morassut, Ricardo Beretta and Daniel Cornaglia.

They are accused of being co-authors of the crime of illicit association, as organizers. They will all continue to be detained. In addition, the arrest warrants against Ruja Ignatova and Konstantin Ignatov and José Gordo, who are on the run, are still in force.

According to what PROFILE CÓRDOBA learned, the prosecutor’s office has been able to reconstruct that the amount of the scam in the country would amount to three million dollars; If the official price of the dollar is taken into account, that figure would be around 275 million pesos. In addition, it has been possible to identify that the victims of this pyramid scam by offering cryptocurrencies number more than 100 throughout the country.

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In addition to the criminal action and investigation, in the next few days the people harmed by OneCoin plan to make a civil presentation claiming and demanding “restitution or compensation” from those responsible for the economic damage and their assets. They want to recover some of the money they entrusted to the firm accused of the “cryptocrime.”

How did they do it ? The organization, with headquarters in Bulgaria, promised its investors a profit and a million-dollar return. The alleged firm OneLife was promoting the OneCoin cryptocurrency.
The recruitment task began with the invitation to luxurious meetings, congresses, talks, dinners and mega-events that were held in Córdoba, Buenos Aires, San Luis and even in Rio de Janeiro, with the intention of demonstrating solvency. For example, one of the complainants refers to a spectacular dinner at the exclusive Bistecca Restaurant in Puerto Madero.

“Taylor paid for everything consumed that night,” said one of the participants in that meeting in the complaint.

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“Everything was a staging to then carry out the fraudulent maneuver. They promoted the product with a refined attraction job to achieve credibility and attract investors. All the evidence that we provide against this organization is abundant,” said lawyer Pedro Despouy Santoro, who represents several complainants.

The person who motivated the first complaint, and from there the investigation, is a Cordovan investor who came to allocate 70 thousand dollars in the business. The promise was that on January 8, 2019, the cryptocurrency he had acquired would have a much higher price on the Hong Kong stock market. That never happened. One of the hypotheses is that the defendants and detainees in the case made real estate investments in Panama.

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