LyoPay Review: Ponzi Scheme Hiding Complaints with Illegal Tactics

Read this LyoPay review to find out why you should avoid this company and how dangerous they are. Find out about their criminal activities.

The following LyoPay review will shed light on what LyoPay is and the illegal marketing tactics it is employing to hide the numerous complaints it has received. 

LyoPay is a crypto coin which claims to offer a large selection of services to its customers through its various subsidiaries. 

These include LyoCredit, LyoTrade, LyoTravel and others.

However, recent reviews indicate that the company is a scam and is using predatory practices to take advantage of investors. 

Furthermore, instead of fixing the problems or addressing the complaints, the company has taken a different approach. The company is using illegal tactics to bury any LyoPay review criticizing the shady nature of their offerings. 

Unleashing DDoS Attacks on A Critical LyoPay Review

A Gripeo user had posted a detailed LyoPay review explaining how the company is a Ponzi scheme and why people should avoid investing in it.

It explained how it is a venture of WeWe Global, a company notorious for running Ponzi scams all over the world. Also, the article exposes the shady registration of the company. 

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According to the review, the company is using virtual addresses to make itself seem credible. 

Another point highlighted in the write-up is how the company’s registration offices are in offshore locations with poor or no restrictions. It also points out that the CEO of the whole scam is Luiz Goez. 

The Gripeo review explains the MLM structure of the company and highlights how ridiculous their claims are. For example, it claims to offer 300% ROI in 900 days. 

However, the company doesn’t explain how it will offer such exceptional ROI.

At the time of writing this LyoPay review, the Gripeo article has more than 1600 views. 

Certainly, someone at the firm doesn’t want people to find out  this information. So, they have started conducting DDoS attacks on the LyoPay review:

What is a DDoS Attack? Why Use it on a LyoPay Review?

Gripeo has added a notice on their article saying it has received multiple DDoS attacks.

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A distributed denial-of-service attack is an attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a server or network by flooding it with internet traffic. 

DDoS attacks utilize multiple compromised computer systems as sources of the attack. These may include computers and other IoT devices. 

You can say that they are like an unexpected traffic jam stopping regular traffic from reaching its destination. 

lyopay review
lyopay review

Assailants use a network of internet-connected machines to conduct such attacks. The DDoS attack on the LyoPay review sent out over 150 million traffics to the webpage. 

Conducting such an attack requires one to have a network of IoT devices filled with malware. They are called bots and the network is called a botnet. 

After establishing the botnet, the attacker directs the attack by sending remote instructions to the bots. Then, every bot sends requests to the target’s IP address which overwhelms the network. 

Clearly, the purpose of the DDoS attack on the LyoPay review was to deny normal visitors from reading it. 

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Someone at the firm doesn’t want people to find out what the review says. Another reason for taking down the LyoPay review could be the large number of complaints it has for the company. 

The article has caused many people to come forward and share their negative experiences. 

LyoPay Review Verdict

DDoS attacks are malicious attempts at preventing normal users from visiting a webpage. They are illegal and it’s clear that someone at LyoPay doesn’t want people to find out about their shady nature. 

Resorting to such illegal tactics indicates that the company is not as ethical as it claims to be. 

In fact, it’s obvious that LyoPay is a scam

The company has a shady past and is using illegal tactics to hide customer complaints from others. 

You should avoid dealing with such a company. 

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  1. The company is promoting itself as the most lenient and the best service provider in the crypto world but we need to know that people are no longer stupid to invest in this nefarious company.

  2. The company is facing several complaints and is changing its name for marketing itself as a profitable venture.

  3. Don’t get attracted to these fake schemes provided by LyoPay they have changed the name of their firm and are still introducing firms with the name, recently some new venture named LyoFi was seen in the market due to numerous complaints made on the previous one.

  4. Your dreams of earning thousands of dollars after investing will never be fulfilled with LyoPay, yes you can search for some other firm for earning.

  5. I and my brother took this firm as a source of passive income and invested with them, after the advertisement of high ROI we are also attracted and invested $5000 with them which caused us a complete loss of money.

  6. We will have to expose the company as fast as we can, they have scammed thousands of investors which caused a motion of rush among the investors where they were not able to contact the owners of the company. This irritated a lot of users, for their money.

  7. The company is now using illegal means to hide their company’s real business and doesn’t want its users to visit some pages, thus we need to register complaints against this fraudster, why do the officials don’t look into the matter?

  8. I would never invest in these companies for any investment plan due to their non-legitimate business tactics and promoting these fraudulent schemes.

  9. Avoid this company for any form of investment.

  10. Appreciable, the author has done a great job of making the audience aware of the unfair means of business tactics and scamming people.

  11. They have been hiding the information about their site and restricting their users to visit the company’s portfolio.

  12. I would recommend you search for some other platform for investing because there are several other legitimate and safer options for investing.

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