Marriott Grand Vacations – The Grand Holiday Scam Exposed

Firstly, do not confuse this name for the original “Marriott” group that we all already know and are aware of. This fraudulent company called Marriott Grand Vacations is solely made with the objective to deceive, dupe and con innocent travellers. They have absolutely no authenticity, credibility and have nothing to do with the real “Marriott” group. Please do not get confused with the name. They are running a massive scam and are fooling thousands of people on a daily basis. Let me begin to tell you how they actually function so you have a better idea and don’t fall for this dangerous and malicious scam

The Modus Operandi of Marriott Grand Vacations

You will first get a call from one of their sales executives claiming that you are eligible for a free travel voucher and that your name and number has been shortlisted. As a normal person’s reflex , you are bound to ask the details and inquire more about it what he or she are claiming. When you ask more details, they will claim to give you a 4 or 5 star property voucher after attending a presentation for 45 minutes.

They make the entire process seem very simple and legit. Then once you confirm , they will send you a code on your mobile number and tell you where and when to come to attend the presentation and collect your vouchers. Once you reach the destination, you will see many other families sitting on different tables waiting to get conned. Then one by one their sales executive comes and starts pretending to be friendly and very very intelligent. They all seem extremely shady and weird. None of them have any idea about anything international, none of them have any idea about travel norms or anything to do with the travel industry.

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Marriott Grand Vacations has employed people who are willing and more than happy to deceive and con innocent people, people who have no job experience and people who don’t even have a shed of conscience or sense in them. After talking to you for some time and explaining their fraudulent scheme, their sales executive will then pretend as if he is doing you a favour and has qualified you to be able to purchase their membership.

They actually do believe that we customers are super idiotic and cannot understand when someone is fooling us in the most kiddish manner. Then the sales executive of Marriott Grand Vacations will call his/ her manager and introduce you to him. He is a bigger idiot and the person who knows he has to con you as his junior sales executive wasnt able to. He will come and explain stuff about the scheme that will make no sense. They have nothing in writing , no proper presentation, no pamphlet, no deck nothing. Just verbal theories that expect you to believe and fall for. They will lie to any extent to prove their point. They will lie to any extent to make you buy their membership.

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Rationally thinking, how is it possible that if you pay around 3 Lac INR , you get access to all hotels in the world for free for 3 months? They literally offered that, that just give them that money upfront, and they will book whichever hotels you want for the span of 80-90 nights. That means i get around 80-90 nights and i pay around 3 lac INR and i can stay wherever i want, whenever i want and in whichever hotel i want. They had no written guarantee, they had no agreement, they just wanted an answer there and then. That is just so ridiculous. They have a lot of people who claim to be managers roaming around trying to lure and convince families, they are super rude, arrogant and shady.

So after all this, once you head back home with the vouchers on your email, you will see in the terms and conditions that there is an additional charge to utilise these vouchers, something which the sales team or the super smart managers never mentioned. Anyway, you are then supposed to email them in order to avail the voucher. After emailing you will receive a call from the voucher team who will piss you off in the first 2 minutes itself. The executive from the voucher team was extremely frustrated and started to show me attitude as if she has done me a favour by sending the voucher. You will receive a list of hotels , which are one of the most terrible and pathetic properties. Places where you will not even consider staying for free. So all in all you have wasted 2 hours with them and their pushy and weird sales team to hear about a fraudulent scheme, and then all you get is a bunch of crap.

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Negative Reviews and Complaints

An innocent customer duped and now waiting to get refunded
People who actually end up going for the presentation but don’t purchase membership are fooled too, as they cannot utilise the voucher without paying “utility fees” which is equivalent to the price of the hotel stay.

There is no mention of any CEO of this company called Marriott Grand Vacations. It is a super shady company with the objective to con as many. They need to be investigated and the directors need to be arrested for running such a massive fraud.

The Owners of Marriott Grand Vacations

Upon further research i happened to come across the names of the directors of this fraudulent company –

Anuj Kumar, Arun and Rakesh Singh, the 3 scammers running this company and the ones running with the money of thousands of travellers.

Their sales executive claimed that this is a 150 year old company. I was shocked to see the truth, have a look –

Marriott Grand Vacations is one of the biggest travel scams in India currently. Stay as far as you can from them. Do not attend any presentations they offer. Do not fall for the fake positive google reviews. They are greedy monsters who are only eyeing you wallet, they cannot be trusted. They will constantly say rubbish things about Club Mahindra and other competitors to brainwash you. That itself signifies the values and ethics they have.

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Please consider this as a warning and share and spread with as many. I will be continuing to expose them as much in this article and will keep updating. If you have been conned by Marriott Grand Vacations please share your experience below in the comments as well.

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One of India’s Biggest Travel Scam Exposed

Marriott Grand Vacations is duping and fooling thousands of people on a daily basis as we speak. They need to exposed and investigated. They are a bunch of ruthless scammers who show no mercy.

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