Mavie Ultron Unmasked as a Crypto Token Scam and Ponzi Scheme

The Ponzi scheme known as Mavie Ultron, also known as Ultron crypto, has just recently made its debut on the market. It presents itself as an environment for blockchain technology, but its structure is that of a pyramid, and its leadership is less than transparent about its goals.

Dubai, which is infamous for being home to a large number of MLM scams, is the area where the company’s headquarters can be found.

This Mavie Ultron review, on the other hand, will help you decide whether or not you should put your money into Ultron coin or token investments.

About Mavie Ultron

Mavie Ultron asserts that it is a Layer 1 blockchain environment that provides its users with the ability to take advantage of a limitless number of incentive opportunities. The startup asserts that it operates in a manner comparable to those of Binance and Cardano.

In addition, it asserts that Ultron Crypto has a high degree of scalability, is interoperable with Ethereum, and has cheap transaction fees.

According to Mavie Global, the main difference between the Ultron Crypto and other Layer1 blockchain projects is that the former does not have any native applications while the latter does. The company asserts that Binance and others use distinct coins for projects that are part of their ecosystem, but they do not follow this practice within their own organization.

It would appear that Mavie Ultron has more than twenty of its own native applications, and the Ultron crypto token can be used to access all of them.

About the Mavie Ultron Crypto Ecosystem: What They Claim to Be

According to Mavie Ultron, their crypto ecosystems contain the following: 

  • Lending
  • Ultronswap (A decentralized exchange)
  • Ultronstaking
  • LaunchPad
  • Cross-chain Bridges
  • NFTs
  • Metaverse
  • Farming
  • Borrowing 
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According to the firm, its ULX token is a decentralized utility coin that was constructed on its very own blockchain. They assert that rather than getting liquidity from the company itself, you would acquire it from other users of the platform.

The assertions made by this business are, without a doubt, strikingly similar to the assertions made by modern crypto scammers. For instance, OmegaPro asserts that it will develop its very own ecosystem in addition to that. It is a multi-level marketing (MLM) scam, but it makes the false promise that its ‘investors’ will become a part of something far bigger.

What is Mavie Company?

This whole Mavie Ultron scheme was orchestrated by a firm known as Mavie Global. They present themselves as an affiliate marketing agency, however, the truth is far different from what they promise.

The location of the company’s headquarters has changed from Slovenia to Dubai in recent years. Due to the limited number of extradition treaties in place, Dubai is home to a large population of criminals and con artists.

At first, Mavie Global introduced Givvo and the Ultron cryptocurrency simultaneously. At the time, it did not have a website that was dedicated to itself. However, they have re-launched it as a separate business and are directing their attention toward crypto investors as their primary target audience.

Tobias Sukenik appears to be the mastermind behind both of these fraudulent schemes. He is a seasoned multi-level marketing con artist just like Mansour Tawafi. Tobias was the former owner and operator of TBF International, a CBD multi-level marketing company, which he subsequently sold to another business in the year 2020.

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Mavie Ultron Crypto MLM Structure

The company asserts that investors will be compensated through the use of Ultron Staking. It would appear that participating in the Ultron coin staking program will make it possible for you to generate brand new ULX coins just by keeping and securing a predetermined quantity of existing ULX tokens in your wallet.

The more coins you have, the greater the output it will give you.

According to Mavie Global, you have the opportunity to earn 0.2% in ULX coins every day, which you may then choose to cash out or trade on the Ultronswap exchange. Staking your Ultron coins required the following minimum investments:

$100 for 6,000 ULX
$300 for 19,500 ULX
$500 for 35,000 ULX
$1500 for 120,000 ULX
$5000 for 450,000 ULX
The business asserts that members are eligible to receive a 10% referral bonus, a 10% binary team bonus, a 100% cashback bonus, a 10% matching bonus up to seven generations, a top performance bonus, and a career bonus.

In addition, the following is the anticipated return on investment for the Ultron crypto coin:

0.2% of the daily total for the first year 1% of the daily total for the second year 0.05% of the daily total for the third year 0.025% of the daily total for the fourth year 0.012% of the daily total for the fifth year
You have the option of purchasing the 500 EUR, 1500 EUR, or 5000 EUR package in order to become a member of their MLM organization.

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The following is a list of the several member ranks available in this crypto-based MLM scheme.

RankRequirementResidual Commission
PartnerSign up and buy Ultron coinSign up and buy an Ultron coin
Active PartnerProduce 100 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 3000 EUR
SupervisorProduce 2500 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 3000 EUR (same as Active Partner)
MasterProduce 5000 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 3000 EUR (same as Active Partner)
Team ManagerProduce 15,000 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 5000 EUR 
President ManagerProduce 40,000 EUR in binary team volume
Up to 7500 EUR 
Regional ManagerProduce 75,000 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 10,000 EUR 
Executive DirectorProduce 200,000 EUR in binary team volume
Up to 12,000 EUR 
Diamond DirectorProduce 500,000 EUR in binary team volumeProduce 500,000 EUR in binary team volume
Double Diamond DirectorProduce 1,00,000 EUR in binary team volume
Up to 30,000 EUR 
Vice PresidentProduce 2,500,000 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 40,000 EUR 
PresidentProduce 6,000,000 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 50,000 EUR 
Global PresidentProduce 15,000,000 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 75,000 EUR 
Star PresidentProduce 30,000,000 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 175,5000 EUR 
LegendProduce 50,000,000 EUR in binary team volumeUp to 350,000 EUR 

Furthermore, Mavie Ultron claims to offer a recruitment bonus if you recruit five members within 30 days of your package purchase. The recruitment bonus would refund your initial package purchase.

However, the sold packages should be the same or higher than your purchased package.

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Mavie Ultron offers Rank Achievement bonuses to its members as well.

How the Mavie Ultron Scam Works

The company makes a number of bold claims regarding its decentralized blockchain technology and the native applications that run on it. However, this is nothing more than a pyramid scheme with an MLM framework and numerous layers of participants.

The fact that Mavie Ultron is headquartered in Dubai raises the first warning flag about the company.

Due to its lax extradition treaties and general lack of stringent laws, Dubai has recently developed a reputation as a center for con artists.

Due to the fact that they are able to conduct business there without the threat of being subjected to any kind of regulatory inspection, many con artists in the multi-level marketing industry now run their operations from Dubai.

Another extremely concerning red flag is the fact that the organization offers simple assertions but does not offer anything concrete to support those assertions. You are expected to accept their word for it when it says that it delivers 0.2% returns every day, despite the fact that it does not explain how it would generate daily returns.

The provision of financial services, which includes soliciting investments in exchange for regular returns, is subject to regulatory licensing requirements.

Shukhrat Shadibekov serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Ultron Crypto. According to his Linkedin profile, he has quite a bit of experience working in the technological field. However, it is fairly usual for multi-level marketing (MLM) frauds to use a trustworthy face as a scapegoat so that they may take the blame when the scheme is discovered to be a fraud.

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For instance, the CEO of Nesten was also a highly seasoned technology industry executive. However, the business is nothing more than a pyramid scheme that specifically targets devout Christians and American Koreans.

mavie international

At the moment, Mavie International, also known as Mavie Global, is in charge of marketing for Ultron crypto. Nevertheless, this is only an attempt to make the scam appear more legitimate and to add another layer of intricacy to it.


After looking over the issues mentioned above, it should be abundantly evident that Mavie Ultron is a fraudulent scheme. The company is attempting to establish its legitimacy by speaking in terms such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other technical jargon.

In point of fact, it’s nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

There are a lot of MLM frauds out there, and a lot of them offer investors that for a seemingly tiny investment, they will get access to a unique and advanced ecosystem. LyoPay is a well-known example of this type of fraudulent scheme. The organization has been hit with a flood of criticism for making extravagant claims to customers while delivering nothing of the sort.

Mavie Ultron is someone to be wary of.

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