Mazivs Reddit vs. the Hype – Is Mazi Picks Really Worth it?

Mazi VS (@mazivs) regularly shows off his expensive possessions to his over 200,000 Instagram followers.

The guy who calls himself “Las Vegas’ biggest sports gambler” sure seems to be hiding something from his legion of followers. After receiving an email from a buddy who had subscribed to Mazi VS Picks and gotten amazingly low correct predictions, I decided to look into the viral gambler. I’ll paraphrase what they said:

Mazi VS is no more accurate than flipping a coin. I had my suspicions regarding Mazi’s validity and competency, and my investigations confirmed them.

The business of Mazi Picks is illegal and unlicensed. This firm is not under the jurisdiction of FINRA or the SEC. Since this con is so novel, the FTC has yet to catch on to it.
In this report, I will try to explain how the online scammer Mazi VS operates and why so many people fall for his tricks. If you are pressed for time, the review’s executive summary is below; otherwise, let’s dive in.

Having been born into a wealthy family, Mazi has never had to worry about providing for himself. Just like every other Instagram influencer, he leases expensive cars and houses to use as backdrops for his posts. Mazi, on the other hand, exaggerates his wealth and claims to be the true owner of the mansions and sports cars he showcases in his movies. There is no truth to any of these assertions.

Mazi vs. Picks, a Questionable and Costly Subscription Service

All of Mazi VS’s earnings come from his “Mazi Picks” program, which is an extremely pricey membership in which customers are promised betting picks for sporting events.

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The entire “betting picks” enterprise is based on a fallacy due to this system’s fatal flaw:

Why would Mazi offer to sell his choices if he was winning money on sports betting?

Take a moment to consider this.

The sports betting market is a lucrative one, but those that earn a living at it are keeping their methods to themselves.

Why doesn’t Mazi simply increase his wagers and take more risks if he knows he can win with his Picks?

Despite occasional good fortune, Mazi VS’s subscription service is not worth the money because he has any real skill when it comes to sports betting.

Discussing the cost. There are five different options available on Mazi Picks, and they’re all ridiculously expensive.


  • Daily $200 VIP Plays, Weekly VIP $600
  • Daily Exclusive Bet: $1,500 Weekly Exclusive Bets: $5,000
  • All exclusive, VIP, and
  • Personal plays for a complete month, plus 1 on 1 personal call with Mazi and access to his entire library of plays for $20,000 (Platinum Package).

It doesn’t take a genius to see that there is no worth in any of these services. For $200, all you get is an email or instant chat from this person named Mazi. This fraud is far worse than the one perpetrated by Andrew Kirby.


As we progress further into the Mazi VS manipulation funnel, the situation becomes increasingly dubious. The following page will load if you click the “SIGN UP” button next to any of the service listings:

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MaziVS’s website does not provide a checkout process. It’s probable that to avoid legal trouble and FTC scrutiny, Mazi’s attorney has urged him to refrain from using a registered internet payment funnel. Perhaps he is trying to avoid a similar fate to that of Jason Bond Picks, who perpetrated a far larger version of the same scam.

On their contact page, they provide CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle as payment options for sending money to Mazi. The payment description also requests your email address. They say that the “package details” would be emailed to you before the games begin.

MAZI VS DOES NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENTS BECAUSE. PayPal allows users to file disputes over transaction outcomes, and Mazi is aware that if this were to occur, the vast majority of his victims would do so, putting an end to the scam.

It raises serious red flags that Mazi is getting paid through shady third-party apps like Velle and CashApp. When accepting consumer payments, legitimate businesses never employ unsecured apps but instead rely on trusted platforms like PayPal. To be fair, Mazi also appears to be ignorant of the fundamentals of the English language.

An Actual Buyer Reviews Mazi Products – MaziVS on Reddit

You can find objective commentary (and kitties) on Reddit. It wasn’t a shock to me that someone had exposed MaziVS Picks’s deception long before I did.

About six months ago, Reddit user u/ABathingBoy reviewed the service Mazi VS in a post titled “Mazi Picks is a Scammer.”

u/ABathingBoy paid $500 to Mazi for a week’s worth of picks, but he never heard back from Mazi or his staff via email. To get his money’s worth, u/ABahthingBoy contacted Instagram user MaziVS (@mazivs), but instead of receiving the seven days’ worth of picks he had paid for, he only received one.

Dreadful service overall; this person is a true con artist.

u/ABathingBoy in the thread “Mazi Picks is a Scammer” on Reddit.

Given that this post demonstrates that MaziVS Picks is fraudulent, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a copyright notice from Mazi’s attorneys. If that occurs, it will further strengthen the suspicion that something fishy is taking place.

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Mazi Does Not Issue Refunds; His Policy Is Non-Negotiable

If you thought things were bad now, wait till you see how bad they can get.

Not only does Mazi VS charge hundreds of dollars using personal finance applications, but he also refuses to issue refunds under any circumstances.

This return policy is buried deep in the Terms and Conditions of the Mazi Picks website and is not mentioned anywhere on the homepage or in the footer.

I have included a screenshot in this part because it is highly probable that after this report goes online, Mazi’s team will casually alter it in some way. A con artist will do whatever to keep their dignity intact.

The Tricks MaziVS Plays on Its Customers with Biased Content

Because MaziVS has coordinated the publication of financially slanted stories about him on news websites, this may be the only critical article about Mazi you’ve ever read online.

If you search for “Mazi VS news” on Google, you will get just paid PR articles designed to fool the uninitiated into thinking Mazi is a famous person.

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This is a popular strategy, and scammers frequently use fake news as a service. Like Dean Graziosi, who had his usage of false reviews and articles exposed by a contributor not too long ago, so too does Mazi.

Most of these news websites rely on this method of monetization, and they couldn’t care less about the ethical implications. Ultimately, they don’t care about anything but getting paid.


This is an instance of the argument to popular opinion, or argumentum ad populum. People believe that Mazi VS is indeed the “Sports Betting King” because he has been lauded by dozens of news networks. Once their guard is down, it’s easy for Mazi to con them out of hundreds, if not thousands, of money.

Most of the time, these news outlets have no idea that the other end of the line is a fraudster.


Readers, please report Mazi VS to the FTC; he is a dangerous con artist who will continue his exploitative behavior as long as he is allowed to get away with it. Visit the FTC’s dedicated fraud reporting page right here.

Leave a review and tell us about your experience if you’ve been scammed by Mazi Picks. Don’t give him any room to escape!

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