MiTio’s Deceptive Tactics: Report 2023

The following MiTio review reveals the company’s deceptive tactics against its customers. I have also included a few of the many unfavorable MiTio reviews in which customers describe losing money to the company.

MiTio Inventor, Dr. Nelva Lee

Dr. Nelva Lee is the company’s founder and CEO. She says she started her business in 2004 and has several relevant credentials. Her company has just been around since 2019, according to the BBB profile she has. Which one is the truth, if either, is unclear?

Dr. Lee has experience working with other medical organizations and institutions in addition to Mi Tio.

Her credentials demonstrate a wealth of experience in the medical field.

Dr. Pei Zhang, Lily Drysdale, Tatiana Ford, and Stephanie Yahya are a few other famous people working at MiTio.

Dr. Nelva Lee seemed like a genuine person when I was looking into whether or not MiTio is a scam.

As I dug deeper, though, I saw that her prior knowledge and skills are irrelevant to MiTio.

A major red flag is that Mi Tio uses deceptive marketing strategies that turn off customers. If MiTio’s classes were worth the money, the company wouldn’t have to resort to deceptive advertising strategies.

Black-hat marketing strategies are those that are dishonest or even illegal to use as a form of advertising. They are frowned upon and should be avoided at all costs.

However, companies like MiTio still employ them. That’s presumably because, without them, they can’t get any customers.

Next in my MiTio tuition review, I’ll discuss the several ways in which the firm attempts to trick its customers:

False MiTio Better Business Bureau Ratings (and Evidence)

You may locate MiTio’s BBB page and their Facebook page if you search for reviews. Dr. Lee had several compelling reasons for restricting her professional presence to just those two channels.

Each of those systems has its own set of problems. Let me break down each one for you:

MiTio’s BBB Ratings and the Truth

As of the date this article was written, Mi tio had a perfect BBB rating of 5 stars based on 7 customer reviews. They also hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is all going OK, right?

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I’m afraid not.

BBB’s rating system has taken a lot of heat for its questionable business practices. The issue with BBB is that it costs thousands of dollars per year for businesses to maintain their accreditation.

To receive a BBB seal of approval, you will need to pay a yearly fee of over $10,000. If you pay this charge, your profile on their site will be nearly flawless.

CNN Money had looked at this extensively. Businesses being sued for discriminating and deceiving customers were discovered to have near-perfect ratings on BBB only because they were accredited by BBB.

If you have BBB accreditation, you can get any false complaints made against your business removed. This is yet another major problem with BBB.

Even if there were many complaints against the company, such as the worthlessness of a Mi Tio certificate or the exorbitant price tag, BBB could have easily erased them. That is a significant factor in my decision to post my evaluation here. I didn’t dare take that chance.

It’s hardly the only business to employ such tactics to influence buyers’ decisions. The BRIC Group is another well-known con artist who uses this strategy. Overall, you shouldn’t put much stock in MiTio’s BBB evaluations or ratings because the company pays to be a member.

Facebook’s MiTio Review Scam Exposed

They also have a 4.8 rating on Facebook, which is very similar to their BBB page. It appears to be a valid ranking at first glance, but it has its problems.

It turns out Mi Tio engaged in shady practices to boost its Facebook ranking.

The following images were shared by a reviewer to demonstrate how MiTio exploits false profiles to artificially inflate its star rating.

Two distinct customers filed identical reviews of MiTio, as shown in the photographs below. What this signifies is that a 5-star review was fraudulently written using a different user account. Why? To provide the impression that MiTio’s clientele is diverse and satisfied.

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The reviewer investigated the discrepancy further after noticing it. They discovered that other photographs used by MiTio in its endorsements were also stock photos:

After the reviewer brought these problems to light, MiTio took down its Google My Business page. They were concerned that word may get out.

You might be asking, “Why would a company use fake people to improve its rating?” The solution is elementary. Money.

Because ratings are so important to modern businesses, some companies, like MiTio, employ phony reviews as a marketing tool. Not everyone who visits Mi Tio’s Facebook page will immediately recognize that its user base is largely made up of bots.

Similarly, you wouldn’t know that the testimonials on MiTio’s site were fabricated if you hadn’t read the fine print.

Fake reviews are used by many businesses who believe they can get away with it. However, today’s shoppers are smarter and more discerning than ever before. You may simply expose these businesses if you know how to identify a false review.

The lack of specifics is a telltale clue that a review is false. You can tell it’s a false profile if there’s only one review on there and the profile is mostly empty.

The company’s use of false reviews is evidence that its products are subpar. After all, why would it resort to phony reviews if it had legitimately decent products?

Get in Touch with MiTio ASAP for a Refund!

The return policy of this schooling provider is convoluted. If you enroll in a program and change your mind within the first 72 hours, they will refund your payment in full.

Before reaching the halfway mark, you have the option of requesting a full refund from MiTio. After that point, you’ll be expected to pay for the rest of the program.

Deposits and applications are also nonrefundable.

However, MiTio will issue a refund immediately if you qualify. You still have time.

Even though they have changed their refund policy several times, it is still not ideal.

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I don’t see why they had to change their refund policy so often. This typically occurs when a large number of clients request a refund at once.

That’s why businesses occasionally revise their refund policies to keep more of their hard-earned cash. I suggest seeking a refund if you are currently enrolled in a MiTio diploma program. You can cut down on your losses to some extent.

Feedback from Real MiTio Customers: Dr. Lee Would Prefer You Didn’t View This

MiTio’s prices aren’t the lowest you can find. It’s a con, that’s the truth.

This isn’t coming from me, by the way. This company has been reported as a scam by numerous customers. It hurt too much to read some of the reviews. When you’re done with them, you’ll see how many people this hoax has cost their life savings. Dr. Lee doesn’t want you to know about these reviews of Mi Tio, so here they are:

“A Scam”

Their dad signed up for MiTio classes. However, when they paid, they heard nothing more from MiTio.

Without a doubt, the MiTio staff duped this person.


This person had signed up for the whole 40-hour program but was having financial difficulties paying for it all because of the pandemic. Because of the spread of COVID, they were fired.

However, rather than empathizing with this person’s predicament. They were unable to complete any of the courses for which they had paid. They are $350. In addition, MiTio unexpectedly billed them $1,500.

This reviewer, a senior citizen, endured a grueling process to receive their money back after retiring.

A “Fake, Dishonest, and Shady”

This individual researched medical interpreting careers and came across MiTio. They chose to consult with their husband about the company before signing up with them.

This is the reviewer I was speaking of earlier. Multiple photographs were posted to expose the false reviews on Mi Tio’s website. They discovered the organization was using phony testimonials to sell its courses and quickly concluded that it was a waste of money.

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MiTio removed its Google My Business page after seeing this review. Surely, they were at a loss as to how to address these concerns.

Not signing up

The purpose of this review was to respond to the last one. Intent on enrolling in MiTio classes. But after learning that the corporation manipulated its ratings with the help of phony profiles, they altered their minds.

This reviewer also noted that nobody boasts about the type of job they landed after graduating from MiTio. That is a fascinating inquiry. It’s unlikely that you’ll find many testimonials from people who gained a high-paying job thanks to MiTio. Can we trust Mitio? I doubt it.

“Not Interesting”

This individual planned to attend MiTio’s medical interpreter training program, which lasted for 60 hours. They claimed that their experience was terrible. Teachers on Mi Tio typically assign boring and overly easy tasks. They also mentioned that there was no feedback given during the live practice sessions.

The review ends with the subject wondering why their experience was so different from the norm. This reviewer didn’t consider the possibility that some of those MiTio reviews might be fabricated.

Remember that not everyone writes about their feelings and thoughts online. Most people don’t like to talk about their past experiences. Imagine the number of people who fell for the MiTio scam if so many unfavorable reviews were so easy to find.

It is unwise to put one’s trust in this organization.


MiTio is an iffy business that you should avoid. It has a ton of complaints and relies on bogus reviews and paid partnerships to market itself. The morality of this group is a source of concern for many pupils. For these reasons, I cannot recommend working with this company.

You should research additional facilities that provide courses in medical interpreting. It’s risky and possibly financially detrimental to partner with a firm like Mi Tio.

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