Mogul Productions – Fundraising Scam Defrauding Youngsters

Mogul Productions is a multi-million dollars scam, which is targeting young individuals and taking thousands of dollars from them.

If you don’t have time to read the whole Mogul Productions review, then here’s the takeaway:


This will be an expert analysis of this Crypto company, I’ll go over everything and explain how this scam works and how they use social engineering and manipulation to take advantage of young naïve people.

Let’s get into the details and see how Gagan Grewal (the CEO of this operation), runs this scam and why he resorted to take money from innocent people.

Gagan Grewal: Failure Businessman Now Running This Crypto Scam

Gagan Grewal is a textbook example of a modern-day scammer. You don’t have to look too far to realise this fact too. His LinkedIn profile speaks for itself.

According to Gagan’s profile, he has been a founder, director, and a member of board for multiple companies, all of which are either shutdown or are suffering huge losses. Showing off multiple companies in one’s profile is a great way to appear legitimate and experienced.

But when all of those companies are failures, it means there must be something wrong with the person themselves.

Moreover, Gagan was the leader or part of the leadership team in all of those companies. So, he must be responsible for their current state.

When you realise the fact that he has never launched a successful venture in the past, it becomes apparent why he would resort to launching a shady company now. Mogul Productions seems like a dire attempt of Gagan Grewal at having a livelihood so he can show something for himself.

There’s nothing wrong with launching multiple failed ventures. But it becomes wrong when the person resorts to deceiving people and launches a company that defrauds others.

If someone promises to make you rich but has never succeeded in business themselves, how much will you trust their advice? Would you even consider it?

Gagan’s resume alone, should be sufficient for you to convince why his latest venture isn’t worth your money. You should beware of people who pose as business experts when in reality, they haven’t succeeded in business at all.

Mogul Productions: Why it’s a scam and how the scam works

Mogul Productions seems like a unique catchy idea at first. However, they might turn out to be one of the biggest online scams of 2021 due to their shady structure and methodology.

Before we look at why they are a scam and how they are trying to defraud people, let’s first look at what they want to seem in your eyes:

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What they claim to be

Mogul Productions claims to be a decentralised platform for the filmmaking community. They claim to provide a place where movie fans can engage with filmmaking products in meaningful ways.

The platform promises to help people vote for films they want to watch, earn engagement points, and get speaking roles, red carpet tickets and invitations to exclusive events related to their chosen films.

They claim to sell one-of-a-kind movie posters as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). A non-fungible token is the tokenised value of a physical asset such an artwork, property, etc. It is one of the many blockchain technologies Mogul Productions claims to use.

They also claim to provide a place where creators can get funding for their filmmaking ideas and get support from Hollywood producers.

On paper, Mogul Productions seems like a wonderful idea. However, there is more to it than it seems and we’ll delve into that in the next section:

What they actually are

Mogul Productions is a shady platform with unverifiable claims

What seems like an amazing blockchain innovation is actually a dangerous scam. Recently, there has been a surge in blockchain-based scams where the scammers claim to sell something unique in the guise of a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

You might ask, “But Mogul Productions isn’t selling anything? So how can they be a scam?”

As it turns out, they do sell stuff. They sell their own cryptocurrency, which call STARS tokens.

Here’s the popup you get when you visit their homepage:

The popup on Mogul Productions’ homepage

Notice how they tell you to “buy” their access pass and tokens?

They even claim to have more than 35,000 users who have already bought their access passes and tokens. Without buying an access pass NFT or a STARS token, you can’t participate in their community.

They have a paywall for even browsing their community, which probably doesn’t even exist. Because even though, they claim to have over 35,000 users, there’s no way to verify the claim.

You can’t see where the community is, what projects are those 35,000 people voting on, and what kind of movies they are creating unless you pay up first.

Why would they hide such stuff? Isn’t it counterproductive to their business to hide their work and community?

Or maybe they don’t have 35,000 users at all and are plainly lying to everyone so they would trust them more while thinking, “If 35,000 people have already bought their access pass, maybe I can too.”

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There’s no way why a company would hide such a thriving community from prospective users, which is a proof that Mogul Productions is a scam.

And we are barely scratching the surface here.

Because Mogul Productions’ scam is much broader and vicious than simply lying about having thousands of users.

How the Mogul Productions scam works

The online scamming industry is seeing a new trend recently. Companies have started coming out of nowhere that claim to provide a decentralised platform for trading a made-up currency. is a great example of such a scam. They claim to sell virtual properties which exist nowhere except on their platform and you can only buy them on their platform through their cryptocurrency.

Mogul Productions sells STARS tokens, a cryptocurrency of their own. To buy this cryptocurrency, you’ll have to pay them with a real cryptocurrency first, called ETH.

What is ETH?

ETH is the acronym of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, the second-most popular blockchain technology after Bitcoin. One ETH costs ~2,000 USD.

Notice how little benefits you get with the early two tiers.

You can only participate Mogul Productions’ various activities after you have spent at least $2,000 on their pass.

Otherwise, you don’t matter to them. Having such a high price tag makes them more suspicious because there aren’t many people who have $2,000 lying around.

Once you have spent such a huge amount on their platform, all you can do is spend it on their platform. They don’t mention anywhere that you can get your money back.

The made-up currency and the trap


Suppose you do buy their STARS tokens. What can you do with it now?

Turns out, there isn’t much you can do with it.

You can only use their STARS tokens to engage with their platform and community. Whether you vote on movies, get tickets for events, or get video shoutouts from cast members of their film, you’ll need to spend STARS tokens.

Can you earn STARS tokens?

Yes, you can earn them by interacting with their platform. But that’s about it. There isn’t anything else you can do with their cryptocurrency.

In simple terms, when you buy tokens from Mogul Productions, you pay real money for fake money. It’s like buying Monopoly notes by paying real US dollars.

This is the depth of Mogul Productions’ scam. They are trying to sell a made-up currency that’s useless out of their platform to others.

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In conclusion, Mogul Productions is a scam because:

  • Sell something that has no real value at all.
  • Lie about having a community.
  • Make unverifiable claims.
  • Their owner has an unreliable background.

Demand thousands of dollars upfront

Even if we ignore all the lies they tell on their website and believe for a second that their claims are true, to get any worthwhile benefits, you’ll need to buy their Tier 3 or Tier 4 passes, which are highly expensive.

Here’s the pricing of every Tier in USD, not in their made-up currency:

  • Tier 1: $2,000
  • Tier 2: $20,000
  • Tier 3: $50,000
  • Tier 4: $100,000

They don’t mention these prices anywhere on their website, which makes them more suspicious. I had to go through their ICO documents to find out the actual price of their access passes:

Prices of their access passes in their Litepaper

Fake Mogul Productions Reviews: Using Paid PR To Mislead Investors

When you sell something that provides no value to your users and costs thousands of dollars, you must sound convincing.

Otherwise, no one will buy from you.

Gagan Grewal understands this fact very well. That’s why he has spent a fortune on paid articles which are written in by manipulation experts.

These articles serve multiple purposes including:

  • Burying critical expert reviews and customer complaints
  • Fool people into thinking Mogul Productions is legitimate
  • Seem more credible to the wide public

Mr. Grewal probably hired a PR firm which posted the same article on 92 different websites.

They posted the same PR article on 92 different websites to mislead people, bury complaints and expert criticism

You might be thinking why would anyone do such an act? Well it’s simple, they want to add the social proof banner.

This has become a go-to method for internet scammers to gain fake credibility. But it works because naive people fall for it.

All of the blogs/websites mentioned in the banner took money for the article they’ve posted about Mogul Productions.


I would be very careful of any website or anonymous person on giving praise to this scam. As it will most likely be a staff member of the very company whose job is to manipulate masses.

Mogul Productions Scam Exposed By Actual Crypto Experts

Apart from the paid sponsored articles on Yahoo and MarketWatch, Mogul Productions wanted to take advantage of the hyperactive community of Reddit. After the recent financial phenomena of WallStreetBets, Mogul Productions thought they can get tons of victims from Reddit. However, the users of Reddit seemed smarter than Mogul Productions’ marketing team thought and they exposed them publicly.

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Right now Mogul Productions also have a subreddit which is created especially to bury this specific thread and people exposing them.

The subreddit is just horrible, it is filled with the same old posts and it is simply used as a dump. I wouldn’t recommend going there unless you want to experience quality cringe.

Sponsered “Reviews” On YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, of course scammers would want to make use of this platform.

Mogul Productions seemed to have paid multiple YouTube channels a lot of money to post praise about their company. Thse channels range from CryptoCoinShow which has ~31k subscribers to Crypto Fiend, with a whopping ~76k subscribers.

These are channels with a decent audience and when they promote scams like Mogul Productioins (CEO Gagan Grewal), on their channels, a lot of people get taken advantage of.

All the videos currently on this company seem to have their Dislikes hidden, which was probably a condition in the contract. As Grewal knows that he is running a scam and people might start spamming these videos with dislikes once they realize it. But he paid some hefty bucks for it, so he wants the Dislikes to be hidden from the public.

Below are the fake Mogul Productions reviews on YouTube:

Mogul Productions Review 2023 Verdict: A Dirty Crypto Scam

Mogul Productions is a clever crypto scam, they are selling a dream to naïve people with the help of social engineering and manipulation. They take real money from you and give you valueless currency in exchange. The owner is a failed businessman looking to make millions. It is a textbook scam and it should be avoided at all costs!

Mogul Productions is a crypto scam portraying itself as the next big thing. They take thousands of dollars from you and give you valueless currency in exchange. Gagan Grewal seems to have started this company out of desperation for money and he chose to scam people instead of making an honest living. There are also tons of fake Mogul Productions reviews, which are heavily biased and promoting to potential victims. Please avoid it at all costs.

2.1Expert Score
Mogul Productions is a scam

Mogul Productions is a clever crypto scam, they are selling a dream to naive people with the help of social engineering and manipulation. They take real money from you and give you valueless currency in exchange. The owner is a failed businessman looking to make millions. It is a textbook scam and it should be avoided at all costs!

  • Take Thousands Of Dollars And Give A Made-Up Currency In Return (which has no value!)
  • Potray themselves as the next Bitcoin to scam people
  • Deceptive Marketing
  • Manipulative PR Articles
  • Fake 5-Star Reviews
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