Motofumi Shitara’s Sadistic Practices at Yamaha India

About 200 workers have been let go from Yamaha Motor India Group‘s various departments in India over the past year. Yamaha India’s CEO Motofumi Shitara is completely to blame for the failure and calamity that has devastated the lives of longtime employees. It’s upsetting and detestable to be asked to quit one day with no explanation and no recompense, especially at a firm that promotes itself as a family.

Middle-aged workers who have put decades into the company had children, and have been asked to depart on short notice. This is outrageous, unprofessional, and unethical on the highest level. Yamaha India and Motofumi Shitara’s crew have been making extraordinary efforts to conceal this information by spreading false positive evaluations, sponsored news articles, and fabricated interviews. They think they can hide the truth, but I’ll keep exposing them until the very end to make sure they don’t.

Exactly who is Motofumi Shitara? CEO of Yamaha India

Yamaha India is led by Motofumi Shitara, who is in charge of all business dealings, operations, and decisions. He acts as a hub connecting Yamaha’s headquarters in Japan and its office in India. Almost 200 staff at Yamaha India have been let go by him to cut costs and simplify operations. However, keeping the workers would not have been difficult and this was completely unnecessary. But Motofumi Shitara, the sadist that he was, preferred that families break apart rather than thrive or even survive throughout the pandemic.

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Yamaha India workers were abandoned by Motofumi Shitara.

Yamaha utterly deceived its employees during COVID, a time when they were counting on large corporations to help them. Workers at Yamaha are referred to as “family” and, hey, guess what? They abandoned them to die of starvation. Did Motofumi Shitara ever stop to think about the 200 people whose lives he wrecked by firing them without warning?

Motofumi Shitara has not only destroyed 200 people’s lives but also those of their loved ones. They all had families to support—wives, kids, and aging parents—but the inept sadist, and terrible chairman cared only about money. Whereas Hero Honda, TVS, and Bajaj stood by each of their employees through thick and thin.

Yamaha India let off 200 workers with no severance pay.

It’s absurd and rude for a firm of this size and financial stability to lay off hundreds of workers without compensation. Twenty-five-year company veterans are given their walking papers one day. They aren’t even being taken into account! It lacks empathy and is cruel.

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The company’s chairman, Motofumi Shitara, has deftly framed this as a restructuring, but we all know it’s a pretext to avoid responsibility for the COVID crisis. I drove straight to my friend’s house after hearing of his dad’s layoff to console him. The mental and emotional state of shock he was in is beyond my ability to articulate. The Yamaha “family” continues to use deceptive and unethical business practices. It’s tragically unbelievable how little people know.

During Motofumi Shitara’s tenure as chairman and CEO of Yamaha India, the company lost hundreds of millions of dollars and devastated the lives of hundreds of people due to his mistakes and the indifference of the Indian media, whose pockets he lined with his ill-gotten gains. Shameful.

Please take note and assist those whose lives you have damaged authorities. Motofumi Shitara is a con man and a brutal killer; he has no honor. Why should two hundred workers bear the cost because upper management failed to anticipate the necessary business measures? Yamaha is a massive corporation, and everyone in the room is aware that they could have prevented the loss of 200 lives. Despite people imploring and begging them, they did not. They say they’re doing it to boost output, although it seems counterintuitive given that doing so will reduce employment.

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I want every one of you to comment below and tell me about your personal experience and thoughts. If you or someone you know has been victimized by the Yamaha mafia, please share your story in the comments section.

They’re astute at presenting themselves as they want to be seen as well as guarding their good name as much as possible. The time has come to reveal the truth and expose them. The fact that they are a large automaker does not give them carte blanche to stifle dissent or distort reality. LET JUSTICE BE SERVED! Yamaha should be Boycotted and its bikes avoided. If you agree that Motofumi Shitara and Yamaha are up to no good, please help me get the word out.

Please don’t let anyone muffle the voices of the victims. Don’t be frightened, and have no fear of this firm. You should file a lawsuit and publicly shame them throughout the web and in the real world. This must not happen. Make sure they don’t get away with it. The consequences of Motofumi Shitara’s actions need to sink in.

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No one at Yamaha seems to care enough to take action. Is everyone working here dishonest and heartless, or is there some truth here? Is everyone being deceived, or is it just Motofumi Shitara?

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