MyChargeBack: Advocating for Victims Rights Update 2023

MyChargeBack tricked the father of a soldier, who was an old army veteran trying to figure out how to use smartphones and social media. He lost a large amount of money ($25,000) to a foreign scammer. The worried person started looking for refund services to find a solution. They came across MyChargeBack, a company that said they were the best in their field and would do everything they could to get the money back.

At first, the person from MyChargeBack seemed friendly, which hid their true aims. They promised the person that they would help with the refund process, but they wanted $2,500 upfront as service fees. Even though they were sceptical about paying in advance, they decided to believe them and gave them the money. But this changed the way the agent acted after that. All of a sudden, the professional and polite behaviour disappeared and was replaced by avoiding and not caring.

The father had hoped that the scammer in another country would give him back the money he had worked hard for. He was now disappointed and shocked. It was disappointing to see what happened to a company that bragged about being good at what it did but couldn’t handle a simple $25,000 refund. If the refund wasn’t possible, it would have been nice to know ahead of time. MyChargeBack’s website falsely said that they were honest, but in reality, all they did was take money and leave when it suited them.

This company’s choice to go after retired soldiers showed a disturbing lack of morals. They didn’t have a moral sense, so they took advantage of people’s jobs to make money. There was a good chance that the person’s father’s case was not an isolated one. MyChargeBack probably ripped off a lot of other people, leaving a trail of victims behind them.

It was a stark warning of how important it is to be careful and watchful when getting help from online service providers. The person hoped that by telling their story, others would learn about how dishonest MyChargeBack was and not fall into the hands of this shady con artist.

Other Victims of MyChargeBack Scam


Like the protagonist’s father, another person fell for a scam and chose to start a chargeback process with two credit cards. Before they called MyChargeBack, they had already started the chargeback process on their own. They asked MyChargeBack for help because they wanted to get their money back from the scammers who had stolen it in the first place. Like the main character, this person paid MyChargeBack the minimum amount before they needed to.

But the first chargeback had already been finished before MyChargeBack could start the process. This person quickly told MyChargeBack what was going on and asked for help with the second claim. Unfortunately, the company didn’t listen to their pleas for help and didn’t do anything. Even though the person had paid the fees ahead of time, MyChargeBack left them alone.

The main character could understand this person’s situation because they were in the same one. After being scammed by people in another country, they put their hope in a return in MyChargeBack, only to be let down by these dishonest people.

The fact that these victims had similar problems with MyChargeBack showed how dishonest the company is and showed a pattern of theft and not caring about their clients. Both people paid the fees in good faith, thinking that the money would be returned to them. Instead, they were left alone, and no one heard their cries for help.

It was clear that what MyChargeBack did was not an isolated event. Several people fell prey to these scams, which caused trust to be broken and money to be stolen. The main character realized that it was important to tell these stories to warn others about the risks of MyChargeBack and to tell them to be careful and watchful when looking for help from companies like this.


According to this reviewer, there’s a lot of misleading information on MyChargeBack. The people at MCB focus on taking advantage of people who have lost funds because of a scam. This person is smart and decides to never become a client of this dangerous organization. 


This person paid $1000 to MyChargeBack and did most of the work, but even though a year has passed, they still haven’t gotten a complaint. I can’t picture myself in this situation. They only wanted to get back the money they had lost in a scam, but they didn’t know that MCB would also be a scam. In their review, they say that the people at MyChargeBack don’t offer any guarantees. Even if they fail to get you a return, this company won’t give you any money back. This person says they feel like idiots because they were scammed twice.

That’s why it’s good to work for this company. Everyone who talks to this company falls for some kind of scam. MyChargeBack is a group that looks for things. It is a hyena. First, they’ll eat up what’s left from the last scam, and then they’ll laugh at you for falling for it.

That’s the worth thing of working with this company. Every person who contacts this firm is a victim of some kind of scam. MyChargeBack is a scavenger organization. They are hyenas. First, they will chew off what’s left after the last scam and then they will laugh at you for falling for their scam. 

This review says that they lost more than $309,000 with 1.65 BTC. In May 2020, they paid the minimum fee to MyChargeBack and hoped to get back at least 10% of the money they had lost. But the person didn’t get anything in return.

This person, like everyone else, felt let down by MCB. This person thought that after paying the fee to MCB, they would get their money. That didn’t happen, though. This person only got some paperwork about their money, which they sent to their bank, which told them they couldn’t do anything.

Nothing that MyChargeBack tried to do for this person worked. This reviewer must have been very upset to lose so much money and then have to deal with the bad service of this scam company.

Report them to the FTC

The people who ran MyChargeBack showed no signs of empathy or kindness at all. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that they had fixed most of the problems that had been brought up earlier. At first, it seemed like they were listening to what people had to say. But it became clear quickly that most of their answers were automatic and didn’t come from real people. Their responses consisted of one sentence that acknowledged the nature of the complaint and then a barrage of generic, automated responses that were the same across all platforms.

The MyChargeBack team’s deeds showed that they were heartless con artists. Their desire to go after an army veteran who had put their life on the line to protect the country showed that they had no morals and would do anything to make a few extra bucks. It became clearer and clearer that this company had nothing to do with morality.

The fact that they used automated replies over and over again showed that they didn’t care about their clients’ problems or struggles. Instead of addressing specific complaints or trying to fix the situation, they used canned answers that didn’t really help or solve the problem.

It was clear that the people at MyChargeBack only cared about themselves. They didn’t care about their client’s well-being and took advantage of people who were weak to make money for themselves. Their actions showed that they had no morals or ethics at all, which made people question the honesty and legality of everything they did.

MyChargeBack Review

The aforementioned fraudulent organization, MyChargeBack, committed a grievous act by scamming the protagonist’s father, an honorable army veteran who had selflessly risked his life in service to the country. His sole intention was to pursue a rightful chargeback, but instead, he fell victim to the theft perpetrated by this deceitful organization. The distressing reality is that numerous others have also become victims of this fraudulent enterprise, emphasizing the urgent need for collective action to hold them accountable.

It is deeply disheartening to witness how an organization can exploit and deceive those who have dedicated their lives to protect and serve the nation. The protagonist’s father, having made immense sacrifices for the country’s well-being, deserved better treatment. This egregious act committed by MyChargeBack demonstrates a complete disregard for the sacrifices made by veterans and reflects the despicable depths this organization is willing to sink to in order to unlawfully profit.

The magnitude of victims affected by this fraudulent organization reinforces the necessity for decisive measures against them. It is crucial to come together, raise awareness about their fraudulent activities, and pursue legal actions to ensure that justice is served. By taking a united stand, the victims and their supporters can work towards exposing the true nature of MyChargeBack and prevent further individuals from falling prey to their dishonest practices.

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