Neo Crypto Scam: MainCoin OÜ Running a Fake Cryptocurrency Exchange

Neo Crypto is another fake cryptocurrency exchange that takes money from people by giving them what they think is a good exchange rate but giving them nothing in return. Except for the information on left-leaning companies, the site doesn’t give any details or proof of its presence. There is also nothing about it on the Internet, so we strongly advise you not to contact the NeoCrypto Net crypto scam.

On its website, the fake Neo Krypto office said that it was established and based in the city of Tallinn in Estonia, which is not too far from the Russian Federation.

Neo Crypto is a group of scammers who steal from people. If they stole from you or tried to steal from you, leave your email address in the contact form and you will be reached.

A LOT of people need to know about NeoCrypto Net scammers if we want to keep our fellow citizens from falling into their hands.

Details about the Neo Crypto Scam

Based on public information, the Neo Crypto scam is run by an Estonian company called MainCoin OÜ.

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On the site of the Neo Crypto scam office, which is based in Estonia, you can find the following information:

– Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Jarvevana tee 9, 11314, Estonia; [email protected]

[email protected]

The agreement of the NeoCrypto Net office says that the scam organization can’t promise that all the information the client sends about himself will stay safe.

Also, the NeoCrypto Net cooking agreement says that the company is in no way responsible for what happens when a client uses its services.

When a person wants to buy cryptocurrency, the scam group NeoCrypto Net puts all of the responsibility on the client. And if she doesn’t go to the person who is paying, it will be his fault.

NeoCrypto Net is not responsible for what happened during the exchange, so you can easily hide the fact that their customers’ money was stolen this way.

The Neo Crypto scam put the full form of the client agreement on its website. This document shows all the traps that clients will face.

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There is some information about how the Neo Crypto office’s actions are regulated, but a document that would confirm all of this was not found. This makes it hard to say whether or not it is legal.

Untrustworthy crypto-office Neo Crypto won’t show faces or give information about their management because they don’t want to have to answer clients for what they do. is the office of Neo Crypto’s main website

Next, you can check out the main page of the Neo Crypto crypto-office’s website. Scam artists use it to trick and steal from people who aren’t paying attention.

The people who own and run the Neo Crypto scam website have come forward. It turned out that the crooks chose to hide this information from users.

We were able to find out how old the Neo Crypto scam website was thanks to a few different sources. At the time this was written, her resource was 306 days old, which means it was a day old.

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About Site Traffic

Since their site is famous on the Internet and mostly spread in Russia and other CIS countries, the Neo Crypto fraud office has something to say.

After the specialized service pointed out the problems on the website of the Neo Crypto scam office, it became risky to use their resource.

In general, the name “Neo Crypto” is a popular brand name, as it has been seen 82 times in the last month. So, this office is not well-liked.

NeoCrypto says that a fake office has only been found 13 times because they aren’t very popular on the Yandex search engine.

The same is true for the request of the brand “Neo Crypto,” even though there are only 394 impressions per month and it is clear why the scammers picked this name.

As for the “NeoCrypto Net” name on the Yandex search engine, scammers have only gotten 190 hits on it recently.

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In a month, Yandex users asked for the NeoCrypto.Net office’s website 190 times, which shows how famous they are among Russian speakers.

The Google Trends service says that there hasn’t been a single search for the Russian-language name “Neo Crypto” of the first type in the last few months.

In Google’s search engine over the past month, there were no impressions of the NeoCrypto name.

According to the data for the “NeoCrypto” branded query, this company isn’t looked for very often on Google. Most of the requests came from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Slovenia.

If we look at the “NeoCrypto Net” name, it didn’t get a single hit on Google, which can’t warn users.

The “NeoCrypto.Net” domain name brand is not very famous, according to Google Trends, but there are still some requests, mostly from the Russian Federation.

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