NewsWatch TV Scam: Small Business Warns Against False Advertising

Find out more about NewsWatch. NewsWatch TV called us and said they would show our ad in 95 million homes. We spent US$5,500. They made a bad ad, and when they “aired” us, Google Analytics didn’t show any visits. We think they are con artists who didn’t advertise.

The Sales and Content Manager for NewsWatch TV got in touch with us and said that they could “reach over 95 million households in the United States.”

We’re a small startup that ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, which is possibly how they found us. Even though our sales are good, we could use more publicity, so their offer seemed like a great chance.

I gave their Sales and Content Manager my phone number, and we talked briefly. He was very convincing and told me we’d do well.

There were different packages of NewsWatch to choose from. We chose their basic package for $5,500. It came with a lot of perks like being featured on their social media outlets and an online campaign that reached 500,000 people.

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Check out their Twitter account just to be sure. Their posts don’t get very many likes.

There was also a Deluxe Package for $7,750 and an Exposure Package for $10,900 that came with more perks. We’re glad we didn’t choose those.

After we signed the contract and paid the $5,500, we were put in touch with an Account Manager and an Executive Producer. I wrote a story and sent them samples of the products, and they used my script to make a one-minute video ad. The first version was very bad, so I asked for a better one, but it was still a long way from the product marketing movies we already had.

About NewsWatch

When we got aired, we were very happy and hoped for a lot of attention and good sales. But when NewsWatch “aired” our ad, Google Analytics didn’t show the slightest increase in traffic.

We get about a thousand visitors a day, so showing our ad to “95 million households” should have caused a big traffic spike.

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When I asked NewsWatch why there wasn’t much traffic, they said they were surprised and didn’t have a good answer.

NewsWatch would have been telling the truth if they said they would make an expensive video ad with no marketing. But we think they are crooks because they make false claims in their marketing.

As a final note, we are a real company, but we don’t want to get sued, so this review was written without our names on it.

False advertising claims of NewsWatch TV

The author’s experience with NewsWatch TV can serve as a warning to small companies that want to advertise on TV. The business said they would make a high-quality, professionally made 30-second ad that accurately showed what they did and what they sold. But the ad they got didn’t show what their company and services were like. They paid the full amount and waited for their ad to run, as NewsWatch TV had promised, in front of 95 million viewers.

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As the weeks turned into months, there was no noticeable rise in website traffic. The writer tried to get in touch with NewsWatch TV, but they didn’t answer. After doing their study, they found out that their ad had never been shown. The company that watches the news couldn’t find any mention of their ad on NewsWatch TV.

Before signing an advertising contract, the author should have done more study, because the loss was so bad. They found out that NewsWatch TV had also tricked a lot of other companies in the area. By writing about what happened, the author wants to stop other businesses from being scammed in the same way.

As was learned, small businesses should do their research before signing a deal for promotion. If someone tells you that your message will be sent to millions of homes, you shouldn’t believe them until you can check that number for yourself. Companies that make big promises for a few cents should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s important to trust your gut and not let scammers steal your money.

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