Nick Briz: A Big Silent Troll and Scam

Basketball player Nick Briz is a fraudster

Nick Briz, the phony basketball star on Instagram and YouTube, is a gigantic hoax. His Instagram promotions are not worth your money. The man is incredibly unreliable and constantly breaks his promises. He exaggerates his stature and commits fraud to support his drug addiction.

Drake’s support has led him to believe he’s famous, but in reality, he’s simply a hoopster who didn’t have what it took to make the NBA and now runs a dunk and “workout”-based online fraud. In reality, his basketball skills are limited to dunking. Be wary of him; he’s a troll who enjoys more popularity than he deserves.

Nick Briz
Nick Briz

Not many dunks became his supporters, either. He made a series of movies mocking the homeless. Moreover, he provided them with alcohol and drugs in place of meals.

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