Belgium Pursues Notorious Drug Trafficker Nordin El Hajjioui in International Manhunt

The Belgian government is pursuing drug trafficker Nordin El Hajjioui. He has a number of nicknames, including “Dikke Nordin” and “Fat Nordin,” and he is well-known in Antwerp for his drug dealings.
International drug smuggling and operating a criminal organization are the charges against Nordin El Hajjioui.

The individual has been the subject of a Red Notice from Interpol. A request for all international police agencies to locate and temporarily arrest a person is known as a “Red Notice.”

He has been their target for years, according to the authorities in Antwerp’s judicial system. He is thought by the authorities to be one of the most important people in charge of the criminal cocaine trade in the city.

Additionally, the authorities have linked Nordin El Hajjioui to numerous shootings and arson attacks.

How Dock Laborers Uncovered Nordin El Hajjioui?

When eight dock workers who were suspected of working for Dikke Nordin El Hajjioui were apprehended by the authorities in March 2022, they were able to put an end to El Hajjioui’s illegal business.

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One of those dock laborers was Tommy ‘Rugged’ Depret, an expert fighter.

The remaining three dockers were granted conditional release while five were held in custody. It appears that dock workers regard Tommy Depret as a legend.

He has participated in numerous competitions and is accountable for promoting martial arts locally in Antwerp.

The authorities in Antwerp claim that the dockhands assisted in the removal of at least 11 tons of cocaine. During the investigation, however, they were only able to seize two loads weighing 461 kg and 404 kg.

In addition, the authorities revealed that El Hajjioui Dubai had extended his reach into the Antwerp docks following the disappearance of his team around De Tank.

The arrests helped the authorities in Antwerp build their case against this drug lord with a Dubai base.
Journalists revealed that traffickers are constantly seeking workers and law enforcement personnel who are vulnerable due to financial issues or other factors. They would show up at bars in the ports to converse with laborers yet use Instagram and other virtual entertainment to select them.

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In some cases, these traffickers simply use violence to recruit people.

Individuals like Nordin El Hajjioui search for individuals who can find a compartment at the terminal. They need the support of crane escorts who place their South American compartments close to EU holders. The coke is then moved between the two containers.

EU holders never go through a look since they don’t cross lines.

The majority of the cocaine that reaches Antwerp, according to authorities, originates in Colombia. They send these medications to Europe as it appears to be a more ‘worthwhile market’. Specialists have uncovered that a large portion of these medications go to Holland from where they can arrive in all of Europe.

Nordin El Hajjioui’s extradition

The Antwerp Public Examiner’s office has been sending demands for the removal of Nordin El Hajjioui to the UAE government starting around 2020.

The United Arab Emirates had received three requests from the public prosecutor that year. As per the Belgian specialists El Hajjioui is presently living in Dubai.

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The Belgian specialists captured the medication ruler in June 2020. Notwithstanding, he got delivery by paying bail. He then fled the nation and arrived in Dubai.

He started planning for the removal procedures when he arrived in UAE. The court in Dubai favored the medication ruler in all cases and dismissed the three solicitations sent by the Antwerp Public Examiner’s office.

The Bureau of Clergyman of Equity Vincent Van Quickenborne let the media know that they will view the judgment.

In December, he and the government of the UAE agreed to an extradition agreement. In any case, the solicitations were sent before that.

Also, the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s office says it will look at the decisions made by those three requests that were turned down to see if they can be used as “initiatives.”

Nordin El Hajjioui Will Face Numerous Preliminaries

Belgian specialists are arranging numerous preliminaries against El Hajjioui and his criminal endeavor. On the other hand, he might not show up at all for these trials.

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The legal counselor of Nordin El Hajjioui answered no media demands requesting his remarks.


It is not uncommon to hear of drug lords facing serious charges. The Lebanese drug lord who imported heroin, ecstasy, and cocaine into Australia has recently been charged by Australian authorities.
As per the Government Police, he is principally engaged with the ‘dark flight’ drug, which is impressively famous in the Australian hidden world.

He, like Nordin El Hajjioui, was last seen in the United Arab Emirates. His medication bust had stood out as truly newsworthy in Australian news also.

Samir Azizi Dubai is another similar instance. He is liable for running an expense extortion conspiracy including various organizations. He was detained by US authorities while attempting to leave for Dubai, in contrast to El Hajjioui.

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