Interpol Red Notice Issued Against Nordin El Hajjioui

Dikke Nordin El Hajjioui is a drug trafficker and a dangerous criminal. Find out more in this SkepticTank Report.

The Belgian government is looking for Nordin El Hajjioui, a drug trafficker. He is well-known in Antwerp for his drug business, earning him the nicknames dikke Nordin and Fat Nordin.

Nordin El Hajjioui is accused of international drug trafficking and leading a criminal organisation.

Interpol has issued a Red Notice to the individual. A Red Notice requests that all international police agencies locate and arrest a person.

He has been the target of Antwerp judicial authorities for years, according to them. Authorities believe he is one of the key players in the city’s ruthless cocaine trade.

Authorities have also linked Nordin El Hajjioui to a number of arson attacks and shootings.

Arrests That Led to a Breach in Nordin El Hajjioui’s Network:

Authorities were able to seize control of El Hajjioui’s illegal trade in March 2022 when they arrested eight dock workers suspected of working for Dikke Nordin El Hajjioui.

Tommy ‘Unbreakable’ Depret, a professional boxer, was one of those dock workers.

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Five of the dockers arrested were taken into custody, while the other three were released on conditions. Tommy Depret is apparently a dock worker legend.

He is responsible for popularising martial arts in Antwerp and has participated in numerous competitions.

The dock workers, according to Antwerp authorities, assisted in the removal of at least 11 tonnes of cocaine. During the investigation, however, they were only able to seize two loads weighing 461 kg and 404 kg.

In addition, authorities revealed that El Hajjioui Dubai had expanded his reach into Antwerp docks following the disappearance of his team around De Tank.

These arrests were critical in assisting Antwerp authorities in building their case against this Dubai-based drug lord.

Journalists revealed that traffickers are always on the lookout for workers and law enforcement officers who are struggling financially or have other vulnerabilities. They would appear in port bars to talk to workers but would recruit them via Instagram and other social media platforms.

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To attract recruits, these traffickers will sometimes resort to violence.

Nordin El Hajjioui, for example, is looking for people who can locate a container at the terminal. Crane chauffeurs are needed to place their South American containers next to EU containers. The coke is then switched between the containers.

Because EU containers do not cross borders, they are never searched.

Authorities believe that the majority of the cocaine entering Antwerp comes from Colombia. They ship these drugs to Europe because it appears to be a more “profitable” market. Authorities have revealed that the majority of these drugs are transported to Holland, from where they can reach the rest of Europe.

Nordin El Hajjioui Extradition Requests

Since 2020, the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office has been requesting Nordin El Hajjioui’s extradition from the UAE government.

The public prosecutor had sent three requests to the United Arab Emirates that year. El Hajjioui is currently residing in Dubai, according to Belgian authorities.

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The drug lord was apprehended by Belgian authorities in June 2020. He was released, however, after posting bail. He quickly fled the country and arrived in Dubai.

As soon as he arrived in the UAE, he began preparing for the extradition proceedings. In all cases, the Dubai court sided with the drug lord and denied the three requests sent by the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s office.

The cabinet of Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne told the media that they would review the decision.

In December, he signed an extradition treaty with the UAE government. However, the requests were sent earlier.

In addition, the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office has stated that it will study the decisions of the three rejected requests to determine what “initiatives” they can take.

Belgian authorities intend to hold multiple trials against El Hajjioui and his criminal organisation. He may, however, fail to appear for these trials.

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Nordin El Hajjioui’s lawyer did not respond to any media requests for comment.

Beware of criminals like him and others.

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    From the office of Hassan Al Reyami Advocate and Legal Consultants Office No.2408 Al Sharaf tower 1, Dubai, UAE.


    22 December, 2022


    Dear Sir/Madam

    We, the law offices of Hassan Al Reyami Advocates and Legal Consultants acting for and on behalf of our Client Mr. Nordin El Hajjioui(“our Client”). Formally serves you this LEGAL NOTICE to inform you that despite several messages and communications you have INTENTIONALLY and DELIBERATELY failed to remove the DEFAMATORY CONTENT published on your website against our Client under the link:

    In light of your untrue defamatory statements made against our Client published and uploaded electronically we hereby demand you to remove the contents of your publication against our Client under on an immediate basis without fail. You can further review the judgement rendered and affixed by Dubai Courts Ref.# 2022/4782/52 dated 31/01/2022 and the order served by Public Prosecution of Dubai, which entails that our Client Mr. Nordin El Hajjioui is not found guilty of any charges and all the allegations raised against him were false and purposefully made with a malicious intent to politically defame our Client.
    It is evident that you have clearly committed the offence of defamation for which you are liable to be tried before a competent court of law. Moreover, by intentionally harming and destroying the reputation of our Client, you are liable to compensate the damages to his reputation that he has already suffered and still continues. In light of the aforementioned, you are hereby called upon to REMOVE/DELETE the publication within 24 HOURS of receipt of this NOTICE for making such scandalous imputation against our Client failure of you which the herein law offices will pursue with filing a lawsuit against you wherein, we will seek for serious law enforcements against you which may traverse from material, moral and emotional damage, Interpol arrest warrant, freezing of your assets, enforcing relevant execution orders to stop your business operations, relevant injunction orders, and other forms of equitable reliefs.

    Your Urgent and Appropriate actions are hereby warranted
    Hassan Al Reyami Advocates and Legal Consultants
    For and on behalf of Nordin El Hajjioui


    People like him make the world a worse place for children and the upcoming generation.

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