OmegaPro: Unregulated Forex Broker Scam 2023

OmegaPro is an illegal forex broker and has come up as a scam in our investigation.

The broker says it is “omnipresent” and lets its clients buy stocks, currency pairs, commodities, and indexes. Overall, it gives you the chance to trade over 200 underlying products.

It also has a plan for making investments. There, they say to give you returns of up to 300% after 16 months. The lowest amount you can take from OmegaPro is $150.

Similarly, the cost to join OmegaPro is $29.

Who is the CEO of OmegaPro?

Dilawar Singh is the CEO. He says he is a leader in the forex trading business when it comes to ideas.

Moreover, Dilawar Singh says he has started ventures in cryptocurrency vending and has several creative undertakings.

But the man hasn’t been able to show proof of what he says.

Since OmegaPro came out, he has gotten a lot of bad press because the company scammed a lot of investors.

Is OmegaPro a Scam?

Regulatory agencies all over the world have warned people not to use this forex company. The company says it is a foreign exchange provider in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

But there is no record of the company there.

The company says it can help with finances and investments, but it doesn’t have any licenses from the government. It is wrong.

This means that if you put money in their bank, your savings will not be protected. So, if they vanish with your funds, you wouldn’t be able to get any returns.

Warnings from financial regulators

The company is a scam, and Spain’s financial watchdog, CNMV, has proven this. So, you should not do business with this company.

Also, the FSMA has warned the public about OmegaPro, saying that it looks like a Ponzi scam. Keep in mind that FSMA is the Belgian agency in charge of financial regulation.

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Along with CNMV and FSMA, the French financial police (AMF) has also put this company on its “do not do business with” list.

FSC Mauritius also warned investors about OmegaPro not long ago. They say that the forex dealer doesn’t have a license and isn’t overseen by the FSC.

OmegaPro World is on the “blacklist” of a lot of banking regulators around the world. It says the broker is not as reliable as it claims to be.

OmegaPro Investment Packages: Not Reliable and Shady

If you are thinking about investing with OmegaPro, you would be making a big mistake.

That’s because the Forex dealer is a fraud. It is having a risky investment scheme that is against the law and puts you in a lot of danger.

According to a paper called “Risk Disclosures,” the company is not responsible if you lose all of the money you put into it.

Also, the company doesn’t have a license to offer financial services or act as a forex exchange.

Why you should stay away from OmegaPro World:

OmegaPro has a lot of problems and not just the fact that it has been warned by multiple financial officials around the world.

So, before you think about giving them your hard-earned money, you should think about the following things:

OmegaPro is not a real broker

The biggest red flag in this broker is that it is not a broker at all.

It says it is a forex broker, but it doesn’t let you use its trading tool. The website also doesn’t let you use any kind of trading tool.

Traders can’t make real trades through the broker because he or she doesn’t have any places for them to do so.

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Even though the company joined the market in 2018, it hasn’t been able to show any real trading exchange.

When you sign up, you’ll notice that all the facilities say “Coming Soon” next to them.

The only thing you can see on it is a recommendation pyramid. In other words, it is not a forex exchange but a Ponzi scheme.

Lack of share trading terms

There is no information available about how this “broker” does business.

OmegaPro World claims to make money through AI-based trading systems.

The company does not, however, trade in real markets.

Dilawar Singh OmegaPro’s only way to make money is to sell the pyramid plan of referring other people to OmegaPro. Note that pyramid plans are usually against the law because they are scams.

OmegaPro doesn’t have a registered office

The dealer says he or she is from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

But the company doesn’t have an office there. I looked up St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ cash and business records.

OmegaPro World was nowhere to be seen.

This company’s license number (25857BC2020) is not listed anywhere. Only on their website can you find it.

It’s a fake number, and the company is using it to trick people.

Facing a Criminal Investigation

Congo’s government is looking into whether OmegaPro did anything wrong. They have taken this company to court against two of its bosses.

This action aims to prevent the company from promoting its dubious scam.

Scammers often go after the forex market because it is very profitable and has a large market. It’s not the only scam that people and authorities have complained about.

Another forex scam is Eurotrader, a company whose customers have said a lot of bad things about it.

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OmegaPro World isn’t a real forex exchange. Instead, it is a Ponzi scheme that has been called out by many financial watchdogs around the world.

What is the OmegaPro Network?

When I looked at OmegaPro World, I didn’t find any evidence of them being real forex brokers.

But when I went to the website of OmegaPro Network, I saw how bad this scam was.

You’ll find a long list of “licenses” there. The broker said that there is a minimum payment requirement for every license.

But OmegaPro Network doesn’t say what each license is good for.

The prices for these titles range from $100 to $50,000.

Then, you have their ranking system. They show that OmegaPro is not a forex exchange, but an MLM scam instead:

In a pyramid scheme or MLM scam, you have to pay money to join the company’s network. Then you have to get 3–5 more people to join the firm and get them to put money into it.

The company gives you a certain percentage of the money that your recruits spend if you get them to join.

Now, it will be each of your recruits’ job to add between three and five more people to the network. Your pay should go up as the network grows.

On paper, everything looks good. But it’s important to know that in an MLM plan, the company will get most of the money and you won’t get much.

You won’t make as much money as Dilawar Singh, even if he does.

Almost all investors of MLM scams lose their capital. That’s why they’re against the law.

OmegaPro Network isn’t the only MLM scam that puts a lot of effort into selling itself. The same is true for Penney Ooi of WFG and her company.

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OmegaPro Wikipedia: Latest Claims

OmegaPro uses both online and offline events to take people’s minds off the many warnings and cases.

It has been putting on events with Jordan Belfort, who is a guilty con artist whose book made him famous.

It has also set up events in Dubai, UAE, to bring in investment.

The sole purpose of its live streams and events is to draw as many investors as possible. Due to the lack of any license or control, OmegaPro can disappear with the money of its investors at any time.

It is trying to hide the fact that it has been banned in France, Belgium, Mauritius, Congo, and several other countries by using trickery in its marketing.


OmegaPro World is a fake company.

It says it’s a forex dealer, but it’s just a pyramid scheme that tries to trick people in South-East Asia and Africa.

This company has been flagged as a scam by several financial officials.

Your money is not safe with them because the company can go out of business at any time and take your money with it.

It also doesn’t have a license or any rules.

Because of these things, I don’t think you should join OmegaPro.

OmegaPro World (and OmegaPro Network) is a scam that pretends to be a forex exchange and is very risky. It doesn’t have a license or registration, and various financial regulators around the world have put it on a blacklist. The CEO of OmegaPro, Dilawar Singh, doesn’t have any proof to back up the company’s claims. Do your best to avoid it!

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