Ottawa Gold Buyers Deceive Clients for Profit Maximization

The Ottawa Gold Buyers is a precious metals merchant. The company has been accused of lying to customers on various occasions, and its unethical practices have led to numerous complaints.

Here are some details about working with this firm that may help you form an opinion:

About Ottawa Gold Buyers:

You can find Ottawa Gold Buyers at 1309 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7K8, Canada, at the Westgate Shopping Centre. This company can be reached at (613) 979-4653 between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday.

The Gloucester Shopping Centre is home to one of their shops as well. Gold and silver coins, bars, and other items are purchased in the shop.

Ottawa Gold Buyers is a subsidiary of Canada Gold, a major precious metals trader, with two locations in the city. The company may try to make you believe that they are at the top of their field, but the reviews speak otherwise.

However, this Canada Gold location regularly engages in deceptive practices to make a profit. Let me share some reviews of this dealer before I explain how they are trying to deceive people in Ontario:

Provide Inaccurate Details, Waste Your Time

The reviewer spent an hour in the car to get here. They had already called beforehand to let us know they had a diamond ring for sale. They had been promised it might work by the shop.

When the reviewer arrived, however, they were informed that the shop did not sell rings and that they should instead see a jeweler. The business also misdirected the reviewer when they contacted for directions. The reviewer had a negative experience with this company.

The Ottawa Gold Buyers Are Crooks Who Tried to Swindle a Customer Twice

The reviewer had brought a necklace made of 21-karat gold to the shop. They asked about the jewelry and were told it was only 15-K gold. The reviewer took the necklace to another store, where they were charged the correct price after being assured it was 21-K gold.

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The reviewer also visited this vendor in possession of a gold ring stamped “14K.” Once again, the staff was unconvinced by the item’s carat value and insisted that it was just 10-K gold.

The reviewer then took the ring to a different store, which purchased it at the 10-K gold pricing.

The reviewer is warning potential customers to avoid the Ottawa Gold Buyers. By misrepresenting the price of gold, they demonstrate, this business is dishonest and taking advantage of its customers.

Fraudulent actions and sloppy billing practices

The reviewer visited Ottawa Gold Buyers with some items to sell. But he had a bad experience with the company’s payment system.

Since the banks were closed on the day OGB gave him the cheque, he asked the shop to refund his money. However, the shop decided not to participate. The reviewer persisted in getting TD Bank to confirm the cheque’s owner. When the bank tried to authenticate the check, the owner wasn’t available, thus the bank declined.

The reviewer notes that something appeared fishy from the moment the business gave them the check.

Ottawa Gold Buyers Don’t Open On Time

According to the critic, OGB is chronically late in opening its doors. The reviewer arrived at the establishment around 12:15 PM, but the business was closed. The group challenges the company’s timeliness and advises them to pull themselves together.

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Take into account the reviewer’s status as a local guide, which usually means they update their reviews frequently.

Coins with damage were still sold at face value, so be wary of what you buy from them.

From OGB, Craig acquired some rare metal coins. He recommends that other customers thoroughly examine each penny they purchase from this establishment. Because the shop overcharged him for several flawed coins although they were sold to him in mint condition.

Craig claims the shop had to have paid less than face value for the damaged coins and then resold them. He cautions against patronizing such a shop, however, he does acknowledge that not all bullion dealers are dishonest. Craig concludes his assessment by stating that this was his first and last time patronizing the institution.

This Is Not a Reliable Bitcoin Seller

Sam suggests that you check out Ottawa Gold Buyers if you’re looking to make a transaction in precious metals. However, it is not a reliable Bitcoin vendor.

In comparison to the industry standard of 1.5% to 4%, he notes that their machine has a ridiculously high 6.5% price. He further notes that although other stores round Bitcoin to 8 places, OGB’s ATM rounds to 3.

Due to its design, Bitcoin should be divisible by the hundredths of a million. The value of those five missing digits may be in the hundreds, given the tremendous volatility of Bitcoin’s price.

Because of this, using their Bitcoin ATM to make purchases would result in a severe loss. Because Ottawa Gold Buyers benefit from the exorbitant charge and the rounding off of Bitcoin, you lose money on the exchange.

Sam claims he was unable to locate any other business that rounds Bitcoin purchases up to three decimal places. He adds that you should stay away from this dealer in rare coins.

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It’s as good as going to a pawn shop

The critic notes that even compared to Canada Gold, OGB falls short. They are also more expensive than their online counterparts. As a result, instead of going to Ottawa Gold Buyers, you should visit a pawn shop.

Truth Behind Ottawa’s Better Business Bureau Accreditation Badge for Gold Buyers

This precious metals merchant has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website. That’s right; they’re shelling out thousands of dollars a year to the Better Business Bureau just to keep their seal of approval.

That’s because getting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau requires a membership fee. Scammers and fraudsters frequently use this tactic when conducting business online. CNN Money looked into the ethics of this technique in depth.

Companies were shelling out over $10,000 annually to keep their BBB accreditation, they discovered. They were able to exert greater influence over their BBB profile and secure an excellent rating as a result.

You can get an A+ on BBB without providing great service or top-notch goods. A perfect score at BBB can be yours for the low, low price of filling their coffers.

CalUnion Funding Inc, a prominent mortgage lender, is one example of a company that uses this strategy. The company’s BBB-verified profile helps its owner deceive customers despite a reputation for scamming.

Can you trust Ottawa Gold Buyers if they have to resort to such a poor tactic to earn your faith? After all, a reputable and reliable company doesn’t have to shell out $11,000 or more annually for membership fees just to “appear” reliable.

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Ottawa Gold Buyers Have Their Fake Reviews Removed From Yelp:

This company has phony reviews on its Yelp page and uses paid memberships to make it look like it is legitimate.

Yelp is a well-known platform where users can discuss and evaluate local businesses. Some businesses even tried to take advantage of the system by manipulating the ratings on their Yelp page. It helps them trick people into thinking they can be trusted when they can’t.

Yelp is aware of the problem and has built sophisticated algorithms to detect fraudulent reviews.

Two 5-star reviews for Ottawa Gold Buyers have been reported as false on Yelp at the moment:

Why would OGB need to put false 5-star reviews on its Yelp profile if it is a trustworthy and caring business?

The truth is that they don’t want customers to learn about the issues I mentioned. They may even use deceitful means to steer customers astray.


Ottawa Gold Buyers has a history of negative ratings and tries to trick its customers into thinking it is legitimate. The number of warning signs is overwhelming. It would be risky to do business with them.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to work with a corporation that actively lies, so I recommend looking elsewhere for your bullion needs.

The fact that Ottawa Gold Buyers promotes itself using dishonest means is a major red flag. There have been numerous consumer complaints about the shop’s bad service and disregard for their needs. You should try another retailer or dealer.

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